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Crystals For Aquarius

Crystals For Aquarius

Got the Aquarius blues? Looking for an easy way to get back in balance with your emotions and discover peace of mind? It’s time to tap into one of nature’s greatest gifts – Crystals for Aquarius! People have used certain crystals specifically tailored for their astrological signs for centuries. Whether quartz or moonstone, these  ‘magical’ … Read more
Crystals For Libra

Crystals For Libra

Hey there, Libra! Ready to take your balance and optimization game to the stars? Whether you’re looking for emotional healing or just some extra focus during tough moments – crystals for Libra are here to help. Let’s explore some of the best rocks that make all these wonders possible! Supercharge your life with a little … Read more
Crystals For Virgo

Crystals For Virgo

Looking for a way to enhance your natural gifts as the zodiac’s perfectionist? Look no further than crystals for Virgo! They may be small and sparkly, but certain types of stones can help you tap into the spiritual insight that comes from being an analytical Virgo. Citrine or Pyrite could make perfect criminal partners on … Read more

Pyrite Meaning

Often called Fool’s Gold, pyrite is pale gold to brassy-gold or even slightly gray-gold with a dull to glittering metallic sheen. It is also known as iron pyrite or cat’s gold. This mineral stone has been fooling people for thousands of years. It isn’t gold, but it does have some wonderful metaphysical properties that make … Read more

Peridot Meaning

Peridot is an ancient gemstone that adorned medieval churches and was treasured by Napolean and Cleopatra. The healing properties of peridot and unusual peridot color have made this green mineral rock highly sought after. It is, however, more affordable than emeralds, making it even easier to take advantage of its beauty and many benefits. PERIDOT … Read more
Agate Meaning

Agate Meaning

Agate mineral rocks are one of the most long-appreciated natural gemstones with a history that goes all the way back to the Neolithic era. There are many different types of agate. Each variety shares the agate benefits that are at the heart of agate meaning; however, each different agate variety adds its own particular agate … Read more

Sunstone Meaning

Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family and is named for its warm shades of golds, browns and reds that cause it to sparkle like the sun. It carries the radiance of the sun and the fire of the Solar ray and is associated with physical energy in all of its forms, and also … Read more

Kunzite Meaning

Kunzite is an extremely pretty stone, most commonly occurring in a delicate shade of pink. The stones can also be found in shades of yellow and green and make some striking pieces of jewelry as they can be very clear or quite opaque. The pink or lilac variety is most often associated with affairs of … Read more

Larimar Meaning

Larimar is often referred to as the Dolphin Stone, the Atlantis Stone or Blue Pectolite. It occurs in varying hues of soft blue, turquoise and creamy white, sometimes combining all three into one exquisite stone with remarkable patterns reminiscent of the Caribbean seas. Some say that it carries the healing power of dolphins and the … Read more

Moldavite Meaning

Moldavite is believed to have been formed by a meteor colliding with Earth over 14 million years. It takes its name from the only region in which it is found, near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia. It is a member of the Tektite group of natural glasses that occur when rock is subjected to intense … Read more

Morganite Meaning

Morganite is a form of Pink Beryl and is a very pretty stone often used in jewelry making. The peachy tones of some Morganite crystals are very popular in the production of engagement or wedding rings. Not only is the color very attractive, but the peach varieties of Morganite are associated with fidelity and marital … Read more

Topaz Meaning

Topaz can be found is so many colors that it is beyond the scope of this article to cover all of them. It is, and always has been, a highly regarded stone, symbolizing wealth, health and happiness in all of its manifestations. The stones on the yellow/gold/red side of the spectrum symbolize the power of … Read more
Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite is one of the only two gemstones (the other is citrine) on the planet never to need cleansing as it does not harbor negative energies in any form. Its own energetic vibrations are strong and positive and will transfer energy rapidly, making it an extraordinary crystal of connection. KYANITE MEANING It is believed to … Read more

Amber Meaning

Amber is one of the better known and easily recognized crystals, and most people are aware that it is formed through the solidification of resin from an ancient form of pine tree. It occurs in a variety of colors, the most common being a deep orange/brown. AMBER MEANING We commonly use the term “amber” when … Read more

Azurite Meaning

Azurite usually occurs in a beautiful deep rich blue color, making it highly prized and sought after in the world of crystal healing. This blue color arose as a result of reactions between copper, hydrogen, oxygen and carbonate. AZURITE MEANING Despite the beauty of the stone it is not often found in jewelry. This is … Read more

Celestine Meaning

The mineral celestine, or celestite as it is often referred to, derives its name from the Latin caelestis, or celestial, for its beautiful delicate blue color, reminiscent of the sky in summer. CELESTINE MEANING The mineral is also found in red, yellow, golden and white forms, although pale blue is most common. It has various … Read more

Chrysocolla Meaning

Chrysocolla is a serene stone, usually of a turquoise blue color, and is well known for its affinity with the power of words and other forms of communication. It is the Stone of Teaching and of Communication and its gentle vibrations are attuned to the energies of empowerment, truth and inner wisdom. CHRYSOCOLLA MEANING It … Read more

Rhodochrosite Meaning

Rhodochrosite is a gorgeous, deep raspberry-pink or rose-red crystal that is also called the Stone of the Compassionate Heart. It is the quintessential gemstone of love and compassion. Rhodochrosite brings true joy to one’s life, heals old wounds and makes it possible to love oneself and others unconditionally. RHODOCHROSITE MEANING Rhodochrosite, known as Rosa del … Read more

Onyx Meaning

Deeply, mysterious onyx is a rather complex stone with an interesting history. There are multiple types of onyx and a few imposters that you need to be aware of if you are in the market for a fine onyx crystal. ONYX MEANING This is a beautiful gemstone that can be beneficial or harmful, depending on … Read more

Obsidian Meaning

Obsidian is a very glossy, shiny, smooth crystal because it is actually volcanic glass formed by lava from a volcanic eruption. Even though it is sometimes called royal agate and glass agate, it isn’t actually a type of agate or stone at all. OBSIDIAN MEANING Obsidian doesn’t have a crystalline structure that would classify it … Read more