Moldavite Meaning

Moldavite is believed to have been formed by a meteor colliding with Earth over 14 million years. It takes its name from the only region in which it is found, near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia.

It is a member of the Tektite group of natural glasses that occur when rock is subjected to intense heat. The Greek word tektos means molten, and the forms which the stones take show their original shapes in some extremely beautiful ways. They are often droplet or tear shaped and their color is predominantly a deep rich forest green.


Moldavite has a fascinating history with humankind and the green stones were used as far back as the Paleolithic period for sharp edged arrow heads and other is the only member of the tektite family suitable for cutting and faceting for gemstones and seems to have been worn as adornments and such as amulets and necklaces by very early humans, perhaps as a talisman or to celebrate and honor ancient Goddesses.

In Czechoslovakian folklore the stone is believed to bring harmony and good luck to couples and was often given as a betrothal gift. Moldavite is associated with the Phoenix and symbolizes rebirth and renewal in some cultures. It has also been referred to as the Philosopher’s Stone, much sought after by alchemists in the Middle Ages in their quest to turn base metal into gold. On a more esoteric level Moldavite is prized in some spiritual circles as an aid to effecting a spiritual alchemical change in an individual’s quest for enlightenment.

Moldavite stones mirror the splash patterns of liquids, so it not uncommon to find stones of great beauty in the shapes of spirals, stars and concentric circles.


Moldavite is seen as a stone of connectivity and carries an intense frequency that can be quite surprising to some people. It emanates an energy that seems to reflect its creation in the intense heat of collision between the stars and the earth. Some people experience this heat also immediately upon holding a piece of Moldavite, first in the hand and then throughout the body, causing a flushing of the skin and sweating. In some cases Moldavite seems to stimulate the Heart Chakra and an emotional release is generated ranging from laughter to tears or an intense feeling of connection with the Divine. As a stone that has its birth in nature’s violent forces of impact it is never seen as a gentle or comforting stone but it can have a dramatic effect on users, lighting their spiritual and physical fires, stimulating creativity and action. It is highly sought after in the holistic and metaphysical world for its ability to act as a catalyst for those seeking to accelerate their spiritual ascension as well as those working on Earth as Lightworkers drawing in energy to help to heal the planet.

Moldavite can be used to re-establish a feeling of connection with the wonders of the Universe in even to most cynical or world weary of individuals. It is useful for easing away fears and doubts and strangely, considering its dynamism, can be great comfort to those suffering from generalized anxiety. This may be because Moldavite acts as a “clearing” stone helping to bring mental sharpness and acuity, thus enabling the person who may be experiencing worries over money, for example, to come up with solutions to their problems.

Wearing jewelry made from Moldavite stones is a way of accessing its energy throughout the day. The stones themselves are often incredibly beautiful, with a lightness and grace to them that gladdens the heart. However, because Moldavite is such a powerful stone, you may find that you feel a little lightheaded at times if you regularly wear Moldavite jewelry so it is worth remembering to ground yourself if this occurs. You may find that the power of Moldavite increases the beneficial synchronicities in your daily life as well as encouraging you to create balance between work, play, family and other pursuits.

In the world of spiritual or energy healing Moldavite works very well in combination with other stones, particularly the different varieties of Quartz. It is often used as a divination stone, on a pendant or wand for example and can be used in templates and grids to intensify the effectiveness of such practices.

Moldavite provides a powerful aid to meditations involving the seeking of connection to the Divine and can also amplify an individual’s telepathic abilities and intuition.



Moldavite has a special function in spiritual healing as it is believed to resonate with souls that are struggling with their incarnation on Earth. Indigo and Star children may find that Moldavite helps them to adjust to life on this planet by raising their energy and grounding them in the here and now. This is actually the opposite effect to the one that this stone has on many people. If you feel that you need help in adjusting to deep emotions or that you are a natural empath, Moldavite may well bring you comfort and relief.

These beautiful green stones are often used in advanced disciplines such as the development of psychic abilities. They can facilitate a profound spiritual awakening, evolutionary growth and transformation in a relatively short period of time. Moldavite is used to amplify our abilities to connect with the Universal Source and will aid you in making contact with your spirit guides, the Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels.

Moldavite is also a very useful stone to employ when you wish to let go of unhealthy habit or negative attachments. It offers psychic protection from negative thoughts, energies, entities and behaviors, whether they be your own or another’s. It has the ability to ground Light from the cosmos into the Earth planes and is thus an invaluable tool to use in any form of Lightworking.

Historically, Moldavite has gained a reputation within the Christian tradition as a spiritual relic associated with legends of the Holy Grail. Some mystics believe that the grail cup was in fact made from Moldavite, and that those who drank from it received gifts of rejuvenation, guidance and spiritual awakening.

In the Yogic tradition, Moldavite is credited with the ability to awaken our kundalini energy, which is most commonly represented as a serpent curled at the base of the spine. Through regular practice of Yoga you can stimulate this energy to travel up your spine and then direct it through all the cells of the body. A common outcome of this arousal of the kundalini energy is to enable contact with spirit guides and effect transformations on a spiritual level that enable us to connect with others on a more compassionate level.


