Using Crystals For Interior Design At The Office And Around The House

Using Crystals For Interior Design At The Office And Around The House

Crystals aren’t just for meditation and pretty jewelry. They impart benefits, clear negative energy and put out positive vibrations. Instead of simply setting a pretty stone on a shelf in a room at home or a bowl of interesting looking crystals on your desk at work, give some thought to how the crystals will improve the room. You can still select attractive stones that go with the decor, but, if you choose from crystals that will help, you will have a truly functional yet attractive piece of decor.



Crystals of all types, shapes and colors have a place in Feng Shui. Consider using bowls of crystals, stone figurines and crystals in natural shapes to balance the energies in your home or office. This is an ancient art utilized for thousands of years to bring supportive, positive, balanced energy to the home or office. It balances Yin and Yang and provides Universal Life Force energies from all of the natural elements that are so integral to a happy, productive life. It isn’t absolutely necessary to Feng Shui the whole house or office with crystals. If you only want to do one room, or one room at a time, that’s fine, too.

How to use crystals in Feng Shui:

  • Use Earth Energy crystals in the northeast and southwest. These are blue, pink and brown. Some examples of Earth Energy crystals include:
    – Brown, orange and peach aventurine
    – Tiger eye, especially lighter brown varieties
  • Use Fire Energy crystals in the south areas of a home or room. These are generally red. Some examples of Fire Energy crystals include:
    – Garnet
    – Red jasper
  • Use Metal Energy crystals in the northwest and west. These are white or gray crystals. Some examples of Metal Energy crystals include:
    – Silver pyrite
    – Moonstone
  • Use Water Energy crystals in the north. They are blue crystals. Some examples of Water Energy crystals include:
    – Blue labradorite
    – Lapis Lazuli
  • Use Wood Energy crystals in the east and southeast. They are green and brown crystals. Some examples of Wood Energy crystals include:
    – Jade
    – Malachite


Crystals can be great, decorative conversation pieces in the office that quietly serve a purpose. When decorating the office, look for crystals that absorb EMF energy from office equipment and negative, stressful vibes from coworkers.

How to use crystals in the office:

  • Place a bowl of amazonite stones or an obelisk or statue made from amazonite near electronic devices. It blocks and absorbs EMF emissions. It also improves the workplace atmosphere by balancing energy, quelling aggression and encouraging a rational, quiet mind.
  • Set a sodalite crystal, bowl of crystals, pyramid or statuette on your desk and near office equipment. It absorbs and clears EMF emissions and improves communication.


Place some beautiful crystals in the bedrooms on a bedside table or dresser to dispel negativity and impart restful calm energy. Crystals are available in a huge variety of shapes. If you like animal shapes, get those, or maybe you prefer pyramids and obelisks. Crystals in their natural forms are beautiful, too.

How to use crystals in the bedrooms:

  • Put a chunk of selenite or turquoise in bedrooms to dispel negative energy and impart calm, peaceful energy.
  • Set jade crystals or a jade figurine nearby for peace and Divine energy.
  • Place rose quarts hearts or figurines on the nightstand if you sleep with a partner to encourage a more connected, loving relationship.


Don’t feel as though you must adhere to a certain set of rules when decorating your home with crystals. Listen to your instincts. If you are drawn to an amethyst geode that you can visualize in a certain setting in your home, get it. Most people know instinctively which crystals they need.

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