Ethereal Astrology Birth Chart

Ethereal Astrology Birth Chart

Ethereal Astrology Birth Charts are an older practice. The cosmos is vast and provides limitless information, which is widely portrayed in horoscopes these days. Our horoscopes can enlighten our everyday experiences and guide us in noticing how the movements of the planets, such as Mars retrograde, can support us in making beneficial lifestyle changes. But first, let’s understand how exactly this technique of interpreting planet positions and movements works. What exactly is a zodiac sign, and how do the planets influence the signs?

An Introduction To Birth Charts

These questions are essential for understanding the fundamentals of interpreting your birth chart, which shows the position of the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth. An examination of this chart, also known as a natal chart, can provide valuable insight into your personality, motives, and abilities.

In the past, calculating a birth chart by hand required the use of a protractor and a table known as an “ephemeris.” Fortunately, we now have astrological tools that can construct a whole birth chart in just a few seconds. You’ll need the date, time, and birth location to access an ethereal astrology birth chart (be it yours or someone else’s). However, take into account that the birth chart is a highly delicate diagram that demands precise data.

Astrology has been at the core of science, medicine, philosophy, and magic for ages. The Hermetic principle “as above, so below” referred to the concept that the vast, enigmatic macrocosm of the world mirrored the microcosm of human experiences.

The invention of the telescope, as well as the subsequent discovery of the “modern planets” — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — completed the cosmic jigsaw. Though the purpose of astrology has shifted (it is now more commonly employed to assess love compatibility than to forecast crop yield), we still examine the planets in the same way that the ancient cultures did.

Let’s explore how the art of astrology and the craft of reading an ethereal astrology birth chart came to be, and how you might use it in your own life.

Planetary Positions, Rising, & Houses

Since astrology is a massive, complex, and specialized discipline, the fundamental ideas are simple: A birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at the time of your birth. It indicates the specific location of each planet and the zodiac they were in when you first visited the earth.

In some birth charts, all of the planets appear within a single constellation; in many others, they are dispersed around the sky. The separation between these planets is significant because each has its unique celestial role. Let us examine each significant entity in the sky.

The Sun

Most people only know their sun signs. If someone questions you about your zodiac sign, whether they recognize it or not, they are inquiring about the position of the sun at the time of your birth. The sun represents our core essence.

This bright celestial body reflects our ego, sense of identity, personality, and inclinations in general. The sun rules the flamboyant, powerful fire sign Leo, which emits both boldness and drama. A zodiac sign passes — or moves across — in about one month.

The sun represents our core essence. This bright celestial body reflects our ego, sense of identity, personality, and inclinations in general.

The sun rules the flamboyant, powerful fire sign Leo, which emits both boldness and drama. A zodiac sign passes — or moves across — in about one month.

The Moon

The gravitational pull of the moon determines the temperature and sea tides. The symbolizes our emotional internal world in astrology. The sun represents our exterior experience, but the moon reflects everything that lies beneath it.
The moon sign is also a reflection of our innate selves and the personality that we show to our close friends. It is a spiritual sanctuary for our most secret sides. It rules over Cancer, the delicate, nurturing water sign that represents love, warmth, and safety.

The moon is the fastest emerging celestial body in the cosmos, transiting an astrological sign in about two and a half days. Full moon nights are also transformative for many people who have a deep connection to the lunar goddess.


Mercury, the solar system’s tiniest and innermost planet, is given the name after the Roman god who acted as a herald to the deities. It depicts communication in the astrology world. While the moon represents our feelings, Mercury represents reasoning and logic.

The planet uses its keen intellect and inquisitive nature to evaluate, sort, and classify information, assisting humans in understanding and articulating complicated concepts.

It rules both the air sign Gemini and the earth sign Virgo, each symbolizing a distinct aspect of Mercury’s personality: talkative Gemini is the product, while intellectual Virgo represents the input. Mercury transits a zodiac sign in 13 or 14 days and turns retrograde three to four times each year. The iconic retrograde of this planet causes communication breakdowns, travel disruptions, and messages from ex-lovers.


Venus, named after the magnificent Roman goddess, is a vivacious planet that promotes elegance, love, and prosperity. Venus is pleased when she is taking pleasure: good wine, long baths, and scented lotions all line with the Venusian soul.
The sophisticated interests of this planet mirror its passion for culture and art while its romantic instincts indicate our romanticized perspective on love. Venus rules both the earthy Taurus as well as the air sign Libra, each signifying a different version of Venus’s expression: the sensual Taurus is visceral, while the seductive Libra is philosophical.

