The Master Numbers 

The Master Numbers 

As you may know, in numerology all numbers are reduced down to a single digit. For example, the number 43 is reduced to a 7 (4 + 3 = 7), so the vibration of the number is 7. However there are numbers in Numerology that have unique properties that are not always reduced. They are called Master Numbers; they are 11 and 22.

I know it can be a little confusing, I didn’t understand what a Master Number was until I got a free numerology report. It helped explain what they are and what properties each number has, so today I will explain a bit more about it to you. 

A person who has an Expression or Life Path number that reduces to an 11 or 22 are said to have been given special gifts of high level leadership and inspiration.  However their life might also be challenging and very paradoxical.  They have enormous potential, yet also have a high level of inner tension because of their overwhelming desire to do something extraordinary with their life. 

People born with an 11 or 22 Expression or Life Path number also tend to have challenging childhoods, even though they often go on to create extraordinary lives when they learn to utilize their potential. The vibration of 11 and 22 is more intense, so these people also very often feel a bigger sense of obligation in life and a heightened need for self-discipline.  

In a nutshell, 11’s and 22’s may experience more challenges in life that most, but their higher self’s strong inner drive propels them onto a higher path with great achievements as well. 

Master Number 11 as your Life Path Number

When I received my free numerology reading, I found out that my Life Path number was an 11. Eager to know more, I did a ton of research so I could better understand the unique qualities that an 11 person possesses. If you’re an 11, or know someone who is, this will help you understand who you are on a deeper level. 

Life Path 11’s have an enormous amount of energy and intuition. There is usually so much going on in your psyche that you may have been misunderstood early on in your life, which might have made you shy and even withdrawn. Don’t worry how you’re perceived, remember you have far more potential than you know. Because energy flows so strongly through you it gives you great power, but can also lead to emotional turmoil. 

Because 11’s have heightened intuition they often become inventors, artists, or religious leaders. 

Your great abilities can also make you more self-conscious that the average person, and you may be very critical of yourself. As an 11, remember to be easy on yourself. Your high expectations can sometimes be unrealistic. Don’t let your aspirations get so out of control that is paralyzes you from doing anything. 

It’s not uncommon for you to get confused and feel you have a lack of direction. This can make you lose confidence in yourself, or even become depressed. This is because you may not fully understand your own sensitivity and potential. You have an enormous desire to achieve something great, but your lack of confidence can make that achievement hard to materialize.  Confidence is the key to realizing your potential. 

With that in mind, remember your inner development is the most important thing as an 11. It may seem to the outer world that it’s taking you longer to develop, because they won’t see the growth in you at first. You may need more time to evolve before your successes bear fruit. Sometimes 11’s real success doesn’t come until they’re 35 – 45 years old. 

Master Number 22 as your Life Path Number

If your life path number is 22, you were born under the most powerful, and potentially the more successful of all Life Path numbers. That can feel like a lot to live up to, and it’s good to remember that you must inspire others to join you in your dream. By doing so you will be able to bring together all the necessary elements for success – people, ideas, and resources. 

As a 22 you have a natural tendency toward practicality, yet you also have inspiring vision. Being able to integrate these two seemingly conflicting characteristics is necessary in order for you to realize your full potential. When you develop these talents you will be able to deal effectively with a large variety of people. This in turn will help you to understand and unite many different kinds of people and mobilize them to work for a common goal. In short, you are able to unite the vision and the bottom line. 

You are also good at business and politics, and have the ability to work on an international scale. You have uncommonly sound common sense. You can see the potential in any given idea, and also envision practical ways to bring it to life. You are able to discern what will work and what won’t, which is a great gift. 

You have great ambition, and are driven to accomplish all that you can. You are a steady partner in any relationship, and are able to offer sound advice and emotional support. 

Your strong sense of vision and accomplishment can lead you to try to control people and situations, so make sure you learn to surrender now and then, instead of trying to control everything yourself. You will need to learn to be flexible from time to time. 

In Concolusion

This is only the tip of the iceberg – and for those of you who have different Life Path numbers, you can find out so much more information by getting a free numerology reading. What you find out has the potential to change your life for the better. 



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