Sugilite Meaning

Sugilite crystals are fairly recent but welcomed additions to the purple mineral rock gemstone list. Sensitives, psychics and people who enjoy using crystals to connect to higher realms cherish this lovely pink to purple mineral rock.


A sugilite gemstone should have a well-deserved place among the chakra stones of anyone who enjoys exploring the higher realms and keeping their chakras balanced and nicely aligned.


Sugilite rock has been around for a while but it wasn’t actually discovered until 1944. Even then, it didn’t make much of an impact in the world of gemstones and crystals. People didn’t really appreciate it until the 1980’s. Its brief history appealed to New Agers in the ‘80’s. Because it was originally discovered near the end of World War II, it had a strong connection to more peaceful times. This detail made the pink or lilac crystal even more appealing. Sugilite rocks were thought to resonate with the “Age of Aquarius.” Peace-loving New Age people believed the pink or purple mineral rock would only reveal itself or make a connection with people who have peaceful minds. Fortunately, that is not the case, as bringing about the peaceful mind by healing body and mind are suglite benefits at the heart of sugilite meaning.

Sugilite stones were discovered on Iwagi Islet in Japan by Dr. Ken-ichi Sugi. The sugilite rocks he found, however, were tiny, grain-sized, pale tan or yellow-brown pebbles. He catalogued them but they were all but forgotten fairly quickly. The pink sugilite, pale lilac sugilite or red-purple to dark purple sugilite deposits that were found in South Africa in 1979 are the sugilite stones that got the attention of crystal collectors and people who appreciate lovely natural gemstones. We do love our pretty, colorful crystals.

Significant sugilite mineral rock deposits have also been found in Madhya Pradesh, India, New South Wales in Australia, Italy, Quebec in Canada and Tajikistan. Lovely, rare pink sugilite gemstones are found in India. In spite of these additional finds, sugilite gemstones are still considered rare.

Sugilite gemstones are usually opaque. There are translucent sugilite crystals but they are quite rare. The color may be uniform or it can have some veining, blotches or a layered look. They have a waxy or resinous sheen.


Protective, encouraging vibrations are at the root of sugilite meaning. The sugilite properties that this pink or purple mineral rock was believed to possess back in the ‘80’s are still a big part of luvulite or sugilite meaning. These pink/burgundy, purple or lilac crystals, known at that time as luvulite, are crystals of peace and understanding. The New Agers interpreted sugilite meaning accurately.

Sugilite crystal meaning is all about self-empowerment and confidence. These pink or purple mineral rocks are wonderfully protective of sensitive people who tend to pick up on negativity. With the warm, protective vibrations that are such a big part of sugilite stone meaning, sensitives who are easily intimidated can build up their confidence. Sugilite gemstones protect their owner from the disharmony that others can create for others because of their own struggles and unhappiness. Sugilite meaning is rooted in this pink or purple mineral rock’s ability to absorb negative energies, thanks to its high manganese content.

Sugilite color makes a difference as far as its sugilite properties, adding its own special sugilite stone benefits to overall sugilite meaning. Sugilite crystal manganese content, for example, has a big influence on sugilite properties and, by extension, sugilite meaning. Sugilite gemstones with lots of black layers or mottling contain higher amounts of black manganese. This makes them more efficient at relieving physical and emotional pain or discomfort. Such sugilite mineral rocks absorb energy that can actually cause pain, which is a sugilite benefit that goes to the root of sugilite meaning. Sugilite stones have the ability to clear away despair and help you feel more positive when you are feeling discouraged.

Pink sugilite gemstones enhance sugilite meaning with their own special pink sugilite benefits. Dark pink sugilite crystals, like magenta or fuchsia, have strong sugilite powers in the love and romance department. Wearing jewelry adorned with dark pink sugilite crystals helps to attract a kindred spirit while keeping excessive sentimentality in check. The dark pink sugilite crystals are wonderful for cementing a long-term romantic relationship, giving it the strength to persevere through the ups and downs. These lovely dark pink sugilite crystals are excellent for lifting your spirits and giving you a renewed love of life, in keeping with sugilite meaning.

