Fluorite Meaning

Fluorite gemstones have been cherished since Ancient times. These lovely translucent calcium fluoride crystals have withstood the test of time.


They are highly sought-after by people who utilize and appreciate them for their mesmerizing beauty and all of the fluorite benefits at the heart of fluorite meaning.


The earliest known fluorite crystals date back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians loved these translucent calcium fluoride crystals for their beauty and for how easy it was to carve them. They often carved fluorite stone into statues, scarabs and vases. The fluorite rock’s ability to be carved wasn’t only appreciated by the Ancient Egyptians, though. They were also carved into amulets, bowls, cups, dishes, statues and vases by American Indians, Britons, Celts, French, Germans and the Romans.

Goblets and cups made from fluorite stone were believed by the Romans to help prevent intoxication when they drank alcohol from them. They also believed the fluorite rock drinking vessels would impart a particular flavor to wine. It was apparently so coveted that Ancient Roman rulers were driven to steal it. “Pompey the Great,” Julius Caesar’s predecessor, had 6 carved fluorite vases stolen from Mithridates and placed in the Jupiter temple. It is also said that the Roman Emperor Augustus had a fluorite vase stolen from its home in the Pharaoh’s palace located in Alexandria, Egypt.

Fluorite mineral rock is mined in areas all over the world, which explains why it is found in archaeological digs almost everywhere. Fluorite stone artifacts dating back to 900 – 1650 AD have been unearthed in areas located in southern Illinois/ western Kentucky which is known as fluorspar region. These fluorite stone artifacts belonged to Native Americans in the Mississippi Valley. Fluorite crystals of various fluorite colors were fashioned into jewelry and figurines that were 9 to 12 inches tall. Fluorite mineral rock is the state mineral for Illinois where there is an entire museum dedicated to “fluorspar.” Fluorspar or Fluorospar is what fluorite is commonly known as in chemical and industrial circles. Fluorite is more commonly used by mineralogists and gemologists. The museum resides on the site of a fluorite mine that hasn’t been worked since 1954. The Clement Mineral Museum located in Marion, Kentucky holds the biggest fluorite collection in the world.


Fluorite mineral rocks have been given the moniker of “Genius Stone,” due to the fluorite properties rooted in fluorite meaning. This exquisite translucent calcium fluoride crystal help people achieve their best possible aptitude, a fluorite benefit that goes back to fluorite crystal meaning. Its vibrations expand the consciousness and help both brain hemispheres work together, increasing comprehension and retention of new knowledge. This increase in brain activity and ability to learn go back to the balance and harmony at the heart of fluorite meaning.

Fluorite stone meaning is all about balance and near perfection. Fluorite meaning is strongly connected to its own nearly perfect beauty and its magical essence. These translucent calcium fluoride crystal have a soft yet glassy appearance, regardless of the fluorite color. The color, which is usually blue, green, purple, clear, rainbow or yellow, can be startlingly vibrant yet soft and calming, which is a big part of fluorite meaning. Fluorite mineral rock can also be black, brown, pink, red or white, although these fluorite colors are unusual. Fluorite is considered the most colorful mineral.

Each different fluorite color has a slightly different fluorite meaning because the various colors are determined by different elements included in the fluorite mineral rock. Each different element brings its own particular attributes, adding them to the basic fluorite meaning.

Fluorite stone meaning is about a near perfect balance between internal structure and external appearance. The vibrations from fluorite mineral rock’s internal structure connect with human minds better than any other crystal, which is at the heart of fluorite meaning. All fluorite crystals calm the mind, organizing chaos to bring about harmony, in keeping with fluorite meaning. Scattered, frantic energies are brought under control for calm, cohesive thought. These are common threads of fluorite meaning that run through all fluorite colors.

Green fluorite meaning is all about the fresh, green of new life in the spring. It clears away negativity to facilitate forward movement with fresh, new ideas and new beginnings. Green fluorite crystals take the harmony and balance at the heart of fluorite meaning and enhance it to align thoughts with actions and words with deeds. Green fluorite mineral rock is especially helpful for moving forward and breaking free of old bad habits.

Blue fluorite meaning is about this lovely blue fluorite mineral rock’s ability to instill calm, rational thought and energy. It enhances fluorite meaning with a greater sense of right and wrong, justice and honesty. Blue fluorite also facilitates recovery from obsessive behavior and the frustration and relentless disappointment that commonly accompanies this type of behavior.

Clear fluorite meaning brings the added fluorite benefits of mental clarity to fluorite crystal meaning. Its vibrations cleanse the aura, impart renewed energy and harmonize or balance spirit and mind, in keeping with fluorite meaning.



Spiritual healing properties of fluorite are all about harmony and balance, in keeping with fluorite meaning. Fluorite properties enhance the ability to understand the universe, its perfection and one’s place within the universe. Fluorite stone benefits enhance intuitive understanding, in keeping with fluorite meaning. The lovely, fluorite mineral rock imparts a sense of peace and comfort while enhancing individuality and self-expression.

Green fluorite meaning in Divination states:

Beware of mistaking sentiment and extravagant expression of devotion for true caring.

Blue fluorite meaning in Divination states:

You are right to question the motives of someone unduly secretive. Be cautious.

Depending on the fluorite color, wearing a fluorite gemstone or keeping one nearby may help you connect with your Guardian Angel.