A star sign takes four to five weeks to transit and enters retrograde after 18 months. It is advised to not make major alterations to your look, like as a tattoo or having cosmetic surgery, while Venus is still in retrograde.


The Red Planet is renowned as the Zodiac’s Warrior. Mars, titled after the deity of combat, represents aggression, drive, and violence. Its fervent spirit frequently expresses itself while we are rushing to make a deadline, hurrying to board a flight, or contending for a coveted position.

Mars is indeed the fire beneath our feet, delivering the adrenaline-charged energy surge that feeds movement. It also expresses our bodily lust and intensity.
Aries, the impetuous fire sign famed for its rising vivacity, is ruled by this planet. Mars transits a zodiac sign in about six or seven weeks and turns retrograde in two years. When Venus enters retrograde, we may find it difficult to speak up for ourselves or to lose interest in a romantic relationship.


Jupiter, or Zeus in Greek mythology, is the largest planet within the solar system and is known for its massive presence. Jupiter, the fortunate planet, represents wealth, education, affluence, and mysticism. This benevolent planet controls growth, urging us to enlarge our minds through ideas, spirituality, and knowledge.
It rules Sagittarius, the daring fire sign famed for its thrill-seeking nature. Jupiter transits an astrological sign in about twelve to thirteen months as well as travels retrograde for about 120 days annually. Its retrograde period is frequently a period of spiritual and philosophical growth.


The circular giant planet represents time, laws, and boundaries. On a perfect moment, Saturn represents physical labor, career achievements, and unwavering tenacity. On a horrible day, though, it can even become brutal and devoid of emotion, requiring us to develop through difficult challenges and harsh love.

While Saturn seems to have an unusual method of expressing its devotion, it does possess our best interests at heart. It merely wishes for us to comply with the regulations.  Saturn rules disciplined Capricorn, the entrepreneurial earth sign noted for its never-ending ambition, but each sign requires about two and a half years to transit.

Every year, it moves retrograde for almost 140 days. In Saturn’s retrograde, life might appear more constrained, and individuals may have to put more effort to get ideas off the ground.


According to the Science Museum, Uranus is the very first planet found with a telescope. The celestial entity got its name after a Greek deity and is angled far off on its plane that it revolves around the adjacent planets.

Uranus, appropriately, represents technology, revolt, and innovation. This rule-breaking planet despises norms and is constantly willing to support revolutionary, radical shifts. Uranus might have unexpected results (basically, the planet admires shock value).

The planet dominates Aquarius, the free-spirited air sign known for its quirkiness and defiance. Uranus travels around two decades to pass each sign but enters retrograde for nearly 150 days annually. As during the planet’s retrograde, individuals are advised to let go of the past and progress forwards with their lives.


The deep azure color of Neptune beautifully suits its astrological importance. This planet decided to name for the Roman deity of the waters, overseeing the wonderful, unfathomable depths of the mystical abyss. It’s tough to tell the difference between both the sea and the air when there’s a dense fog rolling across the ocean.

Likewise, Neptune’s influence resides at the crossroads of imagination and realism. The  Neptunian spirit is incredibly innovative and intuitive on a perfect day.

On a not-so-favorable day, it might become delusionary and escapist. Once Neptune’s effect is felt, let your fantasies run wild, but ensure to drop a foundation: you want to avoid getting lost in the ocean. This planet rules Pisces, the sensitive water sign known for its extraordinary creativity and psychic abilities. During the retrograde, try to stay honest as some of your secrets can become known and it can get emotionally chaotic.


Though this frigid cosmic entity did not meet the scientific explanation of a planet, Pluto is nonetheless a significant astrological body. It represents strength, metamorphosis, devastation, and renewal. Pluto’s authority is founded in darkness, as it is named just after the Roman deity of the abyss, called “Hades” in Greek myth).
This alluring planet crawls into complex foundations, subtly altering systems from within. Pluto reminds us that we need to let go of the past to bring about change. It is related to Scorpio, the enigmatic water sign known for its cryptic nature.