Moldavite is believed by many to be a very accurate and powerful diagnostic tool in the treatment of physical imbalances and conditions. In the hands of an experienced practitioner, its high vibrational energy can illuminate the causes of many diseases, support the release of blockages in meridian and energy systems and aid the healing process. It is sometimes used to encourage the cells of the body to return to their “blueprint” or original state of perfection.

Moldavite is also a rejuvenating and stimulating stone, so it is sometimes used to encourage those who are feeling apathetic or lethargic to begin a course of physical exercise. It stimulates feelings of positivity and of personal fulfilment in some, and may also help to slow down the aging process due to its positive effect on our mental processes. It can aid in memory retention and protect against some forms of mental degeneration. Some people believe that its stimulating properties make it especially helpful in the treatment of gout. Along with many other green stones Moldavite is good for treating conditions of the eyes such as conjunctivitis and sight degeneration. It may also be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of asthma and other diseases of the respiratory tract. Claims have also been made for the positive effects that Moldavite can have on allergies and skin rashes caused by modern chemicals and pollution. Flu and anemia can also be treated using this stone.


Emotionally, Moldavite has connections with the heart and is often associated with strong, deep emotions. It can be used effectively to help a person access their deepest emotions and inner self, bringing feelings and issue to the surface so that they can honored and integrated. If you wish to explore some of your feelings that you suspect may be hidden, Moldavite will help you to do this. The vibration and resonance of the stone brings the heart into alignment with the mind, allowing you to think creatively and to express yourself compassionately. If you find that you have an aversion to the deep forest green of most Moldavite stones it may be that you have a hidden emotional trauma that you need to reveal, bring to the surface and heal.

Moldavite is an unconventional stone in that it often provokes extreme reactions in individuals who are normally fairly resistant to the effects of crystals. Sometimes it can awaken hidden or latent memories, or it can inspire unexpected solutions to seemingly intractable problems. It can assist in the release of old, outdated belief systems that no longer serve you and is well known for its ability to clear energetic blockages. \it is not a conventionally “comfortable” stone to work with emotionally but it makes up for this by being more powerful and fast acting than many other crystals. The main thing to take into account when working with Moldavite is to “handle with care”, especially if you are the practitioner working on helping another to heal.


A meditation with Moldavite can produce some dramatic effects. Its powerful energy, and its connection with the spiritual, higher realms mean that Moldavite can produce enhanced visionary states, out of body experiences and similar esoteric experiences. It is important to be aware of these possibilities before you begin, and it is equally important to have a grounding routine that works for you. Ground yourself frequently if you are intending to wear Moldavite jewelry all day, and perform a structured grounding, centering routine before you begin your meditation. The most common of these consists of visualizing thick roots growing out from the soles of your feet and traveling down through the earth, anchoring you firmly to the ground. You may have variations on this theme that suit you.

Meditation with Moldavite has the effect of raising your consciousness to the highest spiritual level, so it is a good idea to approach your meditation with a specific purpose in mind. You may wish to formulate a specific question for which you are seeking an answer, or you may wish to set a clear intention to change something in your life.

Hold a piece of the stone in your hand, or place it on your brow or heart chakra as you go into meditation. Allow the energies emanating from the stone to become a part of you as you breathe deeply, emptying your mind of all expectations. As you relax more deeply, become aware of any recurring images that enter your mind. If the meaning of these images is not immediately clear, do not worry. Ask your question, or repeat your intention, staying calm and relaxed. You will probably receive a definite message, either visually or aurally from your spirit guide or guardian angel. It is a good idea to make a note of this as soon as you finish your meditation session, especially if the full meaning is not clear straight away.


Moldavite is the natural birthstone of those born in Spring (April 20 – May 20). It is not a traditional birthstone.


If your birthday falls between the above dates you are a Taurus and you may well find that you have a particular affinity with Moldavite.


Being a stone of the heart, Moldavite is especially useful for balancing and healing the heart chakra. Interestingly, the colors of the Heart Chakra are traditionally rose pink and a light spring green. Moldavite most usually occurs in a deep forest green making it more intense as a heart chakra stone than the more common rose quartz. Its energies are decidedly more powerful too. For this reason, you may wish to work with Moldavite and rose quartz alternately if you are addressing heart chakra imbalances. Moldavite can be very effective in clearing Heart Chakra blockages, and this may leave you feeling vulnerable. At this point it would be a good idea to use the more gentle vibration of rose quartz to soothe and comfort until you are ready to deal with the emotions or issues that you have released.

Moldavite is also associated with the Brow and Crown Chakras. Use it to raise your psychic abilities and perceptions by cleansing your Third Eye. When this Chakra is clear and in balance we are able to think healthy, empowering thoughts, enabling us to be open to new ideas, dreams and visions.

The Crown Chakra is the gateway to the higher realms, and also regulates our intellectual processes. Using Moldavite to cleanse and balance this Chakra can produce some exciting results. When the Crown Chakra

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