Amber Meaning

Amber is one of the better known and easily recognized crystals, and most people are aware that it is formed through the solidification of resin from an ancient form of pine tree. It occurs in a variety of colors, the most common being a deep orange/brown.


We commonly use the term “amber” when describing this color. The stone has overtones of warmth, solidity, earthiness and a strong connection with the natural world both mineral and vegetable.


Amber has played an important part in human history for thousands of years. It is comparatively rare, being washed up on certain coast lines by the sea, most notably in Eastern Europe where lucky beachcombers can still stumble upon pieces of this beautiful stone. In addition to its rarity, Amber was prized by early humans for other properties: it is warm to the touch, light in weight, carves easily and also ignites easily. It becomes electrically charged when rubbed and soon came to be recognized by early civilizations for its many healing properties, medicinal and magical powers. It is indeed an enchanting stone, although not technically a crystal at all. Being formed directly from the living essence of trees through the action of sunlight and air, the energies of the stone are remarkably insistent and can be very comforting. Prehistoric trade routes were often defined by Amber, also called the “gold of the north”.

In ancient times Amber was connected with Pine trees and the sun. It emits a smell reminiscent of pine when heated, and most likely did originate from a now extinct species of the tree. It was known amongst the ancient Greeks as “elektron” meaning the sun/energy, no doubt because of its warm yellow color, and its ability to draw substances to itself like a magnet when rubbed. Not surprisingly, this is the root of our word “electricity”. Amber is a mixture of hydrocarbons composed of a mixture of plant materials, resin and a volatile oil. The function of resin within the tree is to protect and heal. The gum like substance is exuded in order to cover areas of the tree where infection from fungi or insects may set in, such as a damaged or broken branch. It is easy to see the link made by early civilizations to the healing properties of the resin in regard to human ailments.


Amber has been portrayed over time as variously drops of the sun, gold of the sea, hardened honey and tears of the gods. It has long been regarded as a talisman for protection and renewal and is still made into jewelry of exquisite beauty, making it very easy to wear on almost any part of the body. It is neither crystal nor mineral, making it a rarity among gemstones as it is a biological product of nature. The marvelous life force it embodies makes it a very powerful healing tool in both spiritual and physical healing interventions. Some of the emotional or spiritual issues it can benefit are the attuning to ancient wisdom, past life regression, stimulation of memory, activating cell memory for healing, clearing family or historical karma and easing feelings of grief, betrayal and fear.

The shape of many stones has initiated a connection to tears, which makes it the natural choice for many who wish to healing sadness or melancholia, including feelings of depression and anxiety. Because of its natural vitality, and its strong links to the life force of nature it has long been associated with honoring the dead in funeral rites. Amber is traditionally known as a protective stone for children and is believed to be beneficial in alleviating teething pain in infants when worn as beads around the neck. This practice is not now recommended, for obvious reasons, but a piece of amber can be safely rubbed around the mouth, ears and chin of young children, or sewn into clothing at the neckline to achieve the same effect.

Historically, Amber has been uses in the preparation of elixirs by mixing it, in its ground, powdered, form, with honey and oil. These are then used to treat such conditions as upset stomachs, asthma, wounds and infections, gout, rheumatism and epilepsy.



Spiritually, Amber is associated primarily with the solar plexus and sacral energy centers making it a very useful stone to incorporate into any sessions designed to activate and cleanse these chakras. We hold emotions in our solar plexus, which is situated between the navel and the breast bone, and any form of upset will manifest in post people as an immediate tightening in this area. You will feel the emotion “in your gut” if you are feeling threatened in any way, especially emotionally or spiritually. The sacral area, sometimes known as the water and/or sexual center is easily thrown out of balance if we are heading for a urinary infection or a disorder affecting the reproductive organs. The signs will always appear first in the etheric body and if we are able to recognize them we can take preventative measures to either avoid the threatened disorder or at least ameliorate its effects.

The solar plexus is also the site of many unwanted psychic cords or attachments, to other people or to destructive habits and thought patterns. Clearing the solar plexus, with the help of a therapist or a self – healing ritual will result in a feeling of lightness as you begin to untangle your spiritual body from the webs and cords that may be keeping you stuck in a place that is no longer serving your higher self. Amber, with its connections to ancient wisdom and the knowledge of our ancestral genes, can be a valuable tool if you wish to explore your past experiences. Because of its inherent vitality Amber is also an excellent tool for use in contacting interdimensional or angelic beings, nature spirits and elementals.

