Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite is one of the only two gemstones (the other is citrine) on the planet never to need cleansing as it does not harbor negative energies in any form. Its own energetic vibrations are strong and positive and will transfer energy rapidly, making it an extraordinary crystal of connection.


It is believed to enhance psychic and telepathic abilities and is an excellent stone to use for balancing the subtle body’s energy and aligning the chakras. Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral, and is considered to be quite an exotic gemstone.

In appearance, Kyanite occurs as long, striated crystals that are easily cleaved along the fault lines, making it possible to turn the stones into jewelry and other objects. It has industrial applications because of its heat resistant properties, so it can be found in kilns and foundry molds and also in the composition of porcelain goods.

Metaphysically, the most common colors of Kyanite used are indigo, green and black. The blue streaked with white specimens are arguably the most beautiful and are much in demand for healing and decorative purposes.


Kyanite has no known applications in folklore or ancient history. It is very much a stone “of the earth” and is immensely useful in aiding human endeavors on the planet. It is believed to inspire loyalty and encourages the fair treatment of others, making it a useful stone to have around the workplace.

It brings harmony where there may be discord, for example in negotiations and arbitration, and many people find it a useful aid to public speaking or seminar leading because of its ability to help to sharpen the mind and support good communication between people who may hold disparate beliefs.

Kyanite is also a useful stone to incorporate into empowerment grids if you need to plan out a logical, structured way forward in your own self-development.


The name Kyanite stems from its Ancient Greek origins as “kyanos” means “deep blue” It has also been known as Disthene, which literally translates as “two strengths” because of the incredible resistance which attaches to the stone. Because of its power, Kyanite connects to the subconscious fairly easily and this makes it very helpful to those who feel in any way “lost”. If you feel that there is something holding you back, possibly with its roots in a forgotten memory or incident from your past, using Kyanite in a meditative environment has been known to produce some very surprising and pleasing results very quickly.

One of its better known, or better promoted, qualities is its ability to repair or improve emotional connections between people. The user of the stone is granted extra insight into potentially problematic situations and is inspired to be fair, loyal and ready to see the other’s pint of view in a way that is helpful to both the user and the people they interact with. If you are the user, take advantage of these qualities and seek a connection with your own soul and higher self to give you a boost of strength and sense of purpose.



In a metaphysical context Kyanite can be described as an unusually practical stone with which to work. It has a strong, consistent and stable energy that is unerringly reliable. It removes the idea of fate being inevitable and opens up other possibilities to the user by revealing the importance of the part we can all play in shaping and creating our own realities. It reminds us that we are not powerless beings, or subject to implacable laws of Karma. It help to dispel the illusions we may have about the inevitability of our circumstances and brings a feeling of control, logical thinking and empowerment. It is great grounder of spiritual energy and brings us integrity and maturity of mind.

Kyanite enhances psychic ability and aid in the building of bridges and pathways form ourselves to our souls, higher selves and other worldly powers and beings. It has much to offer the crystal therapist as it cleanses other stones with which it is paired, and requires no cleansing of its own.

Green Kyanite enhances our connection to the natural world and devas, sprites and elementals which abound in our environment if only we take the time to seek them out. It will help to bring a sense of peace and comfort if you allow it to help you to connect to the nature beings and the ever flowing life force of the Tao. Kyanite can provide a focal point for this kind of work if you hold it with intent, relax into your breath and let go of all and any preconceptions. Believe in the fairies at the bottom of the garden and allow Kyanite to help you to “see” them!


The strength of vibration held by Kyanite means that it is a useful aid in promoting the release of muscular tension. Stress of any kind will result in varying degrees of physical tension, from a cramping of the gut to stiff neck and painful shoulders. Kyanite helps to release this tension, promoting flexibility and ease of movement in the physical body. This has an immediate, beneficial effect on the mind and emotions, leading to an improvement in overall health and feeling of well-being.

More specific conditions that can be helped by Kyanite include headaches resulting from sinus problems or eye strain, sprains and pulled tendons or ligaments, minor digestive upsets and problems of the inner ear leading to issues with balance or feelings of vertigo and light-headedness. Problems around the throat, such as thyroid imbalance, sore throats and infections and inflammation of the oesophagus can also be eased by the soothing properties of the blue and violet shades of Kyanite.

Kyanite is also very helpful for those who are trying to break out of a pattern of self-destructive behaviour. It encourages us to make healthful choices in life by helping us to uncover the underlying psychology of any damaging or negative habits or behaviours.


At the root of emotional well-being lies the ability to know ourselves and to accept ourselves fully and lovingly. Kyanite is a great ally if you are engaging in this kind of work as it encourages us to examine all parts of our personalities and character, our skills and interests and our uniqueness on this earth. It can help you to find a fulfilling vocation or life purpose and to strengthen and maintain your own integrity.

