Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis lazuli has been appreciated for its bright blue color for over 6000 years. Depending on where it is mined, lapis lazuli can be pale to dark blue with pale white or gold marbling.


Lapis lazuli stone benefits and lapis lazuli stone meaning remain fairly consistent, regardless of the stone’s depth of color. In addition to being beautiful, these gemstones impart many benefits to their owners.


Lapis lazuli stone mining dates back 6000 years. The original lapis lazuli rock mines are in the West Hindu-Kush Mountains of Afghanistan. The highest quality and quantity of lapis lazuli stone still comes from Afghanistan to this day. Lapis lazuli rock mines are also located in Angola, Argentina, Canada, Chile, India, Italy, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia and in California and Colorado in the United States.

Lapis lazuli is a blue mineral rock that forms within crystalline marble deposits. This blue mineral rock contains a variety of minerals. Calcite, lazurite, pyrite and sodalite make up the majority of minerals in lapis lazuli stone. Pyrite gives the blue mineral rock its gold flecks and marbling. There have been a few cultures throughout history that believed the marbling had some effect on lapis lazuli meaning and uses.

Lapis lazuli was used extensively in Egypt beginning around 4000 BC. Lapis lazuli gemstones were prized for jewelry. Lapis lazuli inlays were used in King Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus and ornaments made from lapis lazuli stones were found buried with other Egyptian kings and queens. The Egyptians carved the blue mineral rock into scarabs and other shapes for pendants that would impart benefits such as psychic protection. They ground lapis lazuli rock into a fine powder to make eye shadow, dye and elixirs. The blue mineral rock dye was used extensively to dye clothing for priests and members of the royal families.

Lapis lazuli stones were revered for the protection they gave against the evil eye. Lapis lazuli represented the starry night in pre-Columbian America and ancient Persia. In ancient Roman and Greek times, ornamental lapis lazuli stone statues and statuettes were used frequently to bring luck and health benefits. The blue mineral rock was thought to provide the protection of spirits of light and wisdom against the spirits of darkness in Medieval Europe. Michelangelo liked the ultramarine paint made possible by the blue lapis lazuli color of the blue rock powder. Catherine the Great used lapis lazuli extensively in one room of her palace, using the blue mineral rock to adorn doors, fireplaces, frames for mirrors and the walls.


Lapis lazuli meaning is based on inner peace, honor, wisdom, truth, spirit and vision. Lapis lazuli stones are recommended by Buddhists to help people find inner peace and dispel negative thoughts. Lapis lazuli powers are believed to encourage good judgement and wisdom. The blue mineral rock can be especially helpful to archeologists, attorneys, inventors, executives, journalists, psychologists and writers.

Lapis lazuli benefits are helpful in problem solving, intellectual analysis and coming up with new ideas. The presence of lapis lazuli encourages a learning state of mind, sparking a desire for new knowledge. The ability to understand new things and remember what has been learned is enhanced by the blue mineral rock. Lapis lazuli stones are stones of truth. They inspire honesty in written and spoken words and the spirit. All forms of communication are improved by lapis lazuli gemstones.



Lapis lazuli properties extend to spirituality. Lapis lazuli benefits have been utilized by royalty, healers and priests to enhance wisdom and power. The blue mineral rock was one of the first spiritual stones. Lapis lazuli rocks are known to enhance inner visions and psychic abilities. Lapis lazuli stone embodies universal truth.

Lapis lazuli crystal benefits include feelings of peace and serenity brought about by relieving stress and anxiety. Lapis lazuli properties encourage spiritual journeying and enhance spiritual power. The focus on learning at the root of lapis lazuli meaning carries through to:

  • Providing more intuitive enlightenment in dream work.
  • Strengthening connections to dream forces for better guidance while in an altered state.

Dreams about lapis lazuli are said to represent faithful love. Lapis lazuli crystals block psychic attacks and reflect the psychic energy back on the attacker like a mirror.

Lapis lazuli meaning in Divination reads: It is the right time to get yourself noticed in a positive way; a high-profile presentation of your talents is the key.

One of lapis lazuli gemstone powers for spiritual healing is a stronger connection with a guardian angel. When people born between June 16 and 21 wear lapis lazuli jewelry or carry a lapis lazuli stone with them they will be better connected to the guardian angel Caliel. People born between July 28 and August 1 should wear or carry a pale blue lapis lazuli stone to enhance their connection to Haaiah.

Lapis lazuli represents a water energy in Feng Shui, imparting still, quiet energy and strength as well as purification which is useful for spiritual healing. Unrealized potential is embodied in water energy which supports lapis lazuli meaning. This energy represents rebirth, regeneration and the circle of life.

How to use lapis lazuli:

  • Place lapis lazuli crystals in areas used for calm reflection, prayer or repose.
  • Put lapis lazuli statues or stones in a room at the north end of a home or at the northern most area of a room.

The flowing water energy of lapis lazuli promotes balance and support during the ups and downs in life and career.


