Archetypal Astrology: Planetary Energy Personified

Astrology’s study of planetary energy is the main component of archetypal astrology. These archetypes are believed to impact our personalities and generate particular forces and energies within us. The planets symbolize many facets of the human experience, and by comprehending their energies, we can learn more about ourselves and the environment in which we live. We can use archetypal astrology to better comprehend our own individual life journey and how to cooperate with the energies at play.

What Are Aspects in Astrology?

An aspect in astrology is an angle created by the orbital trajectories of two planets. The Latin word for “appearance” is where the word “aspect” originates. Planetary aspects are believed to represent energetic relationships and show how these planets communicate with one another. There are numerous distinct aspects, each with its own significance.

Among the more crucial aspects are the following:


Conjunction in astrology is an aspect between two particularly close-knit celestial bodies, such as planets or stars. The Latin term coniunction, which means “to bring together,” is where the word conjunction derives from.

Depending on the planets involved, conjunctions can be simple or complex. Sun and Moon’s conjunctions are regarded as harmonious and beneficial because they are simple conjunctions. Mars and Saturn are two difficult conjunctions that are seen to be tough and perhaps problematic.

Because they show the union of two forces, conjunctions are thought to be important by the majority of astrologers. Depending on the planets involved, this may present new beginnings or difficulties.


The three signs that are 120 degrees apart from one another are referred to as trines in archetypal astrology. This indicates that they are in harmony with one another since they have the same element—fire, earth, air, or water. The fire signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces make up the trine (water).

The trine signs have diverse traits since each of these elements stands for a particular quality. For instance, those born under a fire sign are renowned for having passionate and impulsive qualities. Earth signs are renowned for being realistic, dependable, and grounded. Air signs’ intelligent, gregarious, and flexible qualities are well known. Water signs are renowned for being sympathetic, perceptive, and sensitive. A trine is a very strong aspect that’s hard to argue with. Both signs tend to shine when this happens.


A square in astrology is a 90-degree angle formed by two planets in their aspects. This could be interpreted as a conflict or challenge between the planets. The planets engaged in a square are considered at odds with one another, which might show up in a person’s life as internal strife or outside difficulties.

The square is seen as a challenging feature, yet it also has the potential to be incredibly beneficial. It brings out the best and worst in people and can present difficulties and chances for personal development. Numerous squares in one’s birth chart are thought to indicate a go-getter who is always ready for a challenge. Additionally, they are known to be very motivated and energetic, yet they can also be impatient and easily irritated.


Opposition occurs in astrology when two planets are aligned on opposite sides of the zodiac. The tension that results from the energies of the two planets might be either harmonic or difficult to comprehend.

An opposition aspect in your chart may suggest that you need to make some changes if you have problems in your life. Because it represents two opposing energies attempting to establish harmony, the opposition can be challenging. However, this conflict can also give rise to chances for development and change.

Oppositions might be difficult, but they can also be very rewarding. This is because they allow us to combine seemingly unrelated aspects of who we are. We develop into more full people when we are able to do this.


An astrological aspect called a sextile involves two planets that are 60 degrees apart. Although it is seen as a small component, it can yet have a big impact. Planets in a sextile have a tendency to operate well together and can present growth chances.

Sextiles frequently represent talent or innate ability. The planets in question stand for two different facets of existence that may complement one another. A sextile between Mercury and Neptune, for instance, would point to a person who is imaginative and communicative.

Sextiles may also point to a need for equilibrium. The planets in question could stand for diametrically opposed energies that require balancing. For instance, a sextile between the Sun and Saturn would point to a person who needs to strike a balance between their obligations and personal interests.

Uranus Opposition

The planet of change, upheaval, and rebellion are Uranus. These characteristics are accentuated when it is in opposition. This might cause confusion and turmoil but can also be a period of exceptional creativity and advancement.

It might be beneficial to direct Uranian energy toward constructive endeavors if you experience it strongly at this time. Maintaining flexibility and an open mind is crucial because change will probably occur whether you like it or not. Make the most of this period by accepting fresh opportunities and concepts.

Neptune Square Neptune

Neptune square Neptune is a very rare aspect that occurs when two planets are at a 90-degree angle to each other. This can create confusion and chaos in someone’s life as they try to make sense of what’s going on. The energy of this aspect can be both positive and negative, depending on how it’s used.

You might occasionally feel lost if this aspect is present in your chart. You might experience the feeling of being submerged in an ocean of emotions with no land in sight. Finding a way to express all of these emotions, whether through writing, music, or art, is crucial. If not, they can begin to eat away at you.

On the plus side, you may experience a lot of creativity and imagination as a result of this facet. You can take advantage of it if you can learn to control it.
Pluto Square Pluto

Pluto is regarded as the planet of rebirth after death. It causes abrupt changes and has the potential to be quite strong and severe. Pluto’s energy is transformative, so when these two planets interact, it has the potential to bring about significant changes in our lives.

The Pluto square’s tension creates a desire to release the electric charge. It can motivate us to take action, but if we don’t know how to use the energy effectively, it can also make us frustrated. Finding a way to work with the tension as opposed to against it is the key.

