Garnet Meaning

Garnet is so much more than a pretty, red, semi-precious gemstone. This red mineral rock has a long and storied history of use as a treasured jewel, giver of light, protector and weapon.


Garnet stone is not always red, though. There are actually many different garnet colors, each with their own special garnet powers and garnet meaning.


Garnet stone has a long history that dates back to over 5,000 years ago when Ancient Egyptians appreciated their fiery beauty. Garnet gemstones were used extensively in jewelry for the pharaohs and were placed in Egyptian tombs to be enjoyed in the afterlife. Garnets were treasured by Czechoslovakians all the way back to the Bronze Age. Garnet gemstones were also coveted in Sumaria back in 2100 BC and in Sweden from 2000 to 1000 BC. Ancient Romans traded the precious gemstones and carved the red mineral rocks into signet rings used to seal documents. Large garnet rocks were carved out to use as vessels that would hold up to a pint.

Red garnet stones were considered sacred by African tribal leaders, Aztecs, Mayans, Native American Indians and South American Indians. The red mineral rocks were believed to impart enhanced awareness with the flash of light that seems to emanate from the center of garnet gemstones which supports garnet meaning. The red garnet gemstone was also thought to assist with bringing creative powers to fruition.

Red garnet gemstones were worn for protection and used as weapons by Asiatic tribes. They believed the garnet color’s similarity to the color of blood would protect them from wounds and make their weapons more deadly. Small garnet gemstones were launched at their enemies with sling bows and shot from guns like bullets. Garnet stones have been used in this way as recently as 1892 when the Hanzas fired the red gemstones at British troops. Red garnets were worn as talismans by the Christians and Muslims during the Crusades for protection, as indicated by garnet meaning.

A red garnet was one of the gemstones that adorned the Breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest. A large garnet stone is believed to have been used by Noah on the ark to light the way in the dark.

Garnet is treasured to this day as a beautiful, semi-precious gemstone. While it is commonly thought of as a red or scarlet gemstone, garnets are also orange, pink, various shades of red and various shades of green. There are even “color-change” garnets that appear light olive-green in natural daylight and pale pink in artificial light. Malaya garnets are pale pink, Mali garnets are yellow, gold, green or orange and Pyrope garnets can be red to deep brown- or purple-red. Garnet stone is also used to this day in abrasives, watches and precision scientific instruments.


Garnet stone was named garnet because of its resemblance to pomegranate seeds. The Latin word for pomegranate is granatum.

The root of red garnet stone meaning is all about regeneration and energizing. Garnet meaning also includes balancing, protecting and strengthening. Other types of garnet and garnet colors have additional garnet meanings.

  • Almandine garnet meaning includes the energy and strength of red garnet color. The earthy brown almandine tones encompass further garnet meaning in close ties to the earth and increased willpower to resist anything negative.
  • Andradite garnet meaning is strongly connected with its garnet powers in the spiritual realm. Andradite garnet color includes olive green garnet, black garnet and yellow garnet. It is about self-empowerment and higher thinking with added garnet stone benefits in the area of safety and strength.
  • Grossular garnet meaning is about self-empowerment, hope and a strong Mother Earth connection. The most common grossular garnet color is green but grossular garnet stones can also be gold, orange, red or yellow. Grossular garnet meaning also includes abundance, prosperity, gratitude and the sharing of abundance.
  • Pyrope garnet meaning is all about charisma, vitality and inspiration. Pyrope garnet colors enhance the ability to realize one’s talents and share these talents with others.
  • Spessartine garnet meaning has to do with the ability to be analytical with the confidence to move forward in life without fear. Spessartine radiates energy from its dark gold, red or orange garnet colors. Nearly pure spessartine is light yellow. The orange garnet, dark gold garnet and red garnet colors usually contain some almandine garnet.
  • Uvarovite garnet meaning is connected to wealth and prosperity and learning how to happily accept bounty from the Universe. Uvarovite garnet is emerald green garnet with a sprinkling of shimmering crystals coating the surface.


Garnet meaning in the realm of healing gives this gemstone the moniker “Stone of Health.” Garnet removes and transforms negative energies to strengthen and heal the body and mind.


Garnet spiritual healing powers have earned it the additional moniker “Stone of Commitment.” Garnet can assist with changing old behaviors and moving past obsolete ideas, as supported by garnet meaning. Inhibitions and taboos are released to bolster self-confidence and open the heart to new possibilities, in keeping with garnet stone meaning. Garnet healing properties help to control energy flow for a better balance of the physical, emotional and intellectual elements, in keeping with garnet meaning. Red garnet gemstones are especially useful for psychic protection in the realm of spiritual healing. Black andradite garnet is very helpful for spiritual healing. It brings empowering energy and the confidence to remain spiritually strong while providing extra grounding energy and psychic protection.

How to use garnet:

  • Hold a garnet gemstone for spiritual healing in keeping with garnet meaning.
  • Wear garnet jewelry.
  • Use garnet prayer beads or a garnet mala during prayer or meditation.

Garnet meaning in Divination has to do with dreams. It is believed that dreams which include garnet are actually providing the solution to a mystery.

Garnet has an important place in Feng Shui. Garnet meaning in Feng Shui varies, depending on the garnet type and garnet color.

