Chrysocolla Meaning

Chrysocolla is a serene stone, usually of a turquoise blue color, and is well known for its affinity with the power of words and other forms of communication. It is the Stone of Teaching and of Communication and its gentle vibrations are attuned to the energies of empowerment, truth and inner wisdom.


It is peaceful stone that encourages compassion for others and also strengthens our own character so that we can better control the effects of our own actions and words on those around us.


Chrysocolla is a copper based mineral and can be found in many places all around the world. It is usually a refreshing blue-green color, reminiscent of the ocean on a sunny day. It is the copper ore in the crystal that gives it its iridescence and its turquoise color. In the ancient world it is thought to have been used as a binding agent for gold.

Chrysocolla is reputed to have the rather strange property of encouraging people to stay at home, and references to this particular quality c be found in the writings of ancient sages and historians such as Pliny. It has a history of association with monks, hermits and prisoners and is believed to diminish the anxiety and fear felt by anyone who is forced to either live, or to spend time alone. It is beneficial in dissipating the anxiety and depression that can often accompany seclusion. Lighthouse keepers can benefit from keeping Chrysocolla nearby, as can those who work alone at night in some capacity.

In ancient medical texts we can find references to Chrysocolla as being the substance also known as boric acid. Medicinal Borax, which is a mixture of naturally occurring mineral sources mixed with soda, was used by European physicians in the late 1800s to the early 1900s to make a mouth was when mixed with honey and water. This was used to treat sore throats and mouth ulcers. It was also used as a laxative when ingested, and mixed with lard to produce a soothing salve for hemorrhoids’.

Chrysocolla is a copper stone, often found in association with Azurite and Malachite and has a long reputation for bringing prosperity and business astuteness because it is able to support analytical thought and intuitive abilities.


Chrysocolla is the stone of forgiveness. It helps to bring harmony and balance to relationships and aids in rekindling spontaneity. It has strong connections to The Goddess energies and teaches that true power is best found through gentleness.

It is also the stone of communication and encourages us to reveal our knowledge and insights so that others may benefit. It is a valuable stone for those who speak for a living, and for those occasions when public speaking is a necessary part of life.

Chrysocolla is aligned with the creative energies of making music and is thus a powerful talisman for professional musicians. It is helpful to those who are seeking the confidence to join a choir or orchestra, theater group or amateur dramatic troop. The associations that Chrysocolla has with the production of sounds are best experienced through the highest form of the stone, Gem Silica, which is a crystallized form of the stone infused with quartz. It offers an amplified form of all of the properties of Chrysocolla and is thus very useful for those who engage in chanting, speaking mantras or producing sounds to accompany other forms of spiritual ritual.

Chrysocolla has a special significance for older women and is the crystal of choice for many Wise Women throughout the world. It helps older women to express their knowledge and wisdom learned through experience and to pass these on to successive generations.



Chrysocolla is a popular choice for Spiritual Healers and alternative therapists, partly due to the element of copper in its makeup. It has a strong connection to the energies of the Earth, and to Mother Gaia and facilitates communication with the Devic kingdoms here on Earth. Use this stone when engaged in practices connected with healing the planet, and when looking for guidance as to best achieve this.

If you wish to align yourself more closely with the forces of the natural world take a piece of Chrysocolla and gently rub the soles of your feet before grounding yourself firmly into the Earth. Draw on the love of Gaia and bring her powerful energies up through your feet and into your whole body.

Wearing a pendant of Chrysocolla will amplify your intuitive abilities and provide the insights needed to help re-align the physical body with the etheric or spiritual bodies. It promotes self-awareness and inner balance, clearing any blockages that may be preventing you from accessing the wisdom to be found in the natural world.


Chrysocolla can be a very beneficial aid in treating physical ailments and those associated with anxiety or stress. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and can bring relief from menstrual pain or pains arising after childbirth.

It assists in the regulating of the thyroid gland and has a strengthening effect on the adrenals, thus supporting the endocrine system and bringing the hormones into balance. It is also excellent for sore throats and laryngitis.

Chrysocolla can aid digestion and treat some problems associated with the hips and joints, including rheumatism and arthritis. It helps to fight infections and also to strengthen muscles, especially the calf, feet and thigh muscles. It has a calming effect on blood pressure and helps to regulate blood sugar levels, making it valuable for sufferers from diabetes.


The strong connection that Chrysocolla has with all forms of speaking and communication means that it is an excellent stone to use when you are having difficulty expressing your emotions. It will also bring intuitive guidance on when to stay silent, which is a valuable skill to acquire, especially in the modern age when forms of communication have increased enormously compared to a few decades ago.

