Morganite Meaning

Morganite is a form of Pink Beryl and is a very pretty stone often used in jewelry making. The peachy tones of some Morganite crystals are very popular in the production of engagement or wedding rings.

Not only is the color very attractive, but the peach varieties of Morganite are associated with fidelity and marital happiness. Morganite is also believed to be a very useful stone for connecting with Divine love as well as the realms of Spirit and Angels.


Morganite is named after JP Morgan who first discovered it in California in the early 1900s. Tiffany’s allegedly bought up all of the stock that JP Morgan was able to provide. Its pink color is derived from the presence of manganese in the crystals but varities of Morganite also exhibit blue, green yellow and red shades.

Morganite is very popular with scryers and those engaged in crystal divination. Beryls of all hues were often used by ancient soothsayeers as the stones were reputedly aligned with the vibration of the divine and gave rise to clearer, more frequent visons than other stones.

Morganite deposits have been found in Thailand, Madagascar and Africa as well as the USA and parts of eastern Europe.


As a pink crystal Morganite has an immediate connection with the heart chakra and with all things associated with love. This connection extends beyond the human confines of love within relationships to encompass divine or angelic love, love of and for the planet and all living things upon it. It is an excellent stone to work with when dealing with emotional issues and will help you come to terms with pain deriving from past experiences. Morganite can be used to help in the healing of heartache, grief and feelings of loss or betrayal. Sometimes, even the most devout follower of a certain faith will have meoments of doubt. Morganaite can be usefull employed in these situations enabling the participant to regain a sense of purpose and to rediscover the joy in life and love, both spiritual and physical.

You do not have to be suffering from trauma in order to enjoy the benefits of wearing or using Morganite in your life. This beautiful crystal engenders a sense of lightness and peace of mind. It can give you a comforting sense of connection with the living world as well as the Divine, and can enhance feelings of joy and exuberance in those who are already quite happy.



Morganite, being a pink heartstone, has an immediate connection with the heart chakra. Love and compassion are the key emotions associated with the heart and Morganite crystals will help to open up this chakra if it has closed down or become frozen. Emotional trauma is the most common cause of a closing down of the heart chakra, although some people mat find that they seem to be naturally reticent and unable to open up to both giving and receiving love, to a greater or lesser extent. Working with Pink Morganite, and with the Archangel of love, Chamuel, can bring release and comfort to those who request it. The crystal energy, or vibration, of the stone means that it is constantly attuned to spiritual love and a deep sense of compassion. It can serve to remind us that we are all connected to the bliss fields of cosmic love, or universal consciousness, bringing a sense of security and hope to those in need.

If you are struggling to maintain your faith, or you feel that you have lost your way spiritually, Morganite can help you to regain a sense of purpose and conviction. It is known for its ability to aid those who are seeking to reaffirm their sense of connection to the higher realms after a period of wavering or feelings of despair and disillusionment.

If you are in need of emotional healing because of a specific event or through the actions of a person or group of people you will gain great benefit from an exercise in cord cutting with Archangels Metatron and Michael. The Goddess Kuan Yin, Goddess of compassion is another Spiritual guide who can help with this exercise and her female energy is aligned with the pink and peach varieties of Morganite. Use the crystal to aid you in achieving a state of relaxation and light trance. Call upon Michael to bring his mighty sword to cut through the cords of attachment that are binding you to the painful experience or to the people who are no longer working for your highest good. He will cut the cords from your etheric body, particularly those attaching to the solar plexus and heart, leaving you free to move forward without guilt, bitterness or anger.

Allow the Goddess Kuan Yin to escort the people from whom you have detached out of your aura and up into the cosmos, back to source for healing and forgiveness. This can be a very empowering exercise when combined with a firm intention to let go and release all negative thoughts and feelings associated with the situation or person. Allow the Morganite stones to support you with their loving energies whilst you perform this exericise.


As well as being closely aligned to the spiritual heart chakra, Morganite is also believed to have a beneficial effect on the physical heart. It may help to calm palpitations, regulate heart rhythms and balance blood pressure. Morganite is a useful stone to employ when treating congestion of the lungs and associated breathing problems. Its calm and soothing energy encourages regular, deep breathing and may be used in conjunction with more conventional treatments for asthma, emphysema and tuberculosis.

Because of its connection with love and relationships, Morganite can also be beneficial when treating hormonal imbalances and can help to alleviate the symptoms of PMS in women and impotence in men. The heart and the throat are closely connected in terms of the ethereal body. Therefore, Morganite can also help to treat conditions of the larynx and thyroid.


