Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite is an extremely ancient gemstone that has been prized for its beauty and healing powers for many centuries. This pale green mineral rock has been carved into statues, amulets and gemstones for jewelry and has had important texts carved on it in times long passed. Amazonite is still appreciated to this day for all of its uses, benefits and beauty.


Amazonite mineral rock has an extremely long and storied history that is at the heart of amazonite meaning. Amazonite rock was treasured by the people of pre-Columbian South and Central America. The pale green mineral rock is believed to have been treasured as far back as the 10th century BC. According to legend, the warrior women of the ancient Amazon tribe in Brazil used amazonite stones to adorn their shields, cure illnesses and heal wounds, uses that are all at the heart of amazonite stone meaning. It is believed they gave a piece of amazonite rock to the men who visited them.

Conquistadors adorned themselves in amazonite gemstones. They also appreciated how easy it was to carve the pale green mineral rock into various shapes.

Ancient Egyptians carved Chapter Seven, The Judgment of Osiris, of the Book of the Dead onto slabs of amazonite rock and adorned themselves in jewelry made from amazonite stones. They believed amazonite stones were a symbol of fertility and good luck. They carved amazonite stones into amulets that were thought to strengthen one’s reproductive abilities, one of the amazonite benefits at the root of amazonite meaning. A scarab ring and a number of other objects carved from green amazonite were found with the treasures of Tutankhamen.

The third stone adorning the breastplate worn by the Jewish High Priest is believed to have been an amazonite gemstone.

Amazonite, also referred to as “The Amazon Stone,” was named after the Amazon River in South America. It is believed to have been discovered at the Amazon River Basin in Brazil. However, there are no longer any deposits of this pale green mineral rock found in the Amazon River Basin area. Amazonite is present in other parts of Brazil, though. Amazonite rock is also found in Colorado and Virginia in the United States, Australia and Madagascar.

Amazonite stone is sometimes called Colorado jade or Pikes Peak jade because of its resemblance to jade. Amazonite color is very similar to jade. It is usually pale green but can sometimes be blue-green, turquoise or yellow-green. Amazonite rock can also have white streaks.


Amazonite stone meaning is strongly connected to its soothing pale green amazonite color. Green amazonite has a calming effect on the soul and spirit. Amazonite meaning is also reflective of the bold and powerful women of the ancient Amazon tribe. Amazonite rock imparts balance and harmony, calms aggression, makes the irrational more rational and quiets the mind, amazonite stone benefits which are all at the heart of amazonite meaning.

Amazonite stone is also referred to as a Stone of Truth and Stone of Courage, well-earned monikers based in amazonite meaning. Amazonite rock is empowering, facilitating self-discovery, self-awareness and the ability to embrace one’s own integrity and truths. Amazonite powers bolster the confidence to shrug off fear of confrontation or harsh judgment from others while living according to one’s own values and beliefs, all of which is included in amazonite meaning.

Amazonite rocks impart the strength to confidently express feelings and thoughts which supports amazonite meaning. Amazonite properties facilitate the setting of clear, firm boundaries for oneself and others and strengthens the resolve needed to hold fast when these boundaries are challenged. These amazonite benefits are all connected to the heart of amazonite meaning.

A balance of feminine to masculine energy is facilitated by amazonite power. Amazonite benefits that go back to the heart of amazonite meaning. Compassion is awakened by this pale green mineral rock as well as the ability to think rationally. This compassionate, rational way of thinking enhances relationships with others due to the resulting ability to see both sides of any issue and appreciate a different point of view.

Amazonite powers enhance romantic relationships with their ability to facilitate compassionate, rational thinking, in keeping with amazonite meaning. The pale green mineral rock can facilitate the establishment of a new romantic relationship. Amazonite also strengthens marriages with all of the amazonite benefits at the heart of amazonite meaning.

The amazonite stone benefits at the root of amazonite meaning make it an excellent communication stone. Amazonite powers facilitate calm, rational communication by quelling overly-emotional feelings and holding irrational thoughts in check.