Pluto takes between 14 and 30 years to pass each sign and then goes retrograde for about 185 days every year. In the retrograde phase, it is best to heal from childhood trauma and not go back to any exes. Instead, it is advisable to embrace change and an evolved future version of yourself.

Why Is A Ethereal Astrology Birth Chart Reading So Significant?

Reading your birth chart is like a superpower that can differentiate you from other ordinary humans. It’s like the special cloak that sets you apart in a crowd. One of the main factors why understanding your birth chart is important is that it is specific to you. One common misconception about natal charts is that they’re personalized horoscopes. While examining your zodiac on a regular, basis, maybe weekly, monthly, and even annual basis might offer guidance, studying your ethereal astrology birth chart involves obtaining focused and highly-personalized guidance to apply in everyday scenarios and bring the change that matters.

Among the most common misunderstandings in astrology includes the opinion that every individual that was born under the same Sun sign similarly handles life, yet natal charts demonstrate (and illustrate) why this is certainly not the case.

Astrologers employ a variety of ways when evaluating birth charts to determine how well a person individually reflects the frequency of their general planetary alignments. The first step is to examine the planets’ placements in the graph. Individuals who possess a Libra Sun and a Leo Moon, for instance, will act very differently than those with a Libra Sun and an Aries Moon.

Capricorn On A Full Moon

The same is true for a Capricorn brought into the world on a full moon, which implies their Moon and Sun both reside in Capricorn. This individual might appear and behave more Capricorn than a person whose Moon is in a different sign as their chart contains a dual amount of this zodiac’s energy.

Another method is to determine which planets are connected to the Sun within a specific ethereal astrology birth chart because planets seldom remain alone. These planets either conflict with or support each other, so these relationships will heavily influence how someone perceives their specific Sun sign. For instance, when a person’s Sun sign is parallel to Mars, known as the planet of activity and strong energy, this person would look at life with higher zeal compared to someone whose Sun is not near Mars.

As there are 10 planets and 12 zodiac signs within astrology, the energy pairings are limitless, therefore it is critical to determine which arrangement is yours through your natal chart. So you are not obliged to appreciate what you discover once you comprehend the internal dynamics of your chart—everyone, knowingly or unknowingly, chooses to react positively or adversely to their ethereal astrology birth chart.

How Can We Use The Planets to Understand Our Ethereal Astrology Birth Charts?

Discovering information about the planets, especially, your ruling planet helps to broaden our knowledge of ethereal astrology birth charts. The relationships of the planets to the zodiac is an important first step in your endeavor to learn about the stars and the universe.

Planets that have short orbits travel around the zodiac often, and their position in an ethereal astrology birth chart is determined by the day and hour of birth. Planets such as the moon, sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars are known as the innermost planets, and they also have a direct influence on our idiosyncrasies and everyday experiences.

The planets located on the opposite side of the inner planets are known as the outer solar system planets. These include Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto which travel at a considerably slower pace, switching signs often between one to thirty years.

The outer planets’ influence in a natal chart is decided more by the houses they represent. Therefore, a person’s birth chart is split into 12 sections known as houses. Each of the houses symbolizes a distinct aspect of one’s life.

The Houses

Houses from one to six connect with regular activities of the day and logistical considerations like personal income, the family, and routine; houses seven to twelve relate with more complex notions like ideology, inheritance, and spiritual capabilities. The arrangement of the planetary systems in the houses shows where our energy resides in addition to our abilities and limitations.

to the planets and associated respective zodiac signs and houses. How does a planet’s purpose differ depending on the zodiac sign, and also which aspects of life would be most affected? Your personal view of your ethereal astrology birth chart must then adopt this method: Interpretation = Sign + Planet + House

For example, if your birth moon is already in emotional Cancer inside the 7th house, which indicates meaningful partnerships, then your emotional satisfaction could well be closely linked to your relationships. When your Mars planet is in sensible Virgo, known as the house of altruism, then you may be compelled to serve others in entirely useful ways.

The unique arrangement of the planetary systems within the houses is decided by your ascending sign or the rising sign. It is the astrological sign which was visible mostly on the eastern horizon somewhere at the time you were born.

Hence, your ascendant forms the complete structure of your natal chart and establishes your planet chart governor, the one planet connected to your ethereal astrology birth chart (used to assess yours, discover your zodiac sign, and also which planet rules that particular sign).