Sugilite gemstone jewelry bolsters the wearer’s sense of love of life and freedom. In accordance with sugilite meaning, it inspires confidence and dispels worries, giving the wearer the feeling that all is well in their world. It gives artists creative inspiration and the confidence to express themselves, in keeping with sugilite meaning.



The spiritual healing properties of sugilite make it one of the most powerful and highly effective crystals, in keeping with sugilite meaning. Dark purple sugilite and the lilac crystals or pale purple sugilite are ideal for calling on the power of the Violet Flame for spiritual purification, cleansing and strengthening. Its wonderful protective sugilite healing properties, in keeping with sugilite stone meaning, protect against negative influences and entities that can be harmful. Spiritual development is accelerated with the help of supportive, protective sugilite properties included in sugilite meaning.

Sugilite crystals are very helpful for those searching their souls or exploring past lives. The sugilite powers at the root of sugilite meaning, keep one safe and protected. Sugilite properties at the heart of sugilite meaning prevent despair and discouragement to ease your healing journey.

Sugilite meaning in Divination states:

Loving someone does not mean you have to accept their bad moods.

Sugilite crystals, with their wonderful Violet Flame sugilite powers, attract Guardian Angels to some people who keep purple sugilite or pink sugilite crystals with them. Following are sugilite colors that can attract a Guardian Angel:

  • Pink sugilite gemstones attract Guardian Angels to those born from November 8 to 12 and from June 1 to 5.
  • Dark purple sugilite stones attract Guardian Angels to those born from January 16 to 20 and July 17 to 22.
  • Medium purple sugilite crystals attract Guardian Angels to those born from February 15 to 19, February 25 to 29, April 26 to 30 and November 23 to 27.
  • Violet sugilite gemstones attract the Guardian Angel Menadel to people born from September 18 to 23.

Sugilite stone imparts fire energy in Feng Shui. When placed at the south end of a room or home, sugilite crystals reinforce and protect your reputation within your family and community. The purple mineral rock infuses the atmosphere with brightness, warmth, activity and enthusiasm. Its Yang energy encourages passionate action and strong emotion, providing an atmosphere that is conducive of new concepts or ideas and passionate sex.

How to use Sugilite:

  • Wear earrings and a necklace adorned with dark purple sugilite or pale purple sugilite. This will keep the wonderfully protective and healing vibrations at the heart of sugilite meaning working for you all day.
  • Hold a sugilite stone mala or prayer beads during your spiritual healing sessions or while praying.
  • Put a dark purple sugilite or pale purple sugilite tumble stone or worry stone in your pocket, purse, wallet or even tucked into your bra to keep its vibrations with you. Take a few quiet moments to yourself and rub the sugilite stone between finger and thumb if you feel the need.
  • Place a sodalite figurine, obelisk or pyramid on a table near where you often sit and on your desk at work.

Cleanse your sugilite crystals every few days by holding them under tepid running water for a few minutes. This will clear out the accumulated negative energies so it can keep working for you. It can be given a thorough cleaning in tepid soapy water with a mild dishwashing liquid if it gets particularly dusty or dirty. Rinse it well and give it a good rub with a clean, absorbent dish towel.


Physical healing properties of sugilite help one comprehend the connection between mind and body, a sugilite benefit in keeping with sugilite crystal meaning. This understanding of how too much stress, a lack of love and emotional unrest effect the physical body enhances one’s ability to see what needs to be done in order to heal. Sugilite healing properties bring balance in the brain hemispheres and nerve centers, in keeping with sugilite meaning. Sugilite benefits impart a sense of calm, reducing fear and tension that can have such a harmful impact on one’s physical health.

Sugilite crystals containing high levels of manganese are wonderful pain relievers. They relieve headaches, arthritis pain, and pain from inflammation. Sugilite properties may also help the physical body fight viruses and reduce inflammation. It is helpful for people undergoing cancer treatment. The sugilite stone benefits at the root of sugilite meaning are conducive to a comprehensive healing treatment for mind and body.