Amazonite rock facilitates spiritual healing through its ability to impart a balanced, rational perception of personal truths. Intellect and intuition are balanced by amazonite powers while spiritual exploration and healing take place. This balance, in keeping with amazonite meaning, provides a healthier state of mind and more realistic, rational perceptions. Spiritual beliefs and belief in oneself are made stronger with the strength imparted by amazonite stone. Personal truths are more easily understood and accepted while communication concerning these truths is made easier.

Amazonite properties are beneficial for people who are having trouble finding themselves and their spirituality. They support rational contemplation of personal truths and belief and provide gentle guidance to help people discover knowledge and abilities. Amazonite benefits in spiritual healing are all rooted in amazonite meaning.

Spiritual healing in the areas of love and forgiveness are particularly supported with amazonite, as indicated by amazonite meaning. Working on letting go of anger, jealousy and resentment is made easier with the use of amazonite stone.

How to use amazonite:

  • Use an amazonite wrist mala or prayer beads.
  • Sleep with an amazonite gemstone beneath the pillow or an amazonite pyramid, obelisk or statue on the bedside table to take advantage of amazonite benefits through dreams.
  • Wear amazonite gemstones and beads for spiritual strength, in keeping with amazonite meaning, throughout the day.
  • Hold an amazonite worry stone.

In Divination, it is believed that dreaming of amazonite at night will help one remain calm and feel peaceful throughout the day. A belief that is based in amazonite meaning.

Guardian angels may form a stronger connection with their people when they wear turquoise amazonite:

  • Those who celebrate their birthday between March 21 and 25 should wear light turquoise amazonite to strengthen their connection to Vehuiah or Vehujah.
  • People born between July 12 and 16 or August 23 and 28 can wear amazonite in any shade of turquoise to strengthen their connection to Melahel or Lecabel, respectively.
  • Those born between February 20 and 24 should wear dark turquoise amazonite to form a greater bond with Eiael.

Amazonite stone provides water energy in Feng Shui. Amazonite obelisks, pyramids, eggs or even a small bowl of tumblestones will impart quiet strength, stillness and purification. Water energy in Feng Shui is about the energy of the circle of life, career and life path. Place the amazonite at the northern end of a room or home.


Physical healing properties of amazonite are believed to be beneficial in every aspect of physical healing. Amazonite properties are thought to enhance cell regeneration and healing from injury as well as illness. Nervous system disorders and blockage of neural impulses are thought to be helped with the use of amazonite. Problems located in the throat and thyroid area are also believed to be reduced by amazonite healing, an amazonite power at the heart of amazonite meaning.

Metabolic imbalances that interfere with calcium absorption may be rectified by amazonite healing properties. This is an amazonite benefit that is strongly rooted in amazonite meaning. Hair loss, brittle hair and brittle nails are believed to be strengthened by amazonite.

Rashes, blisters and acne may be reduced and heal more quickly as a result of amazonite healing properties. Amazonite is believed to prevent infections, heal blistered skin and calm rashes.

Pain from gout, rheumatism and osteoarthritis may be reduced by the healing properties of amazonite.

How to use amazonite:

  • Wear amazonite beads, either beaded necklaces or bracelets.
  • Wear amazonite earrings to keep the pale green mineral rock near the throat.
  • Rub areas affected by gout, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and skin irritations with amazonite stone.
  • Amazonite elixir may be taken internally to help remedy health problems. It is believed to be especially helpful for calcium deficiency. A common dosage is 7 drops 3 times each day.


Healing properties of amazonite pave the way for emotional healing with the soothing and strengthening elements at the heart of amazonite meaning. Recovery from emotional wounds due to trauma is greatly facilitated by the use of amazonite. With its soothing, calming amazonite powers, one can more easily deal with events that caused the emotional trauma. The less emotional, more rational frame of mind that is imparted by amazonite benefits, as supported by amazonite meaning, allows one to maintain a balanced perspective for swift recovery. Continued use of amazonite can help prevent relapse due to exposure to triggers that one may encounter during everyday life.