  • Almandine garnet, pyrope garnet and orange red and scarlet grossular or spessartine garnet represent fire energy in Feng Shui. Fire energy’s nature is Yang. Place one of these gemstones in the south of a room or home.
  • Green andradite garnet, green grossular garnet and uvarovite garnet are wood energy in Feng Shui. Place these gemstones in the southeast or east of a room or home.
  • Black andradite garnet is water energy in Feng Shui. Place black andradite garnet gemstones in the north of a room or home.


Physical healing properties of garnet are believed to detoxify and purify. Garnet gemstones are thought to assist with regeneration, as supported by garnet meaning, and revitalization. Garnet is believed to increase the metabolism and libido. It is thought to detoxify the blood as well as the heart and lungs. Heart rhythm problems may also be alleviated with the use of garnet gemstones; however, it can make arterial hypertension worse. There have also been reports of garnets’ ability to reduce arthritic and rheumatic pain. Red garnet is believed to improve circulation and fight against physical health problems associated with blood.

How to use garnet:

  • Wear a garnet pendant so that the garnet gemstone hangs right over the heart for benefits in keeping with garnet meaning.
  • Hold a garnet gemstone to let the vibrations work against the effects of various physical ailments.


Emotional healing properties of garnet impart calm vitality and a sense of protection. There have been reports of the healing properties of garnet in association with mental illness. Garnet is especially helpful in times of crisis and hopelessness. Garnet stones impart the courage needed to face these situations in a positive manner, in keeping with garnet meaning. Garnet turns negative energies into positive energies. The crisis can then be more easily viewed as a manageable challenge instead of a hopeless situation. This change in perception encourages assistance within a group. Garnet gemstones provide courage and hope while strengthening survival instincts.

Garnet powers are especially useful for people who are grieving after suffering a loss. Garnet sooths emotional pain and sadness while it revitalizes, as supported by garnet meaning. Garnet gemstones are excellent for people who have been mourning for too long after losing a partner. The garnet properties will give them the boost in confidence and spirit that they need to move forward in life, as supported by garnet crystal meaning.

Balancing garnet properties, as supported by garnet meaning, provide balance that reduces insecurity, fear and financial loss. Garnet rocks are considered lucky. They can improve one’s luck in achieving goals, love and success. Garnet gemstones enhance positivity and raise self-esteem. Success in business and work relationships is more easily achieved with garnet, in keeping with garnet meaning.

How to use garnet:

  • Place a garnet stone underneath a pillow to reduce the likelihood of bad dreams.
  • Wear garnet jewelry for benefits in keeping with garnet meaning.
  • Wear a square-cut garnet to enjoy garnet benefits in the workplace. A square-cut garnet is especially useful for women.


One of the best ways to experience garnet healing properties in keeping with garnet meaning is through garnet meditation. Garnet vibrations revitalize, balance and energize while providing protection from negative psychic energies.

How to use garnet:

  • Hold a garnet stone while meditating for benefits in keeping with garnet crystal meaning.
  • Use a garnet mala while doing mantra recitations.

When meditating for a specific benefit, select a type of garnet that will provide garnet stone benefits which are helpful in that area. Various garnet types and garnet colors will impart more specific benefits.

  • Almandine garnet gemstones reduce stress-related issues by channeling away anger.
  • Black andradite garnet provides strong grounding energy and protection for deep meditation.
  • Grossular garnet can be especially helpful with efforts to increase fertility.
  • Pyrope garnet enhances relaxation during meditation aimed at increasing physical strength.
  • Spessartine garnet provides a sense of calm focus when used in garnet meditation. It is especially useful for people who have trouble with concentration.


Garnet birthstones belong to those born in the months of January and December. People born in the month of January have garnet as their ancient and traditional birthstone. Garnet is the traditional birthstone for people born in December.


Garnet gemstones are the zodiac stones for people born under the signs of Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius. People born under the zodiac sign Leo celebrate their birthday between July 23 and August 22. Virgos celebrate their birthdays between August 23 and September 22. Capricorns are born from December 22 to January 19 and Aquarians celebrate their birthday from January 20 to February 18.


Garnet benefits the chakras with cleansing and reenergizing garnet properties. Garnet crystals balance energy while they revitalize with a sense of calm serenity or passion. Garnet powers balance the sex drive while inspiring devotion and love. Use the garnet type and garnet color that best suits your needs in garnet chakra work.

  • Almondine garnet benefits are utilized in the First Chakra in the realms of relationships and physical love.
  • Andradite garnet properties are helpful for the Base Chakra, Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. Andradite garnet works to reduce feelings of alienation and isolation. It also provides improvement in the area of intimate relationships.
  • Pyrope garnet powers are beneficial in the alignment of the Crown and Base Chakras. They impart gentleness, warmth and a sense of unification in one’s creative forces.
  • Spessartine garnet works through the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to revitalize creativity and willpower, in keeping with garnet meaning.
  • Red garnet is well suited to chakra work for kundalini energy and sexual potency. Red garnet is used at the Base or Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra to create a strong, balanced energy, in keeping with garnet meaning.
  • Uvarovite garnet works with the Heart Chakra to strengthen spiritual relations with a calm, peaceful energy.

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