Morganite is often the stone of choice for the treatment of emotional pain and trauma. It can open and heal the heart chakra, soothing fears and clearing away feelings of fear and resentment. It also helps to uncover deep rooted causes of resistance to healing in emotional situations by bringing calmness of mind and a realization of blockages occurring in the auric or ethereal body that we were perhaps not aware of. Feelings and thoughts that have not been expressed, feelings of fear, anger or betrayal as well as resentment and bitterness can all be alleviated, cleared and balanced by the judicious combing of Morganite with spiritual practices and meditation.

Because so many human emotional traumas are caused by or attachments to others we sometimes need to learn the art of letting go. Relationships that have ended badly can cause lasting damage to our emotional and mental health, so it is imperative that we address the pain and learn how to release it in order to regain a sense of stability and wholeness. Morganite crystal can be very beneficial in this respect. Wear a necklace or earrings with Morganite stones in order to remind you to open your heart and trust your own intuitions and instincts when dealing with others. Morganite can help to activate thoughts and words of love and compassion as well as bringing a sense of safety and security to the wearer.


Allowing Morganite to manifest its vibrations of love and compassion is a wonderful way to use this stone in meditation. The properties of the crystal are closely associated with feminine energy and influences as well as encouraging creativity and use of the imagination. Because it vibrates with the energies of compassion and universal love Morganite can be placed directly on the heart chakra if you prefer to meditate whilst lying down. The gentle vibration will help to cleanse the heart center and allow you to relax into the safety of divine love. This in turn creates a safe space for you to examine and explore areas of your life that may be difficult to acknowledge.

The regular practice of meditation can help you to heal past traumas gradually and gently. Relax and breathe naturally at the start of any meditation session. Let go of expectations and fears of what may arise during the course of your practice and simply enjoy being in the moment of deep, comfortable breathing, warmth and relaxation. After a time your breathing will start to slow down naturally, and you may be aware of the stone you have placed in the center of your chest rising and falling to the rhythm. Allow any thoughts to drift away from you up into the cosmos. Be open to receiving messages or insights that then return to you as a way of dealing with the problem or emotion you have just allowed to leave you. Trust also that the divine is providing the solution.

Morganite is especially useful if you are addressing past life issues or trying to dispel ancestral karma. We are often unaware that our present difficulties are in fact rooted in events that occurred before we were even born. Morganite will help to connect you to you to your soul group or Monad, and you will then have access to an unlimited store of wisdom should you wish to use it. Enjoy the meditations you practice, safe in the knowledge that you always have a choice. Even if the messages you receive are strong and insistent, until you feel ready you do not have to act upon them. Morganite can amplify these signs and messages making them clearer and more accessible, but always ask for more guidance if you feel unsure of how to proceed for your highest good.


Pink Morganite is one of the natural birthstones of those born between October 22nd and November 20th.


The signs of the zodiac taking Morganite as their stone are Taurus and Scorpio.


The colors of the Heart Chakra are pink and spring green, making Morganite an obvious crystal to use when working on this center. If the Heart Chakra is in balance all of our other chakras will easily fall into balance too. It is the very center of the seven chakra system, meaning that we can energies from the earth and lower chakras into the heart and allow then to mix with the energies of the crown and higher chakras. The perfect meeting place for heaven and earth energies is within the heart chakra.

When performing a chakra balance, either on yourself or on others, Morganite stones are a useful aid in the process. Morganite occurs in shades of both pink and green beryl and it can be helpful to have the vibrations of both varieties available when you are working on chakra healing. Visualize roots growing from your feet, or the feet of your client, and going deep down through the soil and rock of the earth to the heart center of Mother Gaia. Breathe in deeply and draw the energies of love and security up into the Heart Chakra. Allow the colors to swirl and coalesce within the Heart Chakra as you take your awareness up to the stars and the cosmos. Breathe in and draw down the pure white light of Divine Love and place it in the Heart Chakra where it mingles with the pink and green energies drawn from Gaia. If you are working on someone else, and you feel confident about it, take the person with you through a guided meditation so that they too can visualize the colors and vibrations cleansing and balancing their Heart Chakra.

Morganite crystals placed nearby will amplify the effects of the healing and help to stimulate the qualities of compassion, love, forgiveness and the release of fear and bitterness in you and/or your client.

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