Amazonite properties reduce the likelihood of unwarranted aggression while supporting a better emotional balance. Calming amazonite powers reduce aggressiveness to help one cope with stresses in a more rational, productive way, in keeping with benefits at the heart of amazonite meaning.

Emotional healing properties of amazonite help raise self-esteem while reducing the tendency to neglect one’s own needs. This amazonite benefit is especially effective for women, which supports amazonite meaning. Amazonite stone facilitates the rational, calm communication skills that empower one to make a point and set firm, appropriate boundaries. These amazonite benefits, calm rational thought and strength, are deeply rooted at the heart of amazonite meaning. Amazonite powers help one set the boundaries necessary for healthy, supportive relationships.

How to use amazonite:

  • Wear amazonite earrings and necklaces to keep the amazonite gemstones near the head and throat.
  • Carry an amazonite worry stone in a pocket when going out of the house. Hold the stone for calm, soothing energy during especially stressful times.


Amazonite meditation imparts a sharp awareness of events, oneself and others. As a stone of truth, amazonite mineral rock encourages truth in the perception of all things, in keeping with amazonite meaning. Amazonite meditation allows one to have faith in the accuracy of dreams, visions and intuitions. The truth in anything revealed during meditation can be trusted while meditating with amazonite, a benefit that goes back to the heart of amazonite crystal meaning.

Amazonite reveals the spiritual dimension as well as the world of chaos, facilitating the controlled crossing of all boundaries. Amazonite allows one to meditate in harmonious balance, in keeping with amazonite meaning, and easily return to center. These amazonite powers make living in the duality of the spiritual realm and the chaotic world much more manageable.

How to use amazonite:

  • Hold an amazonite gemstone or worry stone in one hand while meditating.
  • Incorporate amazonite in a meditation grid. The mental clarity grid utilizes amazonite for the Way Stones but other configurations for different types of grids work well, too.
  • Set an amazonite pyramid or obelisk nearby at a level even with the head and neck while meditating.


Amazonite stones are not traditional birthstones. However, turquoise amazonite birthstones are natural birthstones for people born from March 20 to April 19. Turquoise amazonite birthstones impart balance and discovery to those born during this time. Vibrations given off by turquoise amazonite provide stability and a healthy equilibrium when worn as a natural birthstone.


Amazonite gemstones are the traditional and modern birthstones for people born under the zodiac sign Virgo. People born under this sign celebrate their birthdays between August 23 and September 22. Virgo is represented by the sign of the virgin on the zodiac wheel.

People born under the zodiac signs Leo and Aries are particularly drawn to amazonite stone. Leos celebrate their birthday between July 23 and August 22 while Aries celebrate their birthday between March 21 and April 19.

Amazonite powers can be especially helpful for Scorpios who are suffering from depression. People born under the sign of Scorpio celebrate their birthday between October 23 and November 21.


Amazonite healing properties are especially useful to the heart and throat chakra. The balancing amazonite properties at the heart of amazonite crystal meaning make balancing these chakras and removing blockages a breeze.

The green crystal energy that emanates from amazonite is highly attuned to the heart chakra. A more rational understanding of one’s emotions and needs, as supported by amazonite meaning, can be gained from amazonite chakra.

The throat chakra is the pressure valve that controls the flow of energy between the chakras. A balanced throat chakra is integral to the health, alignment and balance of all chakras. Amazonite properties are highly attuned to the throat chakra as the stone of truth, as supported by amazonite meaning. Healthy communication stems from a balanced, unblocked throat chakra. Amazonite that is more blue or blue-green is especially useful for the throat chakra. Darker blue amazonite encourages more truthfulness while lighter blue amazonite imparts more balance, flexibility and relaxation.

How to use amazonite:

  • Wear amazonite bead necklaces or amazonite gemstone earrings to benefit the throat chakra.
  • Wear an amazonite pendant that holds the gemstone close to the heart chakra at the center of the breastbone.
  • Place amazonite stones on the throat and heart chakra or include them in a body grid in these areas while lying flat.

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