About Us

Who We Are

The Healing Chest is an Astrology, Numerology and Self Help blog that we have built to be a place where you can come and find useful information on life, love and healing. We write quality content that connects with our readers on a deeper level.

Our Mission

To provide insight and guidance that helps people connect with their inner selves and find their true path in life.

Our Vision

To create a community where people can come together to share knowledge and support one another on their journey towards self-discovery.

Life’s an adventure. If you don’t choose the adventurous path than you’re not really living.

Willow Iger

Meet Our CEO & Founder | Tim Coe

Tim has spent the last 20 years exploring different ways to improve himself. He’s tried therapy, meditation, biofeedback – you name it! Through it all, he’s learned one thing: self-improvement is an ongoing journey.

He started a company (The Healing Chest) so that he could share what he’s learned with the world. He hopes that people like him will be able to connect with what he has learned and start their own healing journey.

Tim incorporates astrology, crystals, meditation and therapy into his everyday life. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the journey!