What Are Transits in Astrology?

A transit in astrology is a continuous motion of the planets. You can interpret these transits to learn how the planets are affecting you right now.

Transits come in two categories: major and minor. Major transits are more potent and have a bigger impact on your life than small transits, which are more subdued. It’s crucial to consider both kinds of transits while trying to gauge your current condition.

The fact that transits occur constantly is the most crucial thing to keep in mind. Since the planets are always in motion, a transit of some kind is always occurring. This implies that you can always use astrology to interpret planetary forces and learn more about yourself.

Jupiter Return

Every 12 years, the planet of expansion, Jupiter, returns to its birth location. This potent transit has the potential to bring luck, wealth, and new chances. You might feel more upbeat and assured at this time, and everything might just appear to fall into place.

Take chances and take advantage of opportunities now. You might believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Your life may experience significant growth and advancement during Jupiter’s return.

But be careful not to overdo it. You risk taking on too much or biting off more than you can chew if you are not careful. Excessive behavior and pleasures are also possible with a Jupiter return. During this transit, be aware of this and make an effort to establish a balance between taking risks and being cautious.

Chiron Return

The Chiron return is a large return that occurs even less frequently. In astrology, Chiron is a peculiar planet with equally unique return characteristics. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and expresses areas of our past trauma and karmic debt that will be addressed within our lifetimes.

One of the reasons is that the Chiron return only occurs once every fifty years. It is, therefore, a rare occurrence that can significantly impact a person’s life. The connection to healing, though, elevates the significance of Chiron’s return even further. Many people experience a “midlife crisis” during Chiron’s return.

Saturn Return

The Saturn return happens when Saturn moves back to the place where it was when you were born. This normally occurs between the ages of 27 and 30 and 58 and 60. Even though the Saturn return is frequently linked to obstacles and trials, it can also be a period of tremendous potential.

The Saturn return is viewed as a period of crisis since it might bring up prior problems that you thought you had resolved. However, because you are compelled to face these problems and learn from them, it may be a period of enormous progress.

Because you are no longer confined by the constraints of your youth, the Saturn return can also be a time of immense inventiveness. You have the opportunity to start leaving a lasting impression on the world at this point.

What Are Retrogrades in Astrology?

When a planet appears to be traveling backward in its orbit, this is known as a retrograde in astrology. As a result, that planet’s energy is no longer flowing forward, which can lead to turmoil and uncertainty in our life. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn retrograde, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the most often planets to do so.

Retrogrades can be challenging for all of us, but they can also be an opportunity for development and change. We can take advantage of this period if we can learn to work with the retrograde planet’s energy. The secret is to work with retrograde energy rather than against it.
Mercury Retrograde

Mercury looks to be traveling backward in the sky when it is retrograde. The fact that our communication planet is no longer progressing might lead to uncertainty and irritation.

We might encounter delays in our goals, misunderstandings, and technical issues at this time. During this moment, it’s critical to have patience and follow the flow.

Mercury retrograde can be a beneficial time for introspection and reflection. It’s possible that old problems will re-emerge so we can address them definitively. If we are willing to confront our shadow side, this could be a moment of great healing.
Venus Retrograde

Now is the moment to examine ourselves and determine what we truly need and want from our relationships. We can discover that our relationships are not what we initially believed they were, while Venus is retrograde. We might reexamine our morals and the qualities we really want in a spouse.

Old love interests may reappear in our life during Venus retrograde. This may be a confusing and painful moment, but it may also be a time when old wounds are healed, and old relationships are put to rest. This is an excellent moment to discuss your needs and wants with your partner if you are currently dating someone.

In general, Venus retrograde is a time when we should reflect on our relationships. It’s time to be open about our needs and wants to develop our connections further.
Mars Retrograde

It’s a beneficial idea to evaluate how we use our energy when Mars retrograde. This planet governs our motivation and drive. Therefore our ability to make a statement in the world is strongly influenced by its energies. We might discover that our typical techniques of accomplishing things aren’t working as well as they usually do during this period. We might need to change our strategy or even go back and start over.

This might be upsetting, but it’s also a chance to reflect on our priorities and where we’re devoting our efforts. Are our objectives still logical? Do we still care deeply about them? What other ways could we spend our time and energy if not this one?

Anger, aggression, and assertiveness difficulties can also surface while Mars is retrograde. We may need to take a closer look at how we use these energies in our daily life.

Archetype Astrology Can Change Your Life

By changing the way you view yourself and your role in the universe, archetype astrology has the power to transform your life. It can aid in your understanding of both your own behavior and the motivations of others around you. During trying times, archetype astrology can also offer direction and clarity.

It can be transformative to turn to archetype astrology for guidance if you are having trouble making a decision or are otherwise feeling lost, confused, or stuck in your life. The archetypes provide a road map for the human potential that can enlighten your future. It is simpler to move through life with elegance and ease when you are in alignment with your actual nature.

If you are ready to make some changes in your life, Archetype Astrology can be a powerful tool for transformation.

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