Crystals for Spiritual Guidance

Crystals For Spiritual Guidance

Guardian angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have moved on to the other side are there for us when we need a little guidance. All we have to do is ask. They often have already been offering guidance but we are just too caught up in our day to day doings to notice.


You may only have to open your mind to the possibility and pay attention or you might have to initiate contact. Either way, crystals will facilitate the process.


Awaken and clear out your Third Eye and crown chakras. You can do this easily with a number of crystals. Following are some of the best crystals for contacting spirit guides:

  • Amethyst is an excellent gemstone for the Third Eye and crown chakras. It also quiets the mind to facilitate communication with the spiritual realm.
  • Blue lace agate activates and clears the Third Eye and throat chakras. It is an excellent crystal for spiritual communication.
  • Clear quartz crystals are especially good for the crown chakra but also help activate and clear all of your chakras. It is a wonderful gemstone for spiritual communication.
  • Selenite activates and clears the Third Eye, heart and crown chakras. It also facilitates a very powerful connection with the spiritual realm, especially the higher realms and Angelic realms. Be very cautious with this crystal. Do not use it without a grounding crystal.
  • Tanzanite is a better spiritual crystal for beginners. It has a lovely, gentle but protective energy and guardian angels are naturally attracted to it. This beautiful blue to purple gemstone clears and activates the Third Eye, heart, throat and crown chakras. It facilitates clear, honest, heartfelt communication with the spiritual world.

In general, clear, white, purple and light blue crystals will make it easier for you to receive spiritual guidance. You will find yourself noticing things you never noticed before. You may be amazed by how much you missed because you just weren – t paying attention.


Quiet meditation once or twice each day with spiritual crystals is the best way to start. You only need 10 to 15 minutes each time. Just hold your crystals, gaze at them or close your eyes and quiet your mind. It will get easier each time.

When you find it easy to quickly reach a meditative state, turn your face up toward the heavens and “invite” the white energy to come down to you. It may take a number of tries but, if you keep doing this it will come. You will know it when it happens. You can usually see the white light in your mind – s eye and feel the energy come down into you through your crown chakra. Always remain quiet, humble and grateful for the response.

After you receive the white energy, focus your thoughts on what you would like spiritual guidance on. Get the issue firmly in mind then project it up and out toward the heavens, as though you – re sending a mental e-mail. Project the message as a request for help and respectfully request guidance. Don – t be alarmed if you receive a message quickly. Stay calm and keep your mind quiet. Also, don – t feel disheartened if you don – t seem to get any response. Just pay attention to the signs as you go about your day. Sometimes the messages appear here and there, something you might not otherwise have paid any attention to could be a spiritual communication. Sometimes the messages come later in your dreams. Just pay attention.


Grounding yourself is extremely important when you are contacting the spiritual realm and requesting spiritual guidance. If you don – t, you may feel lightheaded, dizzy or not quite all there. Some people will even begin to experience serious health problems. The author wears black obsidian and tiger eye almost all the time to stay grounded.

When you finish your meditation, visualize coming back into your body, so to speak. Imagine yourself coming back in and settling or sitting firmly within your body. It may help to put your hands together over your head then purposefully bringing them down in front of you as you imagine bringing your consciousness back in. Sit holding a grounding stone for a few minutes.

If you have trouble grounding yourself, try walking barefoot in the grass outdoors or, if it – s too cold outdoors, stand in the shower. Imagine silver roots wrapping around your ankles then extending deep into the ground. When you feel grounded, imagine the silver roots letting go.

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