Crystals for Emotional Healing

Crystals For Emotional Healing

Soothing crystals speed emotional healing, but most of us need more than comforting to truly heal from emotional trauma. In order to heal properly, we need to address the issues that may have either played a part in the traumatic situation or developed as a result of it.


You may need gemstones that reduce aggression or your fear of confrontation. Most people benefit from improving their self-esteem after suffering emotional trauma. Healing crystals can help with all of these problems and more.


There are a number of crystals that will help with emotional healing. Deciding which one will be best for you will take some serious consideration and trust in your own intuition. Just selecting the crystals should be considered a part of the healing process. Take a look at the crystals that are known to be beneficial in this area and go with your gut. Choose the crystal, or crystals, that appeals to you the most.


Amazonite is an excellent gemstone for emotional healing. This beautiful green to blue-green crystal sooths and strengthens you with its calming vibrations. It calms feelings of aggression, bolsters self-esteem, reduces fear of confrontation and encourages a more balanced, reassured state of mind. You will heal quickly from emotional trauma of any kind when you keep amazonite near you.

  • Wear amazonite earrings or necklace.
  • Carry an amazonite tumble stone or worry stone in your pocket. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, take 5 or 10 minutes of quiet time and hold your amazonite in your hand or rub it between thumb and forefinger.
  • Take amazonite elixir so the healing vibrations can work from within. It will improve your ability to communicate effectively.

Aventurine is a lovely crystal for emotional healing. It is found in a variety of colors, all of which will facilitate emotional healing. Green aventurine has very soothing vibrations. These green gemstones help you achieve balance and harmony while their calming vibrations relieve anger and nervousness. They quiet an overactive mind. Red aventurine crystals encourage self-assurance and a sense of humor to help speed emotional healing.

  • Wear a green aventurine necklace or pendant to speed emotional healing in matters of the heart.
  • Keep a red aventurine gemstone in your pocket or wear it on a bracelet or ring to raise your spirits and improve vitality.
  • Wear a string of blue aventurine beads around your neck and a pair of blue aventurine earrings to keep the crystals near your throat and head. They will help you communicate more effectively and deal with harsh truths.

Jade is a wonderful gemstone for emotional healing. It works to alleviate self-imposed limitations while it encourages confidence and self-sufficiency. It is especially helpful for people who have suffered emotional trauma from being bullied or mocked for their appearance. Jade eliminates feelings of self-loathing and helps you feel more dignified. While green jade is lovely, very protective and promotes emotional healing, there are other colors of jade. Each color offers its own special benefits.

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