Crystals Healing for Love and Relationships

Crystals Healing For Love And Relationships

Surround yourself with crystals that support love and healthy relationships. You and your loved ones will feel the difference, although they might not know exactly why. The gemstones can be used to improve relationships with friends, co-workers, family members and your partner.



All gemstones vibrate, or resonate, at a certain rate. Some of them will bring about a more soothing, comfortable atmosphere while others will help you and your loved ones communicate more truthfully. There are also crystals that encourage more passion in romantic relationships.


Amazonite gemstones are excellent for strengthening existing romantic relationships and starting new ones. These beautiful pale green to blue-green crystals increase self-esteem and make communication easier, improving relationships of all types. Their vibrations encourage a more reasonable and flexible state of mind, which is especially important for old and new romantic relationships. These gemstones also increase your sex drive.

  • Wear amazonite jewelry.
  • Carry a worry stone or tumble stone with you.
  • Keep a piece of amazonite under your pillow.
  • Place an amazonite obelisk, pyramid or bowl of tumble stones on the nightstand or anywhere in the house where you and your loved ones tend to spend time together.

Carnelian is a wonderful crystal for improving romantic relationships and spicing things up in the bedroom. This orange to red gemstone stimulates your metabolism and alleviates impotence or frigidity. It stabilizes your emotions while it reduces unwarranted jealousy and excessive possessiveness. Carnelian crystals calm anxiousness related to sex and romantic relationships. They are helpful for women going through menopause and men going through a mid-life crisis.

  • Wear carnelian jewelry, especially rings and bracelets which will keep the red to orange crystals near your base and sacral chakras.
  • Carry a carnelian worry stone or tumble stone in your pocket.
  • Set a small bowl of carnelian tumble stones or a pyramid or obelisk on the nightstand but, use only a few small stones or a small pyramid or obelisk. This crystal can be overpowering.
  • Take carnelian essences. The usual dosage is 5 drops as often as several times each day.

Rose quartz is the gemstone for matters of the heart. Its vibrations impart feelings of love, passion and warmth. The lovely pink crystals are strongly connected to Cupid and Astarte, the Goddess of Fertility, Love and War. Cupid, of course, is famous for starting new romantic relationships. According to legend, Astarte encouraged faithfulness and helped smooth over trouble in long-term romantic relationships.

  • Wear a rose quartz necklace, earrings, brooch, ring or bracelet to keep your heart chakra and base chakra at their best.
  • Keep a rose quartz tumble stone or worry stone in your pants or shirt pocket.
  • Place rose quartz gemstones beneath your pillows to keep the warm, loving vibrations near your head and heart.
  • Put rose quartz figurines or bowls of rose quartz tumble stones around your home, especially in the bedroom.
  • Take 5 to 10 drops of a rose quartz elixir. The warm, loving vibrations will course through your veins to reach every part of you.

Tiger eye gemstones are excellent for love and relationships of all types. These crystals bring balance and harmony to any relationship, increase compassion and help you understand both sides in any situation. They improve romantic relationships in the same way and can be utilized to rev up the passion.

  • Wear tiger eye bracelets, rings or a belt buckle to keep the gemstone near the lower chakras during the day.
  • Set a small tiger eye pyramid or bowl of tumble stones on a dresser in the bedroom but, as with carnelian, don’t overdo it. Excessive use of tiger eye can cause trouble.

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