Sacred Smoke Healing and Cleansing Benefits

Sacred Smoke Healing and Cleansing Benefits

Sacred smoke cleanses away the negative energies in a space, but that's not all it does. The smoke clears negative energy from your body, too. Certain materials used to create sacred smoke also encourage the presence of the divine, good spiritual energy and the healing energy of Mother Earth.


White sage and dessert sage are the most commonly used plant materials for sacred smoke and smudging. They are excellent for clearing negative energy from a room and from your body. The smoke from sage also creates an atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching. It helps you think more clearly and raises your spiritual awareness.

Fragrance also plays a big part in healing and cleansing and should be taken into consideration when you decide which type of sage to use. The smell of white sage smoke is sweeter than dessert sage. It opens your crown chakra, making spiritual meditation, healing and connecting with the Divine easier. Sage sticks with a little lavender mixed in provide a more spiritual atmosphere, too. Lavender is commonly used to invite the presence of spirits. You may prefer the smell of dessert sage, though, especially if you are focusing on physical or emotional healing.

How to Use Sage:

  • Purchase dried sage. Smudge sticks or wands are ideal.
  • Have a heat-resistant bowl or an abalone shell on hand.
  • Open the windows for good air circulation.
  • Establish your intentions firmly in your mind.
  • Light the sage and let it burn for several seconds.
  • Put the sage out in the bowl or abalone shell.
  • Use a feather or your hand to distribute the smoke evenly.

When clearing a room, begin by facing east then move around the room clockwise. When clearing your body, or someone else’s body, begin at the heart then move to the right side of the body. Continue around the body from head to toe in a clockwise direction. If you are using sacred smoke to cleanse and help heal another person, make eye contact first to establish a connection.

Cleanse your crystals with the sacred smoke from sage, too. This will keep them clear of negative energy and performing at their best.

Balanced Healing Energy

A combination of materials is recommended to achieve a comfortable, balanced atmosphere for emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Sacred smoke from sage imparts masculine or yang energy. Incense will balance that energy with feminine or yin energy. Burn incense after you use sage to clear away negative energy.


The sacred smoke of sweetgrass, Seneca grass, holy grass or vanilla grass encourages loving energy from Mother Earth. It can be used after the sage to impart a more balanced, feminine energy and bring in positive energy. Sweetgrass is sold as smudge sticks or braids. Braided sweetgrass can be unbraided or cut into small pieces and burned in a bowl.


The sacred smoke from cedar is very protective. It is ideal for clearing negative energies from a new home just before you move in. Burning cedar incense will clear away negative emotions and encourage forgiveness.

Palo Santo Wood

Sacred smoke from Palo Santo sticks is excellent for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It has a fresh fragrance with a hint of minty citrus. Burn Palo Santo sticks after you smudge the room with sage. It is especially beneficial for people suffering from problems ranging from anxiety or stress and headaches to inflammation and even the common cold.


Copal incense imparts sacred smoke that is ideal for emotional healing from depression or simply raising your spirits after a hard day. It is also excellent for spiritual healing. Copal incense has a fresh, crisp, citrus-type fragrance.


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