How to Program A Crystal or Stone

How To Program A Crystal Or Stone

Program your new crystals and stones to enhance their natural abilities and focus their energies on your desired goals. There are several tried and true ways to do this. You should use the method that feels right to you. If you are not sure which method you should use, try a different method on each crystal or stone to see what works best.


Buy crystals or stones that are naturally predisposed to benefit people in ways that will help you reach your desired goals.

For example:

  • Moonstone is a calming, soothing stone that reduces materialism while it strengthens one’s faith.
  • Peridot is a healing crystal that focuses on energy imbalances and recovery from lost love.
  • Green jade helps calm your nerves and supports new love.
  • Garnet is a protective gemstone that transforms negative energy to beneficial energy.

When you get your new crystals and stones home, cleanse them. This clears away energies that were absorbed from people and the environment before you received them.


Set aside a block of time to do the programming. It will require your undivided attention.

Bring yourself to a calm, meditative state of mind. This is very important as your state of mind during this process will be imprinted on the crystal or stone.

Hold the crystal or stone in the palm of your left hand if you are right handed, or the right hand if you are left handed. Focus your mind and visualize your intended goals.

Cup your dominant hand and position it an inch or two above the crystal or stone.

Focus your energy and intent on the crystal or stone. Visualize the flow of your energy into the crystal. The energy will flow through the hand and through the crystal. The top hand will complete the current, concentrating the energy within the crystal. Don’t be surprised if you actually feel heat and vibrations from the crystal.


This programming option begins in the same way; however, you hold the crystal or stone in your dominant hand.

Speak your intentions out loud into your other hand while holding the crystal in your dominant hand. You may whisper, if you prefer. Repeat the words at least half a dozen times then hold your hand over the crystal or stone. The echoing vibrations of your intentions will be pushed down into the crystal or stone.

Repeat the words continuously while holding the crystal in your hands until you feel confident that your intentions have been fully received. If you feel uncertain after you finish, repeat the process again. When you feel certain that your message has been fully accepted, thank the crystal.


After cleansing the crystal or stone, hold it in your hand and look at it. Either hand is fine. Focus on it until you begin to feel its energy. You will sense a strong, harmonious connection.

Speak your intentions out loud while gazing at the stone. Maintain your connection and repeat your intentions several times until you feel they have been accepted.


Whichever method you choose, always make sure you are in a calm, positive, meditative state of mind. This is extremely important. Never try to program a crystal or stone while you are in a stressed or negative frame of mind. Also, do not ever try to program a crystal or stone with negative energy or ill intent. If you do, the negative energy or intent will always come back on you, the programmer.

Different crystals programmed for different uses can contaminate each other if they touch while being stored. As a preventative measure, wrap your programmed crystals separately in a natural white cloth like cotton or silk before putting them away. White is best as it deflects outside energies while reflecting the wrapped crystal’s energy back into it.

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