Tiger Eye Meaning

The aptly named golden-brown tiger eye is all about the tiger. Its appearance, benefits and tiger eye meaning are deeply entrenched in the beautiful colors and behavior of this amazing animal. Tiger eye powers and beauty have been treasured for centuries, beginning with ancient Romans and continuing to this day.


Tiger eye stone history dates back thousands of years to when the golden-brown quartz was carved into amulets and talismans worn by ancient Roman soldiers. Tiger eye meaning has remained steadfast from the beginning.

Tiger eye was believed to help one remain calm and courageous, stay focused and persevere. These tiger eye benefits are at the heart of tiger eye meaning.

Tiger eye meaning is connected to the “flash” that one can see when a tiger eye gemstone is tilted in the right direction. This flash was believed to be similar to the flash one sees in a tiger’s eye when prey catches the big cat’s attention. Because of this, the golden-brown quartz was believed to impart the unwavering focus and determination of a tiger, which are a large part of tiger eye meaning.

The tiger eye gemstone “flash” was also believed to be distracting to the opponent of a warrior or soldier. It was believed to make it more difficult for the warrior’s or soldier’s opponent to see him well enough to make an accurate shot. This tiger eye power of protection made the amulets and talismans invaluable to ancient Roman soldiers.

This golden-brown mineral rock is affiliated with war in another way due to its tiger eye color. It is believed to appease the Egyptian Goddess of War Sekhmet. The golden-brown quartz is said to impart the strength of the lion which was the source of strength for Sekhmet. It is thought to bring power and strength when placed on an outdoor alter devoted to her at 12:00 p.m.

Tiger eye, also called tiger’s eye or tigers eye, is a type of macrocrystalline or fibrous quartz that forms from crocidolite when quartz crystals become embedded within it. Crocidolite is actually a type of asbestos. As the quartz crystals develop, the crocidolite dissolves away but the fibrous shapes remain. The “flash” is due to chatoyancy. This is what causes a tiger eye gemstone to have a slightly different appearance, depending on the viewing angle.

Northern Cape Province in South Africa and Thailand are the two main sources of tiger eye today. However, the golden-brown mineral rock is also mined in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Korea, Myanmar, Namibia and Spain as well as some areas of the United States.


Tiger eye meaning is based on the big cat for which it is named. While many believe tiger eye was so named only due to its resemblance to the big cat’s eye, this is actually not the case. In fact, a tiger’s eye does not have a pupil that elongates vertically like a cat’s eye. A tiger’s pupil actually remains round.

Others think tiger eye meaning is based on a tiger’s stripes, which could be considered similar to the striped coloration of the tiger eye gemstone. Even though this makes sense, tiger eye color is not the only thing at the root of tiger eye meaning. The tiger’s behavior is what is actually at the heart of the stone’s name and tiger eye meaning.

In spite of the golden-brown striped coloration of tiger eye gemstones, the “flash” or chatoyancy was the dominant factor in tiger eye meaning, as far as its appearance’s influence on its name goes.

Tiger eye meaning is, for the most part, about the behavior of the tiger. The golden-brown quartz is believed to impart unwavering focus. Tigers in pursuit focus in on their prey and never lose this focus. This is one of the tiger eye powers at the heart of tiger eye meaning. It is said to impart this same unwavering focus.

The tiger has infinite patience. It will wait steadfastly until the time is right for it to begin the unwavering pursuit of its prey. This is one of the tiger eye stone benefits that is included in tiger eye meaning. It is believed to impart the patience of the tiger, giving one a greater ability to wait and the insight and clear focus to recognize when the time is right.

Tigers persevere, never giving up on the pursuit of their prey. This is believed to be another tiger eye benefit included in tiger eye meaning. They are determined animals that will persevere until they have what they are after. This determination and ability to persevere are imparted by tiger eye stones.

A tiger only hunts and kills what he needs to eat. He does not abuse his power or take more than he needs. Tiger eye gemstones impart this fair balance, squelching one’s propensity for over-spending while it attracts money and property. This is another of the tiger eye powers at the root of tiger eye meaning.

Tigers live in harmony with nature, using their impressive power only when needed. Tiger eye meaning includes this sense of harmony and balance. Tiger eye gemstones impart this balance and harmony by helping one to think clearly without anxiety or fear.



The spiritual healing properties of tiger eye lie within its Golden Ray vibration. This tiger eye power imparts compassion, grace and unconditional love, benefits included in tiger eye meaning. It will facilitate communication with the beings of the Golden Light who may provide guidance needed to align future endeavors with Divine Will.

Calming tiger eye properties facilitate this communication by allowing one to participate without anxiety or fear, in keeping with tiger eye meaning. The ability to think clearly with unwavering focus will provide a better understanding of one’s path. Tiger eye powers are particularly helpful for determining how one can become a helpful force in the world.

Gemstones that have a more golden tiger eye color are believed to impart a deeper sense of commitment and devotion. They facilitate mature enthusiasm, a desire for lifelong commitment and unconditional love.

Tiger eye powers are especially helpful for spiritual healing when problems stem from a conflict between one’s emotions and true inner path. This benefit is connected to the balance and harmony included in tiger eye meaning.