  • Medium green fluorite crystals attract Guardian Angels to those born from January 1 to 5, June 6 to 10 and September 3 to 7.
  • Light green fluorite crystals attract the Guardian Angel Ieiaeil or Jejalel to people born from July 7 to 11.
  • Dark green fluorite stone attracts Guardian Angels to those born from March 31 to April 4, September 8 to 12 and December 27 to 31.

Green fluorite crystals impart wood energy in Feng Shui. This green mineral rock is all about new beginnings, growth, health and vitality, in keeping with fluorite meaning. Place it in the east or southeast in a room or home. Green fluorite gemstones are especially useful in the kitchen, an area where you are beginning a new project or in a child’s room.


Physical healing properties of fluorite are many, in keeping with fluorite meaning. It is all about clearing away the bad and bringing in the good. Fluorite healing properties bring balance and harmony to the body. Fluorite properties facilitate perfect health in all areas of the body. When fluorite powers are utilized at the first sign of infection, it helps with recovery from viral infections, stimulates the immune system and reduces inflammation.

Fluorite healing properties help cure skin problems as well as illnesses that involve mucus membranes and the respiratory tract like bronchitis, the common cold, emphysema, the flu, pneumonia, sinusitis, staph infections and strep throat. Skin sores from herpes or canker sores can be relieved with the healing properties of fluorite. Ulcers, shingles and nerve pain can be relieved with the use of fluorite crystals. Fluorite powers also strengthen bones and teeth, helping to prevent osteoporosis.

How to Use Fluorite:

  • Carry fluorite crystal tumble stones or worry stones in your pocket.
  • Wear fluorite jewelry to keep the healing vibrations near your body all day. A necklace will be especially helpful for respiratory troubles.
  • Place small fluorite gemstones on or right next to the sore or painful area. Trust your own intuition when determining how long to leave the fluorite crystals in place. If it is comfortable, leave it. If it becomes uncomfortable, remove the fluorite crystals and try again later. There may be some discomfort at first due to the crystal vibrations on irritated skin and tissue.
  • Take a fluorite crystal elixir to send the wonderful healing and balancing fluorite benefits, in keeping with fluorite meaning, through your whole body.

Cleanse your fluorite crystals after each session when using them to help heal the body.


The emotional healing properties of fluorite are based in fluorite meaning. Fluorite healing properties are all about emotional balance. Fluorite powers impart emotional stability and an improved ability to handle difficult situations with a clear mind that is not clouded by overwhelming emotions. As evidenced by fluorite meaning, a strong, healthy balance of confidence and understanding is one of the many fluorite stone benefits. Difficult or overwhelming feelings from past situations are brought to the front of the mind gently for you to examine, consider and put into perspective so that you can heal and move forward in life.

Fluorite properties are wonderful for working through emotional situations with loved ones. In keeping with fluorite meaning, this beautiful gemstone helps you resolve problems and differences with objectivity and compassion.

How to Use Fluorite:

  • Hold fluorite worry stones, tumble stones or a figurine while thinking about difficulties or discussing differences with loved ones.
  • Wear fluorite jewelry to keep the healing, balancing vibrations with you all day.
  • Keep a fluorite figurine, obelisk, egg or pyramid in the room with you. Its harmonizing vibrations will help clear the air of negativity to make it easier to work through emotional troubles.
  • Take a fluorite elixir or fluorite essences to send the harmonizing, stabilizing vibrations coursing through your veins.


Fluorite benefits impart the powers of the Wind element during fluorite meditation. In keeping with fluorite meaning, this lovely crystal will help you concentrate and focus to quickly achieve a meditative state. Fluorite meditation will bring about perfect balance and harmony. With its wonderful fluorite powers, it will help you see and understand visions and gain insights.

How to do Fluorite Meditation:

  • Focus on a fluorite pyramid, obelisk or figurine while meditating. Fluorite crystal pyramids are especially helpful in fluorite meditation. You can place the fluorite on an altar or table so it sits at eye level or hold it up to gaze at it.
  • Hold a piece of fluorite in one hand while meditating.


Fluorite crystals are not traditional birthstones. Green fluorite, however, is a natural fluorite birthstone for people born in the spring between April 20 and May 20. All of the green fluorite benefits, in keeping with fluorite meaning, are enhanced for people born during this time. Blue fluorite is a natural fluorite birthstone for people born from February 19 to March 19.


Fluorite gemstones are special crystals for those born under the Zodiac sign Pisces. People born under this sign celebrate their birthday between February 19 and March 20.


Fluorite powers are fabulous for fluorite chakra clearing, balancing and healing. All fluorite colors are Third Eye or Brow Chakra crystals, but some fluorite colors resonate well with other chakras, too. Use the right fluorite color for the right chakra based on the following:

  • Green fluorite is excellent for the heart chakra. The author places small pieces of green fluorite above each eyebrow, on either side of the nose under the eyes and directly over the heart chakra. Wonderfully refreshing, like taking a deep, cleansing breath after a spring rain.
  • Blue fluorite works well at the throat chakra. Place the blue fluorite crystal on the throat and between the eyebrows to help clear and balance these chakras.
  • Clear fluorite crystals activate and clear the crown chakra. Place one on your head, if you are sitting up, or directly above your head, if you are lying down.

Cleanse your fluorite crystals regularly but be careful. The author has had good results from holding them under tepid running water for a few minutes. However, the safest way to cleanse fluorite is to place them in rice for 24 hours. They can be charged in direct sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not expose them to excessive heat or leave them in the sunlight for more than 10 to 15 minutes. Their lovely, vibrant fluorite color could fade.

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