This ascendant also affects our outward experience: When your sun signs crafts the speech, the ascendant delivers it. Astrologers call it the cover used in public. All of this indicates how another person views you and also how you interact with the outside world.

Mastering The Planets

Mastering the planets, constellations, and houses may help to uncover the profound depths of celestial knowledge, either your purpose is to be a professional astrologer or essentially understand the meaning of your birth chart.

Give plenty of time to understand the details of your natal chart: your capacity to comprehend the positions within it will improve when you implement the ethereal astrology birth chart into your daily existence. And do not be scared to tell stories and provide bold opinions regarding them. And besides, that is exactly how the solar system came into the knowledge of many astronomers.

The everlasting notion that the sacred human spirit reflects the cosmos, the divine warrior, lies at the heart of astrology. Finally, astrology is indeed the art of observing. Your discoveries would always shine a light into the shadows.

Taurus Sun: Earthy, Compassionate, Stable

When the Sun would enter the pleasure seeking Taurus, it means the individual must be ready to embrace their way to ecstasy. The Taurus Sun asks everyone to rest and find stability – and shows how to integrate the practical energy of the Divine into our daily lives.

Venus, the love goddess who rules Taurus, surrounds Taurus suns with grace, prosperity, and sensuality. Even when the Taurus Sun rises in the Higher Latitudes at the peak of spring, people are urged to enjoy earthly joys. Your senses are stimulated, and you will become infatuated with things and are pleasing to the eye, feel, and touch.

For Taurus, being in harmony with luxuries and a feeling of fulfillment at the completion of each day is what keeps them going. Many Bulls expand in size and become trapped in their own existence, a form of lethargy caused by being instinctively at home in the exact same way. They rarely get bored with a routine and thrive when they have a good schedule. If Taurus gets depressed, he or she spends more time lazing around more than usual.

Taurus sun appears to be much firmly embedded in the material realm compared to any other sign, and may therefore be as inflexible as a boulder. It’s difficult to convince a Taurus to hurry into something, resulting in frustration for those around them.

Taurus is meticulous, eager to invest time and energy in a definite thing. However, when they make a decision, it is usually confirmed and they don’t waver from their commitment.

Sun in 12th House: Compassionate Introverts

Individuals with their Sun inside the twelfth house in astrology privately aspire to be flawless at all times. They enjoy receiving praise and acknowledgement for their work, and don’t ever mind leading a quiet existence. They’re basically introverts who find calm once they’re alone with their raw thoughts.

They would not really hesitate to live in the forest without society if given the opportunity. If they do become leaders, be prepared for them to perform their duties in the shadows. The farther they serve others, more happier and fulfilled they become. They thrive on the smiles of their friends, although they have very few.

People who have sun in 12th are philosophical and require being alone to gain strength. They dislike being the center of attention and generally conceal their genuine personality while they are in public.

Given that they are more concerned with what is going on in their inner world instead of what is going on in the external world, these people can manage to just run and escape when circumstances get tough and life starts to go downhill.

It is necessary for these folks to be alone with themselves, yet they must be careful not to grow so connected to this pleasant sensation that they forgot how to socialize with others, despite the fact that they are extremely effective when supporting others. In order to be functional members of society, they should step out of their comfort zone once in a while.

Gemini Moon: Intellectual, Highly-Confident, Imaginative

You are probably going to be a creative individual with an energetic, adaptable mind if your Moon is in Gemini. Being an air sign, Gemini personifies communication, the exchange of ideas or thoughts, and modern societal norms.

As a result, you may discover that you possess an instinctive desire to learn as much as you can about the universe around you, as well as a gift for statistics, speaking, or a talent to write pretty well.

For those conceived with the moon in intelligent and thoughtful Gemini, communication seems to be the journey to connection (and the 3rd house). Gemini moons are introspective, and they express themself through the use of an impressive vocabulary. While reserved and attentive in unfamiliar circumstances, they have much to share once they feel comfortable with someone. They take time to process their surroundings and keep thinking of what to say in their head.

They should investigate problems from every viewpoint. Making choices can be difficult for people of this sign. A lot of time could be wasted drafting a list of positives and negatives as they go from one concept to another. Their mind rarely shuts because they think a lot about everything. Since it is your moon sign’s power to alter its mind, delaying your decision could be a gesture of kindness.

