Crystal Healing Pouches & Bags

Crystal Healing Pouches & Bags

Crystals do not come in "one-size-fits-all" so to speak. While there are similarities within certain groups, like the various types of quartz or garnets, each different type imparts a very specific list of benefits. Healing crystal pouches or bags contain a variety of crystals. There can be any number of crystals in the bag but commonly there are 3 to 9. The crystals may be chosen to cover all the chakras, combined according to your zodiac sign or put together for a specific use to benefit specific areas of the body.

Specific-use Pouches

Crystal pouches put together with a specific purpose in mind contain crystals suited to that one purpose. You could get a combination of various stones that will help you in your profession or lifestyle, to address certain body parts or to focus on a particular chakra that needs special attention.

For example:

  • A crystal bag put together for people who travel frequently may contain hematite, moonstone, rose quartz, tourmaline, white quartz and yellow jasper. Each of these gemstones provides useful benefits like calming anxiety, reducing jet lag or clearing negative energy from a hotel room.
  • A mani/pedi healing crystal bag contains gemstones like aquamarine, blue lace agate, calcite, carnelian, copper, dendritic agate, Himalayan salt and jadeite for your hands and amethyst, apophyllite, black obsidian, bloodstone, calcite, dendritic quartz, Himalayan salt, onyx, red jasper, smoky quartz, tourmaline and varascite for your feet.

Empowerment Pouches

Empowerment pouches contain a variety of gemstones that specifically address a particular goal, desire or area in need of strengthening. These are very useful for tightly focused goals.

For example:

  • A fertility pouch may contain agate, bloodstone, carnelian and moonstone.
  • A healing pouch could come with quartz, sodalite, sugilite and turquoise.
  • A pouch to improve your love life is likely to come with rhodonite, rose quartz, sugilite and unakite.
  • Protection pouches commonly contain bloodstone, carnelian, hematite and obsidian.

You can buy pre-made healing crystal bags but doing the research and making your own selection based on your personal needs will give you more control over the gemstones you get. Whichever you choose, the healing gemstones should be cleared or cleansed before you use them. They will most certainly have picked up energies along the way while they were being handled and processed. After the stones are cleared, you can program them. Programming the crystals makes them yours and fine tunes them to focus their energies to suit your specific needs.

You can carry the healing crystals in their pouch when you are on the go to keep their good vibrations with you at all times. When you get to your destination, they will be there for you to balance and clear your chakras, meditate with or just to have them near.

Zodiac Pouches

People are prone to certain problems based on which zodiac sign they are born under. Zodiac pouches contain stones that are chosen according to your sign. Each crystal in your zodiac pouch will provide benefits to help you heal yourself from the inside out and stay healthy.

For example:

  • An Aries pouch, for people born between March 20 and April 20, could contain jade, carnelian, garnet and clear quartz.
  • A Taurus pouch, for people born between April 20 and May 21, may contain citrine, emerald and rose quartz.
  • A pouch for people born under the sign of Aquarius, from January 20 to February 19, can contain sodalite, turquoise, carnelian and amethyst.


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