Kyanite is especially helpful in overcoming any tendencies towards victimhood or a fatalistic outlook that may be leading you towards recurring emotional patterns that will create even more blockages in your energy field. Using Kyanite to bridge the connection to those pathways or thoughts patterns can quickly create a whole new energetic identity. Great shifts can occur in the flow of energy which encourage decisive and effective action as well as providing a sense of security and “rightness” once decisions have been reached.


The vibrations and energy of Kyanite make it a very good companion for use in meditation. The energy is easily accessible and fast acting so it allows for a rapid transition into the deep relaxation required for effective meditative practice.

It can be useful for accessing the astral plane, and placing a piece of Kyanite under your pillow at night may lead to some lucid and truth-revealing dreams.

Many people engage in meditation in order to access past lives and Black Kyanite is a useful aid in this kind of work.

It is a very useful stone to use in solo meditation that aims to focus on personal reflection and self-development. It will help to establish a sure sense of our identity and remind us of the true nature of our being here on earth. It may bring clarity if we are struggling with issues of personal power and help to restore confidence in those who feel bullied or controlled by outside forces.

Using Kyanite as an aid to reflection may help you to access areas of your unconscious mind where the answers to your questions may be residing, and bring them into your conscious awareness so that you can deal with them


The properties of Kyanite make it a natural birthstone for those born between February 19th and March 19th, although it is not a traditional birthstone.


In terms of Zodiac associations Kyanite seems to be most closely related to the sign of Taurus.


Kyanite is one of the most useful stones to use when doing Chakra work and is very versatile in its applications in this area.

Taking a whole body perspective Kyanite is very good for aligning all of the Chakras and balancing the seven layers of the subtle body. It clears pathways, channels and meridians, stimulating the flow of healthy Qi or Life Force Energy and promoting physical well-being and vibrant health.

As Kyanite appears in a variety of colors it can be used on at least three of the seven Chakras to cleanse, balance and restore optimum performance.

In its blue and indigo forms Kyanite is most usefully employed when working on the Throat and Brow or Third Eye Chakras. The Throat Chakra is the voice of the body, as well as governing our literal voice of course. The voice of the body acts as a vessel through which we communicate our inner truths, and also the channel through which the energies of the other Chakras sometimes find expression. If this Chakra is blocked, or out of balance, it can affect the smooth functioning of the other Chakras, sometimes leading to ill health or unhappiness that has no immediate cause. The Throat Chakra allows us to express what we truly feel, our most significant thoughts and our deepest emotions.

The energy of the blue forms of Kyanite promote the easy flow of energy within the entire body as well as through the Chakras providing a natural release for the energies of the lower Chakras. Lighter shades of blue are beneficial in promoting relaxation, flexibility and balance.

The Brow or Third Eye chakra can be balanced and cleansed through the use of the darker shades of Kyanite. This Chakra guides our intuition, our way of seeing this world and the world of spirit or the Divine. This Chakra governs the way we see the world and our place in it. It is also responsible for balancing and discriminating between what is important or significant and what is not. When our Brow Chakra is clear and in balance we see clearly, and we understand what we see. Perception is heightened and we are quick to interpret visual signals and clues.

The Third Eye chakra is also the center of our psychic abilities and governs many of our spiritual beliefs. Using the indigo colours of Kyanite in meditation with the Third Eye Chakra opens us up to communication with, and understanding of, our spiritual path and nature. We are also more observant and reflective when this Chakra is in balance, meaning that we are able to respond to challenging people or events from a place of quiet wisdom and judgment.

Green Kyanite has associations and connections with the Heart Chakra. This Chakra is the center of our experiences of love and our interactions with the outside world. It controls what we are willing to embrace and also what we resist, meaning that we are able to control how we react to environment, Green Kyanite can be useful if you feel the need to reconnect with your inner sense of purpose and joy. It can dissolve blockages in the Heart Chakra and help us to forgive ourselves and others if this is necessary for our own growth and can bring a sense of calm acceptance if we feel emotionally unstable or fearful and can also help to restore a sense of proportion to our feelings about relationships, allowing us to see the cyclical nature of many of our emotional attachments.

Black Kyanite is a wonderfully grounding stone and can be used to energize the entire system. It has a most powerful association with the Base Chakra and the lesser known Earth Star Chakra which is located between the feet and about 10 inches into the ground. These Chakras provide the foundations for our physical and spiritual energy. Using Black Kyanite to support these Chakras is an excellent way to bring yourself back into your body after a period of mental exertion, or a particularly spiritual meditation session.

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