Being linked to your surrounding surroundings and having many individuals around you promotes emotional balance. The desire for change and diversity is actually very strong throughout, thus you’ll seek out a range of activities and tasks to stimulate you and get rid of your constantly thinking brain. Your curiosity may be an endless source of knowledge as well as a form of special charm. You can discuss what you’ve learnt with others if you’re connected with your spirit and the universe. Moving from one circumstance to the next creates sensations of novelty and excitement, which will constantly provide you with something intriguing to talk over.

The Houses of Astrology and Their Significance

The twelve houses (one for each zodiac) are separated into a dozen segments and circulate inside a circle.

Each section, or house, symbolizes a unique component of someone’s life. The houses are the many sets on which the planets perform their roles assigned by the astrological signs.

Each of twelve zodiac houses is connected with a series of characteristics that originate with the individual and extend externally into society and far beyond.

1st House of Aries

This is where our personal characters are formed. In this first house, we embark on an adventure of self discovery, fearlessly carving paths to find our place in the universe. Even if we are speck in the entire cosmos, our life has a purpose and it is our responsibility to search for it.

The first house in astrology governs all firsts, including the initial impact you create, how you initiate conversations and begin something, and every other type of starting. Fireworks ignite quickly in the first among the three “fire houses,” in addition to the fifth and ninth house.

However, they are usually short-lived and don’t stay for long. This is the place where individuals begin but do not always conclude. Inside this novelty-obsessed realm, attention spans are usually brief but mostly energetic!

2nd House of Taurus

In the second house, our basic human senses, as well as our sensuality live. Smell, taste, hearing, feel, and vision: this house provides a profound experience similar to a child experiencing the delights of becoming alive for the very first time.

The second house, together with the 5th, 8th, and 11th houses, represents the first out of four successive houses. These are positioned between the beginning angled and transitioning cadent houses. Succession houses are similar to established zodiac signs.

We get prepared to transform the enormous concepts sparked in the angled houses into actual realities—especially in this instance, with repetitive movements. The second house is considered the zone of pragmatic magic and brings us to relaxation and delight, from velvety linens to hour – long messages to rich meals made by a professional.

3rd house of Gemini

After reveling in the self-obsessed spirit of the 1st and 2nd two houses, it is time to see what else lies beyond. In this 3rd house, language is strong and thriving. It offers the secret to enhanced human evolution. The house of Gemini rules the vocabulary of exploration because it is the initial of the expressive “air houses,” after by the seventh and eleventh.

In this house, people desire the excitement of new additions, new conversations, and meeting every next intriguing individual. These encounters have a fragile character to them since we get bored quickly and move on to the following activity.

This does not suggest that we will not form enduring bonds with such an energy. In this collaborative astrological zone, which shares characteristics with Gemini, partnering is caring. Your ethereal astrology birth chart can give a deep explanation of some of your mysterious characteristics.

4th House of Cancer

It’s the zone which regulates your roots or your abode, from your parents to your room design. What is your personal space requirement, and what helps you feel comfortable and safe?

Which sort of home (and possibly family) do you hope to build one day? Your 4th house provides the road map to creating a secure space whenever it’s time to abandon anchor and remain there.

Emotions are all-encompassing here, being one of the three “water houses,” in addition to the eighth and twelfth Both the fourth house and the fourth zodiac sign Cancer, have a close relationship. In classical beliefs, both are connected with caregivers, especially mothers. Here you’ll find hints regarding your connection with your main caregiver.

5th House of Leo

In the fifth house, everything is grand and you want to perfect every task you try your hand at. This is the realm of romance at its most innocent. Consider the world of infatuation, dreamy dating, first embraces, and exciting hookups.

This creates adrenaline, clears away common sense, and leaves our minds with a dizzy feeling of what could be. Growth and conception reside in this astrology sector’s core – a time when creativity is essential to nurture a project to completion. Although the fifth house offers us thrills, its magical aspects make coping with reality difficult at times. But what about dedication? Not at all.

When you’re in the devoted 5th house mindset, budgets seem to go out the door as well. This regal dominion oversees the dipped-in-gold extravagance and hedonistic luxury seen on every “Desperate Housewives” franchise. They’re a lover of big gestures and going all out in their relationships and friendships.

6th House of Virgo

The sixth house, as one of the zodiac’s three “earth houses,” reveals the pleasure of simplicity—but in a subtle way. This zone allows you to show your nerdy side out on terms such as creative thinking or neurodiversity as well as access the most recent life hacks for growing into a wiser human.

