Crystals For Taurus

Crystals For Taurus

Happy Birthday, Taurus! Looking for some sparkle to fuel your inner fire? Connect with the powerful energy of crystals for Taurus and make all that pent-up potential burst into life – after all, you only get one birthday a year. We’ve got just what you need: let’s look at which gems will help this sign harness its unique powers…Pow! It’ll be like adding fairy dust to an already awesome superpower.

Taurus Birthstone (Emerald):

For those star-crossed lovers born under Taurus, Emerald is the birthstone that could be their saving grace! This calming crystal has long been known as a “Stone of Successful Love,” Its mystical power can bring abundance and rejuvenation—even clarity to help you make decisions. So if true love comes knocking at your door or there’s anger bubbling inside, don’t wait another minute – grab an emerald talisman and get ready for romance (or whatever else life throws at you!)

Taurus Sun Sign:

Taurus, the hardworking Earth sign – they never fail to hit their goals! With an abundance of practicality, reliability, and patience (and a bit of stubbornness!) they’re ready to take on the world. But if your bull needs help charging up these positive vibes? That’s where crystals for Taurus come in: like magic magnets that attract luck while zapping any lurking negative tendencies such as possessiveness or fearfulness. Ready for some serious power moves? Get crystalizing today!

Taurus Moon Sign:

For Taurus Moon Sign folks, Carnelian is the perfect stone to fuel their practicality and reliability. It encourages inner strength so they can confidently seize opportunities that come along! Rose Quartz on the other hand works like a charm for self-love workouts: it helps promote empathy while rekindling compassion & understanding in relationships too – a win-win situation no matter what sign you’re born under! While both of these crystals are great picks for Taureans, don’t forget about Moonstone or Smoky Quartz, which works wonders to get your groundedness groove going.

Life’s never easy—that’s why the stars have created two secret weapons just for stubborn old Taurus! Need inner peace? Try Moonstone: its intuitive energy will help you vibe with your spiritual side. Suffering from too many negative vibes and need protection against them? Smoky Quartz is here to save the day, calming down stressful atmospheres and inviting positive waves in like a party hostess on New Year’s Eve.

Crystals for Taurus:

Birth under the sign of Taurus can be a special experience – but it takes power to pull it off! Crystals for Taurus like Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Labradorite, and Fluorite are here to help. These fabulous rocks possess magical properties that make them perfect for helping Taureans unlock their inner strength. Did you know that Rose Quartz is especially good at spreading unconditional love? It’s also great for emotional healing and balancing pesky anxiety levels when things become overwhelming! Who knew crystals for Taurus were so useful?!

Taurus, with Carnelian in your pocket, you can look forward to a calmer and smoother ride! This trusty crystal helps dispel negative vibes while still keeping the peace. For clarity on life’s questions, turn to Labradorite for insight from other realms of consciousness – or better yet Fluorite if it’s focus and organization you need; this stone is known as an energetic shield against any bad juju coming at you!


For those of ya’ll Taureans out there lookin’ to feel a bit more balanced, you have to get yourself some Rhodonite! Not only will it help with your inner stubbornness (we know how that can be!) but this Crystals for Taurus also promises emotional healing, stability, and increased self-confidence – all the better ta treat others kindly.

You heard right: kindness is just one meditation away when you grab these special stones! On top of that, for anyone looking for financial growth or inspiration during work time, we recommend Citrine – yep, THE stone of manifestation and abundance. Go ahead folks: use its power to manifest wealth and productivity levels like never before


Taurus, if life’s got you a little upside-down and confused? Have no fear! The magical green stone of Malachite is here to set your feet back on the ground. Just close your eyes, meditate with this trusty crystal in hand (or even create a crystal grid!), finding yourself suddenly more empowered to communicate what’s stirring up inside that head of yours – problem solved! But for our stellar Scorpio friends out there looking for something new – White Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, and Fluorite are just waiting around the corner. Ready to expand those horizons without breaking much sweat at all!

Lapis Lazuli:

If you’re a Taurus, it’s time to tap into some higher powers! Lapis Lazuli is the crystal for you. This stone can help boost your inner prowess and keep your head in the game by amplifying mental clarity and focus – something Taureans could all use from time to time. Plus, this celestial surprise will promote insightfulness with decisions being made with divine alignment. With energy like Lapiz lazuli on their side, Toarus will make quick work of any goals they set out for themselves! So get ready to welcome more positivity into life with its radiant vibes.


For all you bulls out there in search of spiritual enlightenment and financial stability, jade is the go-to crystal for Taurus! This “dream stone” helps to relax your energy and encourages connection with your innermost desires. We suggest visualizing positive intentions while taking some deep breaths – preferably holding a hunk of jade in one hand as payment for admission into any especially chill dreams 😉

Tiger’s Eye:

Looking for balance? A Taurus should try Tiger’s Eye, the crystal of motivation and ambition! Not only does it grant access to your inner power, but it also helps keep you level-headed in difficult decisions. It’ll help you focus on reaching those goals – so what are you waiting for?

Rose Quartz:

For those born under the sign of Taurus, rose quartz is like a personal ambassador from Venus! This lovable crystal brings out your inner love guru and radiates confidence-boosting vibes. When feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Just slip this stone in your pocket for an instant infusion of appreciation and compassion to help you stay calm. Think of it as having cupid at arm’s reach – literally!


Which crystals should Taurus wear?

Taurus, discover all the secrets these beautiful stones can share! Rose quartz is like a ray of sunshine that warms your spirit with unconditional love and compassion. Malachite boosts your inner peace, so calmness oozes out of every pore. And lastly, Aventurine is here to give you luck and guard against negative vibes for extra protection.

Try wearing them as jewelry or carrying them around if you have no pockets in those jeans (it’s ok!). Plus using them during meditation will help amplify their powers too; place them near you and let nature do her thing.

Which stone is lucky for Taurus?

Taurus, if you’re feeling like luck’s eluding your grasp – reach out and grab yourself, Aventurine! This magical stone is said to help unlock the positive forces of fortune-seeking. It’ll be sure to activate a winning streak that can’t lose whether placed in your environment or nestled against the skin on jewelry pieces worn close by.

Which stone should Taurus not wear?

Taurus should steer clear of Red Jasper, as it could cause their energy to get a bit out-of-whack! This intense crystal may be too powerful for the sensitive nature of Taureans. Instead, they should seek stones with calming properties that will keep them balanced – those best suited for this zodiac sign.

What is Taurus’s unlucky stone?

Taurus, if you’re seeking luck and abundance steer clear of Red Jasper! It’ll throw off your sensitive energy balance faster than a bull in a china shop. Opt for other stones that are specifically compatible with the stubborn sign’s energy instead – they come highly recommended by us!


If you’re a Taurus and feel like your life is out of balance, it might be time to add some crystals for Taurus! With emerald birthstones meant specifically for this sign and others such as Rhodonite, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Jade Tiger’s Eye, and Rose Quartz – why not let these little rocks offer up their special properties in spicing up your daily routine?!

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