Crystals And The Law Of Attraction

It is believed that, if you are focused and positive enough, you will manifest your desires. You will make it happen when you “carry” yourself and behave as though you know it will be so. You also send subconscious “vibrations” or positive energy out to the world and universe which helps manifest your desires. Your goal can be anything from a better job or prosperity to improved health or new romance.



The practice of “Law of Attraction” is all about attaining your goals through visualization and highly focused, positive thinking. The process can be broken down into 7 steps:

  • Intense desire (you have to really want it)
  • Conceptualization and/or visualization (imagine/visualize how it will be)
  • Constant affirmation (daily, positive affirmations – “this” is how it will be)
  • Be confident and stay focused (you know you can)
  • Absolute belief (you absolutely know “this” will be)
  • Gratitude (be grateful for what you know will be)
  • Manifestation (attainment of your goal)
  • Repeat step 6 — more gratitude (always be grateful)


Before you decide on a goal, use crystals to open and clear your chakras. This will insure that you are at your best and thinking clearly. Continue to keep your chakras in tip, top shape to help you see the process through to manifestation.

  • Root chakra – motivation. If your root chakra isn – t clear and functioning properly, you will never stay motivated enough to reach manifestation.
  • Sacral chakra – confidence. If your sacral chakra isn – t working properly, you will feel confused, unbalanced and repressed. You will have trouble staying positive.
  • Solar plexus chakra – self-esteem and creativity. An unhealthy solar plexus chakra will make you feel inhibited and anxious. It will be difficult for you to even decide what you want your goal to be, let alone visualize it or see it through to manifestation.
  • Heart chakra – positive mood. You need a healthy heart chakra in order to stay positive and work comfortably with others. An unhealthy heart chakra will also impede the healthy flow of energy between the lower and upper chakras.
  • Throat chakra – communication. You must have a healthy throat chakra in order to communicate positively with yourself (daily affirmations) and others. It can impede the energy flow between the upper and lower chakras, too.
  • Third Eye – visualization. A healthy Third Eye or brow chakra is integral to imagining and visualizing your goals.
  • Crown chakra – clear thinking. The crown chakra controls how clearly you think, how well you understand situations and what – s going on.

Natural gemstones can help in other ways, too. They can be used to help you decide what you really want and visualize it, stay positive and determined throughout the process and feel grateful. The first thing you need to do is choose the right gemstone for the job. Some have natural crystal properties to help you find a new job, learn a new profession, like dark olive peridot, or find new love, like rose quartz.

There are many natural gemstones that can do double duty. For example, tiger eye activates the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, increases prosperity and facilitates devoted companionship. Labradorite is excellent for the throat, brow and crown chakras. It is also wonderful for creative thinking and improved focus. Both tiger eye and labradorite support improved focus and perseverance.

Meditate with your crystal or crystals every day to strengthen your commitment. You may also want to program your crystals to improve their ability to help you achieve your goal. Be sure to cleanse them once or twice a week to remove negative energies so your gemstones can function at full power

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