The sixth house, together with the third, ninth, and twelfth dwellings, is the second of the cadent houses. These are located between the outcome-driven succedent houses and the pioneering angular houses. Additionally, cadent houses are similar to volatile astrological signs.

They assist us in combining trustworthy data with fresh concepts—such as through analysis and research. Minimalism is a virtue because it liberates us to be doing logical thinking and strategizing in the sixth house.

7th House of Libra

They simply don’t go after harmonious pairings in the seventh house; but devote themselves to them. Contracts, like marriage certificates or formal corporate contracts, are frequently involved. This is because justice and fairness belong within this realm, although these collaborations are usually not stable.

In the seventh house, there are often complimentary energies which can be reinstated soon enough. While friendships require certain common ground, it is diversity that keeps these people interested in the long run.

This house hints to the kinds of individuals who can grab wherever they left off. This is the moment they must get off their backs and make a serious determination to keep their collaborations going. But since they’re attracting a lot of people, they are good to go, provided it benefits them in the long run.

8th House of Scorpio

The eighth house, together with the second house of earnings, controls the money they save for long-term prosperity, such as their financial portfolios and property investments. Personal debt, taxes, licenses, inheritances, and revenues are all ruled by the 8th house.

That’s the things that land these individuals in trouble in court—or necessitates the use of a team of lawyers to draft contracts and negotiate conditions.

Because the eighth house oversees mortality, this ethereal astrology birth chart region might have a tragic quality towards it. Rebirth and metamorphosis, such as the phoenix emerging through the ashes, also exist in this restorative zone.

When it comes to saying farewell, the eighth house is the king or queen of all terrible sentiments of obsession, vengeance, and rage. They are the masters of acting estranged towards an ex and giving someone a taste of their medicine.

9th house of Sagittarius

Ideas take on and rapidly spread out here, being one of the “fire houses,” of astrology, together with the first and fifth houses. The ninth house handles education, literature, and economy. If you’ve gathered enough information, it’s the moment to communicate your findings with the rest of the world and motivate everyone else to thrive in the same way you have.

The ninth house representing honesty and knowledge also rules advanced learning. Their ever expanding minds are noble and seek to inspire others. This house is rich in knowledge, although not so much financially.

The house points you in the direction of insightful texts, courses, and professors who can assist you in growing towards your higher consciousness. It is according to your unique ethereal astrology birth chart if this entails a college education or the approval of an ancient priest from a long family line.

10th House of Capricorn

The tenth house is among the three earthy houses of practical concern, and it connects characteristics with Capricorn, the zodiac sign that rules this house. This is the place to leave our mark and care for our loved ones.

This region has traditionally been connected with the provider of the house, although it may also be interpreted as any person who is very rational and stern instead of just warm and nurturing.

The tenth house requires stability irrespective of your position in the economic food system. This house rules the limbs, flesh, and teeth, that physically keep our organs in position and assist us to break down stuff so our systems may obtain the nourishment they require to survive and maintain.

The 10th house is rule-following rigid, but also for valid reason! They learn to be adults, get disciplined, and set their ambitions at an early age. However, to make it possible, they need a lot of dedication and have to set boundaries.

11th House of Aquarius

The “air house,” is the third of the three that encompasses the third and seventh houses, that values connection with people. But it happens on a wider level here, in the area of monogamous community and group collaborations.

In this house, there is a lot of talk of breaking toxic patterns and revolutionary ideas. There is idealism but also the fervor to work on their dreams.

Individual freedom is encouraged as much as each individual is acknowledged for their special talents. It’s really only reasonable, and fairness is quite important in this situation. This house seems akin to the eleventh sign, Aquarius, which is free-spirited and rebellious.

The eleventh house represents ways we give something back when it comes necessary, such as our energy in a protest or to bring in humanitarian aid.

12th House of Pisces

This house is of dreams and metaphysical musings. Nonetheless, submission is a twelfth house virtue. Shamans, psychic workers, magicians, and mediums live inside this zone.

It’s a place where a lot of people who do not fit in the physical world find respite. The water sign Pisces is associated with the house with its cleansing aura and its calm exterior.

This is the place where people communicate with their lost loved ones with expression, symbols, and heard prayers. The twelfth house is indeed the land of mysteries, where strange things happen.

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