Celestine Meaning

The mineral celestine, or celestite as it is often referred to, derives its name from the Latin caelestis, or celestial, for its beautiful delicate blue color, reminiscent of the sky in summer.


The mineral is also found in red, yellow, golden and white forms, although pale blue is most common. It has various industrial applications, including the manufacture of fireworks. Celestite (strontium sulphate) burns with a bright red flame, hence its use is pyrotechnic displays. It is also used in the process of making rubber, ceramics, paint and glass. It is an extremely attractive crystal and for this reason is used extensively in jewelry, making it a very easy crystal to wear and to incorporate into your daily life.

Mostly occurring in geodes, celestine deposits have been found all over the world, particularly in Europe and the Americas.


Celestine is known amongst healers and holistic therapy practitioners to be especially beneficial in aiding communication with the spiritual realms and has a gentle, uplifting vibration of its own. It seems to possess a very high frequency and this makes it ideal for working with when we are trying to open the third eye and access the higher self. It is a soothing, calming crystal and can aid in bringing the user a sense of inner peace. At the same time, celestine is also believed to be very beneficial in aiding mental clarity and can help the user to discard negative thought patterns and unwanted habits. In its blue form, celestine is regarded as a very spiritual stone, possessing a high vibrational frequency and users often report an initial reaction of breathlessness when exposed to a cluster of the mineral. This is then replaced by a feeling of deep tranquility and relaxation. The participant is then enabled to access deeper thoughts and emotions and to work through any issues or problems they may have in these areas with a clear, calm mind.



This mineral is a very useful one to have around when you are either treating clients as a healer, or engaged in self care on a spiritual level. Working with the stone can aid in all forms of spiritual practice, including contacting and working with guardian angels and spirit guides. Placing a small crystal on your brow will enhance your psychic abilities, particularly in the areas of clairaudience and clairsentience. Its gentle yet powerful vibration is useful when working on opening the third eye, aiding a deeper clairvoyance and sense of knowing. Your guardian angel or angels will respond to you no matter what you are doing or where you are, if you call to them. However, if you wish to make a deliberate and sustained effort to make a deeper connection, this stone will play a very useful part in any ritual or meditative exercise you care to indulge in.

Angels that are especially drawn to the vibration of this stone include Haniel, who is believed to have a feminine aspect and is closely aligned with the moon, and Michael, with his close connection to the throat chakra and the power of clear communication.

You can use this stone if you are struggling to be “heard” as it will ease the path towards speaking your truth. In this case it would especially beneficial to wear a piece of jewelry such as a necklace or choker around your throat and neck. Touching the stone may remind you to speak up when your intuition tells you that this is necessary for your spiritual well-being.

The crystals are also used to good effect when we are trying to break bad habits, or to let go of behaviors that no longer serve us. Placing a crystal or larger cluster of this beautiful stone on your lap as you relax and breathe deeply can help to bring tranquility and clarity of thought. If you can then visualize the negative behavior, addiction, or a symbol of the addiction you wish to let go of, slowly draining away from you and into the stone, this can be a very useful tool in your quest for a more healthful way of life.

Placing a celestine crystal on your nightstand can aid in bring restful sleep and restoring balance and harmony to your spirit. Make the holding of a crystal in your hand for a few minutes before you close your eyes at night part of your bedtime routine, and allow it to dissolve all fears, which is another of Archangel Michael’s gifts to us, and to give you strength and wisdom in your daily interactions.


As well as being of considerable benefit spiritually, celestine is also thought to aid in some forms of physical healing. It can be used to soothe irritation in the lungs and to aid those who are “short of breath”. This may be due to a physical condition such as asthma, or it may have its roots in an emotional problem such as anxiety. Wearing a celestine pendant, either next to your skin or over your clothes, is a lovely way to remind yourself to breathe deeply whenever you feel a tightness in your chest. Hold or touch the crystal when you feel anxious, remind yourself to breathe into your lower stomach, take a few seconds to ground yourself with the help of the stone and you may find that the expected “attack” dissipates before it can begin.

As celestine is associated with the upper chakras, it can also be useful if you suffer from headaches, eye strain or sore throats.


