Crystals & Stones

Bloodstone Meaning

Bloodstone is a beautiful, blue-green, blue-gray or green crystal that often has blood-red, brown or tan splotches. It is a type of translucent or opaque chalcedony quartz that is also called heliotrope or blood jasper. BLOODSTONE MEANING This crystal has long been valued for its protective qualities as well as its ability to heal the … Read more
Crystals For Weight Loss

16 Crystals for Weight Loss

Utilize the power of crystals for weight loss when you decide it’s time to drop a few pounds. They facilitate weight loss by reducing stress, balancing your energies and encouraging you to stay focused. There are a number of gemstones that are especially helpful in these ways; however, you should incorporate your favorites, too. These … Read more
Crystals for Friendship and Healing Conflict

Crystals for Friendship and Healing Conflict

Friendships can be very difficult to begin and maintain in this fast-paced, hectic world. We are often just too busy, but sometimes we lack the confidence and self-esteem we need to begin a new friendship or have a productive conversation with a current friend. Certain crystals will help you work through disagreements in a calm, … Read more
Using Crystals For Interior Design At The Office And Around The House

Using Crystals For Interior Design At The Office And Around The House

Crystals aren’t just for meditation and pretty jewelry. They impart benefits, clear negative energy and put out positive vibrations. Instead of simply setting a pretty stone on a shelf in a room at home or a bowl of interesting looking crystals on your desk at work, give some thought to how the crystals will improve … Read more

Crystals And The Law Of Attraction

It is believed that, if you are focused and positive enough, you will manifest your desires. You will make it happen when you “carry” yourself and behave as though you know it will be so. You also send subconscious “vibrations” or positive energy out to the world and universe which helps manifest your desires. Your … Read more
Crystals for Manifestation

Crystals For Manifestation

Crystals help you to help yourself. They are not magic. Putting a gemstone in your pocket and going to buy a lottery ticket is not likely to result in more money. Rather, the gemstone helps improve your state of mind so you are better able to recognize, and take advantage of, opportunities to make more … Read more

Crystal For Creativity

The ability to be creative is more important than you might think. It’s not only artists and writers who rely heavily on their creativity. We all must be able to tap into our creativity every day in order to solve dilemmas. You need to be a bit creative just to get yourself home after work … Read more
Crystals for Spiritual Guidance

Crystals For Spiritual Guidance

Guardian angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have moved on to the other side are there for us when we need a little guidance. All we have to do is ask. They often have already been offering guidance but we are just too caught up in our day to day doings to notice. CRYSTALS … Read more
Crystals for Emotional Healing

Crystals For Emotional Healing

Soothing crystals speed emotional healing, but most of us need more than comforting to truly heal from emotional trauma. In order to heal properly, we need to address the issues that may have either played a part in the traumatic situation or developed as a result of it. CRYSTALS FOR EMOTIONAL HEALING You may need … Read more
Meditation Benefits

Why Meditate

Meditate to make your world a better place. It doesn’t have to cost any money, can take as little as 10 minutes and you can do it anywhere. There is nothing else in life that gives you this much benefit in return for a minimal investment of time. Meditation Benefits Meditation improves your mind, body … Read more
Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite is an extremely ancient gemstone that has been prized for its beauty and healing powers for many centuries. This pale green mineral rock has been carved into statues, amulets and gemstones for jewelry and has had important texts carved on it in times long passed. Amazonite is still appreciated to this day for all … Read more

Jasper Meaning

The incredibly beautiful and variable jasper stone is as wonderful to simply gaze upon as it is to wear or use in meditation. With its long and storied history, it is truly fascinating. JASPER MEANING There are many different types of jaspers, with colors and patterns that can be truly astounding. Each kind of jasper … Read more

Sugilite Meaning

Sugilite crystals are fairly recent but welcomed additions to the purple mineral rock gemstone list. Sensitives, psychics and people who enjoy using crystals to connect to higher realms cherish this lovely pink to purple mineral rock. SUGILITE MEANING A sugilite gemstone should have a well-deserved place among the chakra stones of anyone who enjoys exploring … Read more

Fluorite Meaning

Fluorite gemstones have been cherished since Ancient times. These lovely translucent calcium fluoride crystals have withstood the test of time. FLUORITE MEANING They are highly sought-after by people who utilize and appreciate them for their mesmerizing beauty and all of the fluorite benefits at the heart of fluorite meaning. FLUORITE HISTORY The earliest known fluorite … Read more

Malachite Meaning

The green mineral rock known as malachite has a long history of appreciation for its beauty and ability to heal and protect. It has lots of wonderful malachite benefits to offer, all of which are at the heart of malachite meaning. This beautiful green mineral rock has a lot to offer, but beware of imposters. … Read more

Selenite Meaning

Lovely selenite has a fairly long history as a cleansing, healing and protective crystal but it was also once used to make windows. Selenite meaning has a lot to do with its beautiful, milky white color. SELENITE MEANING This soft stones’ ability to ease connections to higher realms is no surprise, with its light, airy … Read more
Crown Chakra Healing with Crystals

Crown Chakra Healing With Crystals

An unhealthy crown chakra will make you seem obtuse. It can cause trouble at home and in your career. There is much more to the crown chakra than that, though. Clear and heal this chakra and you will be amazed by what you’ve been missing. Using crystals to heal the crown chakra could change your … Read more

Tanzanite Meaning

This exquisite purple or blue zoisite is a highly sought-after semi-precious gemstone. It is a beautiful blue-violet crystal with impressive tanzanite stone benefits. Tanzanite gemstones do not have an Ancient history or a long, storied past that has shaped tanzanite meaning. TANZANITE MEANING They did not reveal themselves at all until the mid-20th century. Tanzanite … Read more
Third eye chakra healing with crystals

Third Eye Chakra Healing With Crystals

Confusion, loss of perspective and loss of self-control are all symptoms of a clogged or improperly working Third Eye chakra. Your work, relationships and even your health suffer when this chakra is unhealthy. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to remedy the situation with chakra healing crystals. THIRD EYE CHAKRA HEALING WITH CRYSTALS Your Third Eye … Read more

Crystals For Abundance And Prosperity

Gemstones have been used to attract abundance and prosperity since Ancient times. This doesn’t mean that you can carry a lucky stone over to the corner store, play your lottery number and expect to win. That might work but don’t count on it. CRYSTALS FOR ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY These crystals work in a different way. … Read more