How to Choose Crystals and Stones

How to Choose Crystals and Stones

There are a couple different approaches to choosing the right crystals or stones. Either way is perfectly acceptable. However, the bottom line is -- if you are drawn to a particular crystal or stone and it just feels right, it probably is. You simply need to go with what's right for you.

Choosing with a Purpose

Crystals may be chosen with a specific purpose in mind. In this situation, you will want to do a bit of research to help you narrow down the selection. Many different types of crystals and stones can serve the same purpose.

For example:

  • Garnet and Carnelian are both very useful for balancing your energy level. Both of them are beneficial to the Base Chakra, facilitating cleansing and stimulating energy.
  • Clear quartz crystals and amethyst crystals are both very beneficial to the Crown Chakra.

Narrow the list of crystals down to those that will best serve your needs then look a little closer. You will find that each crystal has multiple uses. Select the crystals or stones that will be the most helpful overall.

For example:

  • Garnet is especially helpful during a crisis while carnelian motivates and improves vitality.
  • Clear quartz encourages positive thinking, increased awareness and improved perception while amethyst crystals help reduce anxiety, tension and headaches.

Once you narrow down your list, go with your gut. Literally, peruse the best options and choose the crystal or stone that you are most drawn to. What draws you may well be a matter of personal preference in crystal or stone appearance, which is fine. It may also be the crystal or stone "speaking" to you or choosing you based on what you need and what it has to offer.

Going with What "Feels" Right

The second way to choose crystals and stones is basically the opposite of method 1. This method works surprisingly well, even when selecting crystals and stones online where you are never even in the same room until your order arrives. My personal theory on why this method works is that you are subconsciously drawn to what you need, naturally. I have found this to be true with foods, too.

Simply peruse the crystals and stones and make a list of those that you are naturally drawn to. If you are in a shop, ask the person helping you if he or she will place the crystals and stones you like together. Don't stop to think about whether or not it will go with an outfit at this initial stage, if you are looking for crystals or stones used in jewelry. Just go with whatever you like.

Do a little research on the crystals and stones that you like best, if you can, to find out what they have to offer. You will find that different crystals and stones which are a similar color have other similarities. Choose the crystals or stones that will help you with a specific problem or find one that can fill a variety of needs.

For example:

  • Green jade and green tourmaline are both Heart Chakra crystals; however, green jade reduces negativity and soothes the mind while green tourmaline helps increase your ability to express yourself and reduce your fear of change.
  • Lapis lazuli and turquoise are Third Eye and Throat Chakra crystals; however, lapis lazuli brings inner truths to the surface and supports self-awareness while turquoise restores vitality and lifts one's spirits.

If you are at a shop and unable to take the time to research the crystals or stones you are drawn to, just trust your gut. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you find after you get your new addition home and have a chance to do some research.


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