Signature Sign in Astrology: Find Out What Your Sign Is

You might be aware of your sun sign as it’s the first step in the realm of astrology. It’s also the easiest to figure out because it’s based on your birth month. However, as you dive deeper into the world of planets and stars, you’ll realize that finding out your sun sign is just surface-level information to your true Signature Sign in Astrology.

Have you ever felt that your sun sign doesn’t suit your personality? You may be a Leo but you don’t like being in control and are more flexible. Well, this may be because your signature sign in astrology is not the same as your sun sign.

Once you find out your signature sign in astrology, you can get to know yourself better. Also, if you love to assess other people’s personalities, knowing which sign holds the most power over them is imperative. Let’s learn more about signature sign in astrology, how to calculate them, and what they signify.

What is a signature sign in astrology?

Simply put, it means that your signature sign in astrology is the zodiac sign that is most special to you.

This sign’s qualities feature heavily in your astrological birth chart. The first step to finding out your signature sign is to get your birth chart. There are many online tools to help you or get a natal chart report from an astrologer.

Start Adding Them Up!

Then you need to add up the element and modalities of your planets together. Your dominant sign represents your birth chart’s most common modality and element.

This sign will have the most impact on your chart, and this might include your Moon Sign, Ascendant, Venus Sign, Mars Sign, and so on, along with other facets of your birth chart.

Why is your signature sign significant?

Your signature sign in astrology would also reveal which planet holds the strongest power over your life. Each sign is dominated by a planet, and every planet bestows unique characteristics on the person.

Assume you discover your signature sign in astrology is Libra. This suggests that Venus, the planet of beauty and love, has the most effect on you.

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The signature sign in astrology is important because it gives insights into how you connect with other people, the numerous complexities of your character, and the direction of your personal life path.

For Instance:

You may have a Taurus Sun. However, you could have sensed that you have very little in common with other Taurus people. You might also discover your ruling sign is Aries.

That might explain your fierce enthusiasm and desire to rush fearlessly into situations, which isn’t typical of Taurus’ style!

A person’s signature symbol is the sum of their positive aspects, strongest characteristic, and highest element— it is as significant and essential to their identity as their Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs. At times, it can be more relevant than the big 3.


Most individuals have no idea their distinctive sign because an astrologer must determine it. However, learning to find out your dominance is not that difficult and may enhance your bond with your loved ones.

How Do You Determine Your Signature Zodiac Sign?

To determine your signature sign in astrology, add the element and modality of the signs in which your planets are located in your birth chart. But first, let’s learn more about elements and modalities.

Across many beliefs, the elements of fire, earth, air, and water are the foundation of all existence. Each star sign has an element as well as a modality. Every sign’s energy signature is determined by its main element and modalities.

What exactly are modalities?

The modalities, also known as character traits, speak to your overall perspective on life, your method of working in society, and, in certain ways, the reason for your being.

Cardinal signs: The Cardinals (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) are the zodiac’s originators. These true leaders get the ball rolling by starting new ventures and breaking new ground. They like disrupting the current quo and taking charge on their own.

Fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius are known as the Fixed signs, which prolong, settle, and accomplish whatever the Cardinal signs began. Individuals with a high Fixed imprint are good at building long-term institutions and are practical, stubborn, rigid, and slow to adapt.

The Mutable signs: The Mutables (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Virgo) are organizational members and mediators. They alter what has gotten excessively Fixed and spread the ideas that have formed throughout the world. Mutable personalities are adaptive, creative, and resourceful.
All of these three modalities are commonly found in everyone’s birth chart.

This could indicate that you’ve got a Cardinal Sun, a Fixed Moon, and a Mutable Rising. Yet, one modality frequently predominates, causing you to feel the highest association with those qualities.

Combining an element and a modality

The elements describe a sign’s fundamental nature and direction, whereas the modalities demonstrate their mode of representation. Let’s take a closer look at every sign to observe how each element and modality interact to produce a distinct personality.

It is important to note that the zodiac is ordered systematically, with the 3 modalities recurring in a consistent order — Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable.

Similarly, the elements recur in a similar order: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. As per their element and modality, an Aries would be known as the Cardinal Fire and a Taurus would be called a Fixed Earth.

Signature sign in astrology

Calculating your signature sign

Well, now that you are more clear about modalities and elements and hopefully know how to combine them, let’s move on to the important step.