Tiger eye is the chosen gemstone of the Dalai Lama’s personal mala. It is believed to be a strong power stone, in keeping with tiger eye meaning.

How to use tiger eye:

  • Hold a tiger eye gemstone or worry stone while praying or meditating.
  • Use a tiger eye mala or prayer beads.

Tiger eye is a fire energy in Feng Shui. Its Yang energy supports activity, brightness, enthusiasm, illumination and warmth. Place tiger eye rock in the south end of a room or home. It will bring passion to concepts, emotions and sex. Use tiger eye in moderation, though, as it can be a destructive force when used excessively.


Tiger eye healing properties in the area of physical healing are believed to be beneficial for broken bones. Its ability to impart strength, in keeping with tiger eye meaning, may be the source of its bone-healing benefit.

The healing properties of tiger eye are also believed to facilitate recovery from neck and spinal problems. Its ability to impart strength and balance, in keeping with tiger eye meaning, may be the source of its perceived abilities to heal in these areas. Sinus congestion and vision problems may also be relieved by tiger eye rock.

Tiger eye is believed to help balance metabolism and energy levels, in keeping with tiger eye meaning. It may also help to clear toxins from the body.

How to use tiger eye:

  • Wear tiger eye jewelry that places the golden-brown mineral rock near the affected area.
  • Hold a tiger eye gemstone on the affected area.
  • Carry a tiger eye stone in a pocket to keep its healing vibrations near the body.


Emotional tiger eye healing properties stem from its ability to impart clearer, more balanced thinking while relieving anxiety and fear. Tiger eye properties supply energy but keep one calm.

People with Attention Deficit Disorder may be helped with tiger eye. Its ability to impart focus, determination and perseverance, as supported by tiger eye meaning, makes it especially helpful in this area.

Tiger eye powers of balance and harmony, in keeping with tiger eye meaning, aid emotional healing by revealing both sides of the problem. It actually facilitates integrated use of both sides of the brain, reducing scattered energy or thinking. Thought processes are clear and focused for easier emotional healing.

Tiger eye is believed to help fight addictive behaviors. It may minimize cravings for foods and addictive substances.

How to use tiger eye:

  • Wear tiger eye jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings that hold the golden-brown quartz near the head.
  • Keep a tiger eye worry stone nearby or in a pocket at all times.
  • Hold a tiger eye rock for stronger assistance in difficult times throughout the day.
  • Place a tiger eye pyramid, sphere or obelisk nearby for a continuous supply of tiger eye benefits.


This golden-brown quartz is ideal for tiger eye meditation. Using tiger eye stone in meditation may help bring an increased flow of money along with the level-headedness to resist excessive spending. These are tiger eye benefits supported by tiger eye meaning.

Tiger eye meditation can help bring other desires and goals to fruition as well. A golden tiger eye gemstone inspires deep commitment, devotion and unconditional love.

Tiger eye is a very good grounding stone. It will help keep one grounded while pursuing contact and communication within the golden light.

How to use tiger eye:

  • Hold a tiger eye gemstone while meditating.
  • Place a tiger eye obelisk or pyramid nearby or on a meditation alter.
  • Wear tiger eye jewelry.


Dark golden tiger eye color makes it a natural birthstone for people born between July 22 and August 21. Tiger eye is not, however, a traditional birthstone for anybody.


The tiger eye birthstone belongs to those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. People born between December 22 and January 19 are Capricorns. This zodiac sign is represented by the goat. Tiger eye gemstones will impart all of the benefits included in tiger eye meaning to the people born under this zodiac sign.


Tiger eye stone benefits make it especially useful for the lower chakras in tiger eye chakra. The golden-brown quartz works well with the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Balance and harmony imparted by this stone, as supported by tiger eye crystal meaning, make it well-suited to these chakras.

Tiger eye gemstones give off a strong vibration of the will, as supported by tiger eye stone meaning. This is the solar plexus chakra’s primary energy. This chakra is the power chakra. Using tiger eye in this area may help bring out latent psychic powers. These powers may also be awakened when tiger eye is used with the Third Eye chakra, even though the golden-brown quartz is not ordinarily associated with this chakra.

Use of tiger eye rock at the root or base chakra is very beneficial due to its grounding tiger eye properties. It will bring a centered, calm state of mind, in keeping with tiger eye stone meaning. Tiger eye properties help pull together scattered energies that can result in feeling spaced out. A better ability to honor commitments and accomplish tasks will be brought about with tiger eye, all of which supports tiger eye crystal meaning. Tiger eye gemstones that are more golden will impart a masculine energy which can provide better balance and harmony.

The use of tiger eye at the navel or sacral chakra will facilitate the manifestation of one’s deepest desires. It will also bolster one’s creative energy, as supported by tiger eye meaning.

How to use tiger eye:

  • Wear tiger eye rings and bracelets that will keep the golden-brown quartz near the lower chakras.
  • Wear a belt with a tiger eye belt buckle.
  • Keep a tiger eye gemstone in a pants, skirt or dress pocket for tiger eye benefits throughout the day.
  • Place tiger eye gemstones on these chakras while lying down.

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