What is Numerology?

The universe is full of mysteries. For thousands of years humans have looked for answers, hoping to unlock some of these mysteries. One way that people have sought to understand this world better is through numbers. Mathematicians from Pythagoras, to Fibonacci, to Isaac Newton have tried to make sense of the mechanics of our universe … Read more

Types of Numerology Numbers

Numerology is an ancient art that studies the energy of numbers, and how they affect your life. A numerologist can determine your personality traits, your relationships, as well as your future life path. In this post we will discuss about the Numerology Numbers and what they say about you. All you have to do is … Read more
Meaning of 999

The Meaning of 999

As you probably already know, seeing numbers in sequence can be a sign, a message from the Universe that you need to listen to. That’s what brought you to this page, right? But what do each of these numbers mean?  Numerology, the study of the metaphysical properties of numbers, has been around for thousands of … Read more

The Meaning of 555

Have you been noticing the number combination 555 appearing in your life recently? The Angel Number 555 meaning is an important one.  Seeing certain numbers frequently is one way the universe communicates with you – read on to find out what it’s trying to say.  The Meaning of 555 Lots of Changes Because the number … Read more

The Meaning of 444

You may not think anything of it the first time you see a number in sequence, such as 444. You might just barely register it. But then you see it again. And again. You notice it on the side of a bus. You check the time at 4:44 several days in a row. You’re called … Read more

The Meaning of 333

When a number sequence continually shows up in your life, it means the Universe is trying to tell you something. It’s up to you to recognize the Divine guidance so you can receive the message and use it to steer your life in the direction that serves your highest good.  333 is a number that … Read more

The Meaning of 222

Have you been noticing the number 222 popping up in your life frequently? You might see it on a clock, a billboard, or on TV. If you see a sequence of 2’s every day, the Universe is trying to tell you something! The Universe frequently communicates with us all, but sometimes we don’t realize it’s … Read more

The Meaning of 111

If you have been seeing 111 everywhere you look, it’s a definite sign from the Universe. Angels and the Universe communicate to us all in many ways; one of those ways is through numbers.  When you notice that 111 keeps popping up around you, rest assured you are receiving a message. The angel number 111 … Read more

The Master Numbers 

The Master Numbers  As you may know, in numerology all numbers are reduced down to a single digit. For example, the number 43 is reduced to a 7 (4 + 3 = 7), so the vibration of the number is 7. However there are numbers in Numerology that have unique properties that are not always … Read more

The History of Numerology

The History of Numerology Numerology has been around for thousands of years, and has played a significant role in many cultures. There are early written records of numerology in Egypt and Babylon, and there is evidence of its use in Rome, Japan, China, and Greece. Where it first appeared is the subject of much debate, … Read more

Numerology and Your Address

Numerology and Your Address Did you know that numerology can tell you if you’re living in the right home? That’s right, the numbers in your address bring certain energies to your home, and those energies can have a profound effect on your well-being. They can set the tone for your living space, so it’s important … Read more

Numerology and the Bible

Numerology and the Bible You probably don’t associate Numerology with the Christian Bible, but believe it or not, numbers play a significant role in Christianity. There are several numbers that come up over and over in the Bible. Some consider these numbers to be very significant, and study them to gain additional knowledge about the … Read more

Becoming a certified hypnotist

Become a certified hypnotist If you’d like to learn more about hypnosis, or become a certified hypnotist, there are many good programs available to help you. There are so many benefits to learning how to hypnotize yourself and others. There are documented studies that validate how hypnosis can aid in pain relief, lower stress levels, … Read more