Crystal Healing for Headaches

Crystal Healing For Headaches

Gemstones reduce headache pain without dangerous side effects. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are generally considered safe pain relievers but they can be harmful. Ibuprofen can cause dizziness, nausea and gastrointestinal bleeding while acetaminophen can harm your kidneys, liver and other organs. Crystals are much safer, especially for people who get headaches regularly.



Natural gemstones or crystals vibrate or resonate. The vibrations of some crystals relieve headache pain and reduce the negative energies that can cause headaches in the first place.


These gemstones work, regardless of their shape, but flat, smooth tumble stones or worry stones are easier to use. For best results, select the type of gemstone that works best for your particular type of headache pain and appeals to you aesthetically.

  • Dark purple amethyst relieves headache pain, especially from migraine headaches. Vibrations from the dark purple crystals calm your nerves, reducing stress and tension. Lie down and set an amethyst gemstone at the center of your forehead. Leave it in place for 10 minutes to begin with. You should feel the pain and tension melt away almost immediately. Gradually work up to leaving the crystal in place for longer periods of time. Wear amethyst earrings if you tend to get headaches regularly.
  • Clear quartz is especially helpful if you get migraine headaches. Its high vibrational energy is so effective at relieving pain and general healing that it is considered a “Master Healer” gemstone. Place the crystal on your forehead for 10 minutes. If you get headaches often, wear clear quartz gemstone earrings while you are at work, out running errands or just hanging around the house. Their healing vibrations will keep you comfortable so you can power through your busy day.
  • Lapis lazuli quickly reduces headache pain. The blue gemstones are especially useful for stress headaches and migraines. Their calming vibrations reduce stress and high blood pressure. Lie down and place a smooth lapis lazuli worry stone or tumble stone directly on your forehead for 10 to 15 minutes. You will feel calm and refreshed when you arise and your headache pain should be gone or at least greatly reduced. Wear lapis lazuli earrings to prevent stress and headache pain during the day.
  • Sugilite is a powerful pain reliever. This violet purple gemstone contains layers of black manganese that absorb negative energies and pain like a thirsty sponge. Sugilite crystals are very strong. Lie down and set the gemstone right next to the side or top of your head for pain relief rather than directly on your forehead. It should take only 10 to 15 minutes to eliminate a headache. Wear sugilite earrings to prevent headaches during the day.
  • Turquoise relieves headache pain. Set a piece of turquoise on your forehead for at least 10 minutes. It can be left there for as long as you like. Use green turquoise for stress headaches. The vibrations of green turquoise crystals are calming. They will relieve your stress and your headache.


Cleanse, clear or charge your crystals regularly to keep them working at their best. As they absorb the negative energy to eliminate your pain, they become “clogged” This reduces the gemstone’s ability to vibrate. Simply holding your crystals under tepid running water for a minute or setting them in the sunlight for a few minutes will give them a quick boost. However, they should be thoroughly cleansed every few days.

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