How to use sugilite:

  • Wear jewelry adorned with sugilite gemstones. Earrings, a necklace that holds the sugilite crystal near the throat or heart and hair clips will bathe you in healing vibrations all day.
  • Place a sugilite crystal figurine, obelisk or pyramid in an area where you frequently sit or sleep to keep its soothing vibrations near.
  • Take 7 drops of sugilite elixir 2 times each day, once in the morning and once at bedtime, for 2 weeks. The lovely healing sugilite power will course through your veins for all-over healing.
  • Place a sugilite worry stone on the forehead to relieve a headache or directly on an area that is sore or inflamed to reduce pain and swelling.


Emotional healing properties of sugilite focus on balancing the brain hemispheres to bring balance and harmony to your life, in keeping with sugilite meaning. Sugilite powers are wonderful for emotional healing from the grief and sorrow of losing a loved one. Feelings of hopelessness fall away to make it easier to understand the “big picture” and develop a more positive outlook. The past is put into perspective, helping one to let go and move forward in peace and harmony, a sugilite benefit at the heart of sugilite meaning. Sugilite powers encourage one to let go of jealousy, anger, hostility and prejudice. When these negative emotional influences are removed, peace, harmony and improved emotional health take over for complete emotional healing, in keeping with sugilite meaning.

Sugililite healing properties are helpful for people suffering from a psychiatric problem that involves problems with neurotransmitters. Epilepsy, dyscalculia and dyslexia can be improved with sugilite crystals as well as fine motor functions. Sugilite benefits at the heart of sugilite meaning can be utilized to help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or paranoia. It has even helped people suffering from schizophrenia, Asperger’s syndrome and autism. Sugilite crystals also help people suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders.

How to use sugilite:

  • Keep sugilite healing vibrations working round the clock with sugilite gemstone jewelry.
  • Place a sugilite tumble stone or worry stone beneath your pillow at night.
  • Set a sugilite obelisk, pyramid or figurine on the nightstand.
  • Take a sugilite elixir.


Dark purple sugilite and light purple sugilite are wonderful gemstones for meditation due to sugilite properties at the heart of sugilite meaning. These crystals bring high vibrational Violet Flame energy for deep sugilite meditation. Sugilite energy flows through the body, providing an amazing flow of chi, wisdom and spiritual love, in keeping with sugilite meaning. Sugilite meditation is especially good for emotional, spiritual and physical healing, providing peace, harmony and balance, in keeping with sugilite meaning. Chronic pain in the physical body or mind drains away during sugilite meditation. The realization of one’s life purpose and the ability to accept it in stride are sugilite benefits.

How to do sugilite meditation:

  • Hold a dark purple sugilite or light purple sugilite gemstone, figurine or mala while meditating.
  • Place a sugilite gemstone, figurine, obelisk or pyramid on an altar or table at eye level. Focus on it while doing sugilite meditation.
  • Use purple amethyst along with the sugilite crystal for extra protection and a deeper meditative state that may yield greater wisdom and understanding.


Sugilite gemstones are not traditional birthstones. However, violet sugilite crystals are natural sugilite birthstones for people born from December 21 to January 19.


Sugilite gemstones are zodiac stones for people born under the zodiac sign Pisces. People born under this sign celebrate their birthdays between February 19 and March 20.


Sugilite properties are especially helpful for the crown chakra and heart chakra. Its wonderful vibrations facilitate perfect chakra balance and attunement to universal love, which is no surprise considering all of the sugilite benefits at the heart of sugilite meaning.

How to do sugilite chakra:

  • Place the sugilite gemstone on the crown chakra and heart chakra to get them activated and cleared.

For a complete clearing and balancing of all of your chakras, do a crystal chakra cleansing with appropriate individual chakra crystals. After you finish, sit upright with your chakras in line and place a sugilite gemstone on the top of your head. The sugilite crystal will draw grounding light in through your crown chakra and send it coursing down through all chakras to your root or base chakra, opening, cleansing and balancing all of them. You may need to adjust your posture slightly to align your chakras. Do this until you feel the unfettered flow of energy through all of your chakras.

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