Crystal healing for a broken heart

Crystal Healing For A Broken Heart

Healing crystals sooth and comfort you while your broken heart mends. They also help speed up the healing process. Wear them, sleep with them, hold them and meditate with them to mend your broken heart and lift your spirits.


Natural gemstones resonate, producing healing vibrations. They can absorb negative energies from you and others while they emanate soothing, calming vibrations. There are a variety of crystals that will help reduce your emotional pain and trauma to comfort you while you heal. Choose gemstones that appeal to you. It is surprising how the mind and spirit guide you to select exactly what you need. Trust your instincts.

  • Amazonite is a lovely pale green to blue-green crystal that is excellent for healing a broken heart. Its vibrational energies provide emotional balance and rational perceptions for a healthier state of mind. This gemstone will help you forgive and let go of jealousy and resentment so you can heal more quickly. Wear amazonite jewelry. Necklaces and earrings will keep the healing crystals near your heart, throat and head – the three areas most involved in healing a broken heart. Sleep with amazonite under your pillow or on your nightstand to facilitate healing while you sleep. Keep an amazonite worry stone or tumble stone with you during the day. When you begin to feel emotionally overwhelmed, take 5 minutes of quiet time while you rub the stone between your finger and thumb. This will calm and strengthen you to help you get through your day.
  • Aquamarine crystals sooth and heal emotional trauma while they impart harmony, hope and peace. They also have an uncanny way of helping you deal with some deeper, unpleasant truths that might be part of the reason for your broken heart. Aquamarine helps you work through your emotions. It can help you resolve disagreements with loved ones without anger and fear. Wearing an aquamarine necklace and earrings will help calm and sooth you throughout the day. Keep an aquamarine worry stone or tumble stone in your pocket to hold and calm yourself during especially difficult times throughout the day.
  • Labradorite gemstones lift your spirits while they encourage self-empowerment and independence. These lovely, iridescent crystals encourage faith, trust, patience and respect for yourself and others. Light blue labradorite is especially useful when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. It will help you let go of the past, which is an integral part of healing a broken heart. Wear a labradorite necklace and earrings to keep the crystal’s healing vibrations near your heart, throat and head. Keep a labradorite tumble stone or worry stone in a breast pocket or tucked in your bra during the day.


Hold any of these healing crystals while meditating to sooth and comfort your heart and mind. Placing any of them on your heart and throat chakra during meditation will clear and heal these chakras. This is an important part of healing a broken heart. Your heart and throat chakras are deeply affected by a broken heart.

Take a deep breath in and let go of your emotional pain and anger as you exhale. Feel the negative, hurtful feeling and bad energies leave you while you expel your breath. Focus on positive emotions and feelings as you inhale. Just before you finish each session, focus on love for yourself, for another then for the universe. This last part will be difficult at first but you will be amazed by how much it helps you heal and feel love for yourself and

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