Step 1:

consider your Sun, which is among the most essential aspects of your birth chart. Discover your sun sign’s element and modality. Assume your sun sign is Gemini. Air and mutable get a score in this case.

Step 2:

identify your Moon sign. Discover the element and modality of it once more. For instance, if you have a Leo Moon, both the element fire and the cardinal fixed get one point.

Repeat this method for each of your original planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto.

Step 3:

proceed to the rising and thus the Midheaven. These two components are crucial in astrology and can have a significant impact on your disposition. Add these to your findings after determining their element and modality.

Step 4:

Now you need to locate the element in which you have the majority of your planets. Assume you get a large number of planets on earth. Discover the highest modality afterward. Let us consider the cardinal quality in this scenario.

As a result, the person’s planets are mostly in earth and cardinal signs. We’ll mix these to form an astrological sign. This is the part of astrology where we truly compute the signature sign! Capricorn is a sign that is the earth by element and cardinal by modality. So this person’s signature sign in astrology will be Capricorn.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Aries

Aries Signature Sign

If Aries is your ruling sign, you are fiery and straightforward. You appreciate what you desire and aren’t scared to go after it. Aries energy is powerful within you regardless of your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. Having Aries energy prevailing, you are an instinctive leader with enormous confidence and bravery within you, regardless of the image you present to the public.

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Aries Signature Sign

Mars, the ruler of Aries, has a strong influence on you. It is the planet of power and conflict. You are prepared to fight for your beliefs. Sometimes all it takes would be a person or an event to start a fire within you, and suddenly you’re off!

Signature Sign in Astrology – Taurus

Taurus Signature Sign

If Taurus is your signature sign, you appreciate the better things in life and prefer the predictable over the unforeseen. As a dominant Taurus, you may want to have a strategy in place, and once you set your mind to anything, you don’t let go! Others could try their hardest to persuade you to reconsider your viewpoint, but their attempts will be futile.

Taurus Signature Sign

You have quite a stubborn personality, yet you are quite resilient. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, has the most powerful effect on you. You appear to radiate charm and elegance due to your Venusian aura. You enjoy the pleasures of the material world and could be financially focused.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Gemini

Gemini Signature Sign

If Gemini is your dominant sign, you always have an idea popping up and are skilled at networking! It is a mutable symbol whose head is often sidetracked and sometimes jumps around. As an Air sign, Gemini is brilliant and vivacious, eager to be intellectually stimulated, and, at its best, eager to bring more people together for a good reason.

There’s something childlike about you, regardless of your age. Mercury, the planet of conversation, is your ruling planet. Mercury is responsible for your seemingly effortless ability to speak the right thing at the right time, which leaves others impressed by your capacity to transform your ideas into practice and always be articulate.

Gemini Signature Sign

If Gemini is your signature sign, you are associated with Mercury, the planet of communication and intellectual power. If that’s your signature zodiac trait, then you may have been blessed with natural genius in verbal expression; from witty conversations to writing smart content- it could all come easy for you!

You’re an adaptive learner, too – making those new situations feel like second nature. With so many gifts under one astrological roof, it looks like every day can be full of interesting self-discoveries… and let’s not forget great connections too!

Signature Sign in Astrology – Cancer

Cancer Signature Sign

If Cancer is your ruling sign, then you are empathetic and compassionate. It is a cardinal water sign, and you’ll have a lot happening beneath the ground. Cancer is a defensive sign; thus, you might not always express it. You are exceedingly protective of your loved ones and will have a profound caring personality.

Your empathy is more powerful than just about any other zodiac. Your primary sign is the Moon, so you may be particularly sensitive to its influences. The Full Moon could be a particularly powerful time for Cancerians! Much like Moon, you are a beacon in the darkness for others, which is why others are attracted to your kind and sympathetic character.

Cancer Signature Sign

Since Cancer is your signature sign it means that the Sun was in its highest point of power when you arrived in this world. You have an instinctive need to be nurtured and protected – traits unique to those born under this star sign!

Cancer is the star sign of nurturing and caring, perfect for those with a deep understanding of their own emotions and empathy towards others.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Leo

Leo Signature Sign

If Leo is your ruling sign, you are magnificent and royal. Even though you appear quiet and cautious from the outside, you have an incredible power within you. This is a symbol of courage and majesty. At your finest, you are fearless, tough, and extremely inventive. Down on your luck, you could be overly proud, and your vanity may take over.