As described above, this stone can be very beneficial in healing emotional. Its calm blue color reminds us of the beauty of the sky on a summer’s day. When we look up, literally, we immediately raise our hopes and our expectations. We become more optimistic and therefore more connected to the infinite power and benevolence of the cosmos. Take time to gaze at the sky, watch the clouds form and reform above you, ever changing, yet always beautiful. This crystal can serve as a reminder to those of us who seem to be trapped in a cycle of despair or depression that we are simply a part, albeit a very important part, of the universe. We can then begin to see our situation a little more clearly, to accept that our troubles are really quite small, and that, no matter how overwhelmed we may be feeling at that time, this too will pass.

Use celestine to remind yourself that you only need to set the intention of connecting with the Angels and they will come flocking to your aid. The blue of the sky is eternal, the cosmos is infinite and time is a very relative concept. Emotional pain is transitory and will heal in time. Celestine is often seen as a symbol of peace and this can very beneficial if you are in a situation of conflict with others. Its connection to the throat chakra will aid you in expressing yourself clearly and helpfully in these types of situations.


If you wish to incorporate the gentle vibrations of celestine into your meditation practice you can either hold a crystal in your hand, place one on your lap, or have one nearby, perhaps accompanied by some fresh flowers and a plain white candle. Meditation is a very personal affair, so, depending what you would like to focus on in a session, you may choose other stones at different times. Celestine will be a powerful aid to connecting you with your soul star (sometimes called the 8th chakra). This connection can be very useful in accessing ancestral wisdom from your Monad, or soul group, so you may find that answers which have eluded you suddenly appear after a meditation session using this stone.

Celestine reminds us that divine light is always within us, and that we can access this source of wisdom and power at any time. It will help to ease the transition from agitation to tranquility and generally help your meditation sessions go smoothly. Anyone who has ever attempted to meditate while still grappling with the stresses and strains of modern life will tell you that, at first, it is not easy to train your mind to be quiet. This crystal will help this process by guiding your thoughts gently outward, away from the affairs of humans and towards celestial awareness.


Celestine, in its paler forms the birthstone of those born between May 21st and June 21st


Celestine is associated with the sign of Gemini, possibly the chattiest sign in the zodiac. This makes sense when you consider that the crystal is most often sky blue, the color of the throat chakra.

Gemini is represented by the twins, which mirrors the dual aspect of Celestine crystals, which have a subtle, yet powerful vibration.


The pale blue color of celestine automatically tells us that this crystal is aligned with the throat chakra. In order to have a healthy relationship with the world around us, we need to be able to communicate clearly, which usually means speaking, although of course we communicate with others, and with other living or spiritual entities in other ways too.

In order to speak your truth you need first to be free from fear. Lies are a symbol of fear, and even white lies will leave their mark on our spiritual or etheric bodies. You can use the power of Celestine crystals to begin to cleanse your aura, and your throat chakra, of the effects of any lies you may have told, or indeed still be telling. Lies are a false protection, which we feel are necessary in order to keep us safe. Let go of all judgement over the telling of lies, and recognize that they are a symptom of your “little self” trying to protect you. Expand your consciousness to embrace your higher self and call on your guardian angels, and Archangel Michael to help you to let go of all fear. Once you accept that confidence, self-worth and integrity come from speaking your truth you will experience an incredible feeling of power and relief. It is worth reminding yourself that lying, or avoiding speaking out, will only work for a limited time when it comes to protecting yourself. Take heart from the sight of the beautiful crystal of Celestine, remember the infinite size of the sky above you and feel your confidence expand. It is safe for you to speak. You are protected by the might of Archangel Michael, who will lend you both his sword and his shield if you ask him.

The color associated with the chakra of the third eye is a much deeper blue, but the stone celestine is very useful when we wish to open this chakra gently. Indeed the only way to open this chakra is slowly and carefully. Sometimes, the third eye can be opened suddenly and violently, possibly through trauma or through the use of drugs and this can be extremely distressing for the person involved. The gentle, calming actions of vibrations of celestine crystals ensure that the process is both enjoyable and effective. Place a small crystal on your brow as you lie down in a relaxed position. Breathe deeply, open your mind to whatever wishes to come to you, remembering that you always have a choice. You can choose to accept or refuse any messages, visions or symbols that appear. This choice is the source of your true power.

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