These blue mineral rocks provide healing properties of lapis lazuli focused on the throat area, including the endocrine glands, larynx, thyroid and vocal cords. Lapis lazuli powers help combat hearing loss and ear, nose and throat problems. Vertigo is reduced with lapis lazuli. High blood pressure and insomnia can be helped by lapis lazuli benefits. Poor circulation and heart rhythm problems are helped by the use of lapis lazuli stones.

How to use lapis lazuli:

  • Rub a smooth lapis lazuli stone warmed in hot water over the eye to help fight an eye infection.
  • Wash the eye with the water used to soak the lapis lazuli stone after it has cooled. Use distilled water for best results.
  • Heat a smooth lapis lazuli stone in direct sunlight and place it on a bruise, skin irritation or insect bite to speed healing.

Lapis lazuli stones help to relieve menstrual irregularity and cramping as well as stiffness and lower back pain. Lapis lazuli healing properties reduce pain and inflammation. Migraine headache symptoms are quickly reduced by the healing properties of lapis lazuli, which support lapis lazuli meaning.

Lapis lazuli stone grids encourage calm, loving communications at home. Lapis lazuli healing properties are very useful for people with brain and nervous system disorders. Use of this blue mineral rock can be very helpful for people that have Asperger’s syndrome or autism.

How to use lapis lazuli in a grid:

  • Set up a lapis lazuli stone grid in a common room where the family frequently converses.
  • Follow intuitive feelings when determining the placement of the stones. If placing a stone in a certain spot just “feels right” it probably is the right place for that lapis lazuli stone.
  • Use a tried and true grid set-up. Lapis lazuli grid kits with placement instructions can be purchased.

Lapis grids do not necessarily have to contain only lapis lazuli stones. The grid can contain one or two lapis lazuli rocks with other types of helpful stones and crystals like clear quartz, the “Master Healer” among mineral rocks. The lapis lazuli crystal benefits will support calm, loving communication while the other stones enhance these benefits or bring other benefits.


Lapis lazuli grids can be utilized to soothe the mind of a temperamental teenager to facilitate calm, loving communication. The grid can also provide healing beneficial energy for people with attention-deficit disorder, calming the mind to enhance concentration. Lapis lazuli is known as a crystal of truth, supporting self-awareness and the acceptance of revealed inner truths. Issues linked with repressed anger can be dissipated, facilitating constructive self-expression and healing. Lapis lazuli stone benefits improve friendships and social skills in general by encouraging compassion and honesty. The use of lapis lazuli crystals enhances awareness of beliefs and motivations, providing a better perspective on life. Personal limitations are more readily recognized, revealing the best avenues for personal growth.


Lapis lazuli stones were used in ancient Egypt for meditation. They believed deep gold flecks in the blue mineral rock represented the stars in the heavens and meditating with these stones would encourage supernatural forces to change and improve their lives.

Lapis lazuli is believed to be a visionary stone that encourages communication through mental images instead of words. A higher awareness can be achieved with the use of lapis lazuli stones in meditation. Connections to past life experiences in the ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Egypt, India, Peru and Sumaria are facilitated through the use of the blue mineral rock in meditation. Memories from these past lives and knowledge from lost civilizations are more easily acquired to facilitate evolution during the present incarnation. This focus on learning from past civilizations is at the root of lapis lazuli meaning.


People born during the month of December get to claim the lapis lazuli birthstone as their traditional birthstone. People who celebrate their birthday between February 19 and March 19 have been assigned the deep blue lapis lazuli gemstone as their natural birthstone. The blue lapis lazuli crystals are said to imbue the wearer with patience and respect for others.


Lapis lazuli is the official stone of those born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius. People born under the sign of Sagittarius celebrate their birthday between November 21 and December 21. This zodiac sign is represented by the centaur or archer. People born under this sign tend to be adventurous, kind and optimistic. Sagittarians enjoy experiencing new things and higher education.


Lapis lazuli crystal benefits are best utilized in the Third Eye or brow chakra to stimulate the psychic center and the throat chakra to balance energies. The Third Eye is the window to our self-awareness and perception of the world. Consciousness is held at the brow chakra. Balance in the brow chakra improves perceptions and our interpretations of what we see. Internal communications and thoughts are enhanced when the brow chakra is balanced.

The voice of the body is centered at the throat chakra. This chakra also acts as a type of valve that is responsible for the flow of energy between the crown and brow chakras and the chakras located below the throat. Use lapis lazuli stones on the throat chakra to assist with opening and balancing it. Dark blue lapis lazuli colors impart energies that encourage truth and honesty.

How to use lapis lazuli on chakras:

  • Wear lapis lazuli gemstone earrings. This close proximity to the throat chakra and brow chakra will provide a steady flow of lapis lazuli benefits.
  • Meditate with a blue lapis lazuli crystal skull or statuette nearby to utilize its beneficial energy. Hold the lapis lazuli in either hand or place it on a meditation altar.

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