Leo Signature Sign

You could make a significant impact on the lives of others around you. And so when you radiate outwards, you have the potential to brighten up the entire world. The Sun is your ruling planet. The Sun’s energy is unmatched, and you are no exception. While in its beneficent state, the Sun brings light and vitality to the entire planet.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Virgo

Virgo Signature Sign

If Virgo is your reigning sign, you are sensible and thorough. You are somebody who gets how to accomplish the task done, and people regard you as trustworthy – someone to call when things go rough! You are a person that many like to have around during a problem because you wouldn’t lose your cool and can keep things peaceful and safe.

Virgo Signature Sign

Mercury, the planet of conversation, is your ruling planet. Mercury allows you to see things from such a practical standpoint, allowing you to identify the greatest approach to an issue and then communicate it to other people in an easy-to-understand manner. We wouldn’t be able to function without a Virgo in our lives!

Signature Sign in Astrology – Libra

Libra Signature Sign

If Libra is your governing sign, you are lovely. You have such a high sense of justice as well. You have the potential to use this perception of fairness to effect positive change in the world around you. Yet, since yours is a zodiac sign that dislikes confrontation in general, you can avoid trouble when it is vital to stand in front of it.

Libra Signature Sign

Being a Libra signature, you have something appealing about you, and individuals are attracted to your charisma. Venus is your ruling planet, and it’s through Venus that your poise and charm show. You obsess about your appearance and prefer to live in a visually pleasing environment.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Scorpio

Scorpio Signature Sign

Scorpio, as your dominant sign, means you are mysterious and complex. You have a mysterious aura about you. Some may either mistrust or be charmed by you. You have a lot of sex appeal in a Scorpio. Once manifested in its fullest form, this sexual drive can be used for incredible artistry or to achieve the ultimate spiritual goal. You’re probably interested in the supernatural.

Scorpio Signature Sign

You aren’t interested in shallow conversation but excel at exploring a little deeper. Pluto, the planet of transition, is your ruling planet. You might well be familiar with barriers and crises due to Pluto, yet it is during the crisis that you find personal growth.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Sagittarius

Sagittarius Signature Sign

If Sagittarius is your signature sign in astrology, you go beyond the boundaries and are ready to learn. Yours is an inquisitive soul who values the pursuit of truth. You exude a warm and light vibe, which reveals why others get pulled to you.

Sagittarius Signature Sign

You have a contagious pleasant vibe that people catch up on. Like a Sagittarius, you are eager to discover the truth. It can be the indication of a learner who grows into a knowledgeable master. Perhaps you are drawn to unfamiliar locations, and nothing excites you more than reading about different cultures and individuals. Jupiter, the planet of fortune and generosity, is your ruling planet.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Capricorn

Capricorn Signature Sign

Capricorn is your ruling sign, with you being driven and persistent. This is your cardinal earth sign, so your sign’s perseverance is unparalleled. The mountain goat is assigned as the symbol for your sign. The mountain goat has incredible stamina and will get to the top of the mountain regardless of the situation.

Capricorn Signature Sign

You might discover that you possess extraordinary endurance. Some may turn towards you as a show of authority and follow in your steps. You are adept at getting tasks done and seeing them through. Saturn, the planet of hardships and retribution, is your ruling planet.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Aquarius

Aquarius Signature Sign

If Aquarius is your ruling sign, you are creative and one-of-a-kind. You truly march to the toot of your horn. You probably have a distinctive and uncommon appearance that draws people’s attention. You are a dominating Aquarius who deviates from the conventional.

Aquarius Signature Sign

You’re imaginative and original, eager to think forwards and embrace new methods of doing things. People respect you because of your distinct personality and charm. Others are drawn to you since you continually come up with fresh ideas. Uranus, the planet of revolution, is your ruling planet.

Signature Sign in Astrology – Pisces

Pisces Signature Sign

If Pisces is your reigning sign, you are sensitive and imaginative. Some are attracted to your wonderful and ephemeral energy because you have a dreamlike sense about you. A domineering Pisces person is an optimist. You have a distinct perspective on the world. You are a dreamer who wishes to envision a future in which we may coexist in peace and love.

Pisces Signature Sign

If things are too difficult, you may well be tempted to modes of escape, choosing to seek a haven in solitude. When you’re at your greatest, you can influence people with your inventiveness and drive for a fairer society. Neptune, the planet of dreams and aspirations is your ruling planet.

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