The Archangels most often associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakras are Uriel and Raphael. Uriel will help you to clear blockages that may be holding you back from acknowledging and expressing your own spiritual strength and power, whilst Raphael is the healer who will aid in relieving you from physical and spiritual discomfort. Any fears, troubles or problems you may have that are connected with your own sense of yourself as a sexual being can be alleviated and safely explored if you call upon these Angels during meditation or healing sessions.


There are many benefits to be had from using amber to treat the symptoms and causes of some physical ailments. Because it is a natural purifier, like the crystal amethyst, it has long been esteemed for its ability to absorb negative vibrations from the cells of the body. It is often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to draw out stagnant Chi and to clear blockages in the meridians carrying Chi around the body. For this reason it can be helpful in stimulating tissue healing and regeneration and as an aid to a detoxification program.

Amber is an excellent balancing stone and can be placed directly over the site of a wound or injury to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms as well as acting as an overall cleanser and balancer for the chakra system when placed over the thymus gland in the throat.

In the context of physical healing Amber is believed to be especially helpful in supporting the organs of the spleen, liver, kidneys and gall bladder.


Amber can be used to bring balance and stability to our emotions, and to provide the necessary calm atmosphere for examining the causes of our emotional distress. To use Amber in this way it is necessary to create the necessary space in which to relax and to reach a state of mental quiet. Hold or wear an Amber stone and place your awareness into the piece while you concentrate solely on the breath entering and leaving your body. Do this for as long as it takes to allow anxiety to lessen and calm thoughts to take over. When you reach this state you are then able to examine the cause of your emotional turmoil in a compassionate but more detached state, which is incredibly helpful when you are searching for the right course of action. Remain detached from the issue as you continue to breathe, gaze at the stone or rub the piece in your hand in a soothing, rhythmic way. Emotional issues such as grief at the loss of a loved one cannot be rationalized away, but the state of gentle compassion you can bring to your own body and thoughts by doing this exercise will help you to manage the feelings until time inevitably dulls the emotional pain.

Amber helps with conditions such as depression and anxiety by enabling us to see a way forward. Its empowering nature, and the vitality of its vibrations will help to set boundaries and enable us to accept that it is safe to acknowledge our own needs and to be powerful in our own compassionate way with others. The bright, clear energy and warmth of Amber helps to promote a cheerful outlook and can be used very effectively when you are engaged in transmuting your dreams and desires into reality.


Amber is an excellent stone to use when clearing your space for meditation as it draws to itself all negative energies and vibrations. Use the stone as focus in meditation to heighten your sense of connection to Earth and to help to keep you grounded. It provides a wonderful tool for exploring issues of family karma, negative influences from the past and interference in the present.

As a love crystal Amber is a symbol of beauty and a talisman for attracting lasting love.

Gaze upon the Light within an Amber crystal in meditation as a way of strengthening your connection to the higher realms.


Amber in its golden or yellow form is the natural birthstone of those born between April 20th and May 21st.


Taurus is the zodiac sign that takes Amber as its stone. It is a grounded and earthy sign that aligns itself naturally with the life force and vibration of the fossilized resin of Amber.


Because Amber is associated with the Sacral Chakra it is a useful stone to use if you wish to treat sexual issues. It “electrifies” desire and can a useful aid in the treatment of male impotence and sexual frigidity. It helps to clear any fears connected with sexuality by balancing the Sacral chakra and clearing blockages in the flow of energy through the chakra system. In conjunction with its effect upon the Solar Plexus chakra this will help to balance the entire system. The light, bright energy inherent in Amber can help to stimulate a sluggish energy system, bringing vitality and joy to those who have “fallen out of love” with any aspect of their lives.

When we cleanse the Solar Plexus chakra we do ourselves a great service, as this is the center that governs gut feelings and intuition. Lie on your back and place a piece of Amber over the Solar Plexus. Watch it rise and fall as you practice deep abdominal breathing, then visualize a pure Amber light coming up from the earth’s center, traveling through your feet, legs and hips then settling in the center of your body. Breathe in love, breathe out negativity and fear, imagining that droplets of golden water or dust are entering your center through the Solar Plexus. This will give you a wonderful feeling of renewal and calm. It is in effect a “spring clean” for your energy system and brings many benefits, both spiritual and physical. If you wish, you can extend the exercise to perform a cleanse of all seven bodily chakras. This ritual can be performed whilst standing if you prefer, making it an ideal way to start your day.

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