It has a soothing vibration which is valuable for dispelling anger or highly charged emotional atmospheres, allowing truths to be expressed in a compassionate and positive way.

It clears energetic blockages that may be causing emotions to become bottled up and to prevent the mind from thinking clearly. It stimulates the qualities of balance and wholeness in our emotional fields and may help men to express their emotions more easily if this is something that is relevant to you. In addition, it will help people of either sex to show vulnerability and to recover form abuse of violence of any kind.

Chrysocolla can be a useful aid in situations where it is necessary to express anger. Anger can be justified in some circumstances and its power harnessed to right wrongs or to bring about a positive outcome. The calming energies of this crystal can bring much needed control to those who feel strongly about an issue and allow them to express their anger in a productive, rather than a destructive way.


Chrysocolla is a natural stone of the Earth which makes it especially useful in meditation as it keeps the wearer grounded and prevents a loss of connection with the conscious mind during intense or deep meditation.

Place a piece of the stone near to your feet when you meditate, and hold a piece in hand to keep your body and mind in alignment. Draw the calming energies in through the palms and soles of the feet and set your intention to communicate with Mother Earth in order to achieve the highest insights.


Chrysocolla is not a traditional birthstone but is the natural birthstone of those born between February 1 and March 19.


Chrysocolla is one of the zodiac stones for Sagittarians.


The turquoise and blue hues of Chrysocolla make it a powerful stone for use when working on clearing the Throat Chakra. It will help to open the Throat Chakra, allowing you to speak your truth without fear or apology. It also facilitates the accessing of internal wisdom that may have hitherto remained hidden. It is the stone of communication, and this applies to the communication you have with yourself as well as to your interactions with the outside world.

It will help to address any internal dialogues you may have built up throughout your life in which you are less than kind to yourself. It will bring to light the negative self-talk that may be causing you emotional and physical distress, and its gentle, calming energies will help to re-program your thoughts and speech so that you can release anything that is no longer serving you, It helps to repair the damage we may have inflicted on ourselves through lack of confidence or self-belief.

Because the Throat Chakra is also the Voice of the Body it acts as a conduit for all of the other Chakras to give expression to their needs. If it is blocked, as in the case for many of us for much of the time, it can throw the whole Chakra system out of balance. This in turn leads to sickness of both mind and body if we allow it to continue unchecked.

By using Chrysocolla to clear and cleans the Throat Chakra regularly, we can bring an easy, free flowing energy into our bodies and spirits, we can then address any “lies” we may have told ourselves in the mistaken belief that these keep us safe. Truths can be given expression in healing and liberating way, leading to a lightness of spirit and the natural release of pain, both emotional and physical.

Chrysocolla also has an affinity with the energies of the Heart Chakra and can be used to cleanse, open and balance the Heart Chakra so that we increase our capacity to love. It can help to ease the pain of emotional heartache and bring courage and comfort to those who may be grieving for the loss of a loved one.

The Heart Chakra governs many of our interactions with the external world and gives us the messages we act upon when we either embrace or resist something. If the Heart Chakra is blocked for any reason the messages we receive may be based upon a perceived need to stay safe, so we may actually embrace damaging relationships or activities in the mistaken belief that these are what we must have in order to be ourselves, and to prevent us from coming to harm.

Using Chrysocolla to perform a Chakra balance of the Heart will begin to break down the blockages in the etheric body that may have led to a closed or frozen heart. This can be a powerful experience, and can also feel uncomfortable at first, but it is well worth persevering with because the rewards are so great. You may wish to work on your own Heart Chakra little and often in order to make the process less traumatic. In this case, take a piece of Chrysocolla and hold it first in the palm of your hand. Consciously send love to the stone before placing it over your Heart Chakra and breathing deeply. Allow any fears to surface, but know that they cannot harm you. They are simply feelings, and as such they will fade away if you withdraw your attention from them. Focus on the beautiful crystal you hold in your hand and set an intention to gently, slowly, release all of the negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors that may have resulted in your building walls around your heart. Visualise the walls coming down stone by stone. When you begin to feel distressed, stop. Relax your shoulders and the muscles around your solar plexus, breathe deeply. Close your fingers around the stone and mentally give thanks for the process that you have begun. Repeat the process every day until you feel the “shift” that is the signal that your Heart Chakra is coming back into balance, to the place where it deserves to be.

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