Kunzite Meaning

Kunzite is an extremely pretty stone, most commonly occurring in a delicate shade of pink. The stones can also be found in shades of yellow and green and make some striking pieces of jewelry as they can be very clear or quite opaque.

The pink or lilac variety is most often associated with affairs of the heart and with transmutation of negative energies through its connection with the violet flame.


This stone has been found in many locations, after its relatively recent discovery by George Frederick Kunz in 1902. It was discovered in California and subsequently has been mined in the Americas, Madagascar and parts of South Asia. It is a variety of Spodumene and the yellow or green varieties are known as Hiddenite. Kunzite combines well with other stones, particularly those of the heart or higher heart chakras. Other pink stones that can be combined with pink or lilac Kunzite are the ever popular Rose Quartz, Morganite, Pink Rhodochrosite and Pink Tourmaline. All of these stones are associated with the vibrations of love and wearing a pendant or necklace made from one or more of them can bring the wearer a sense of peace and joy and a close connection both to the world around us and to the divine love that encompasses all living things.

Kunzite is a Lithium Aluminum Silicate and often occurs as long flat sided crystals and its hardness is rated at 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Because of the Lithium element in its make-up, this stone is believed to be extremely effective in alleviating mental health issues.


The connection of Kunzite to the heart and to feelings and vibrations of love mean that it has a gentle yet powerful energy that can be felt if you wear the stone regularly and close to the heart or throat. This is easy to do as the jewelry made from Kunzite is usually both very decorative and quite affordable.

Kunzite can bring in a vibration of peace and tranquility that is very beneficial if you are trying to release negative thought or behavior patterns, especially those connected with your relationships with others. This stone is thought to be particularly useful for young Mothers and indeed anybody who has the care of very young children. Kunzite crystals are believed to be beneficial for those who are suffering from feelings of panic or fear, those who find it difficult to connect with others, and those who wish to change their outlook on life from a pessimistic stance to one of joy and optimism. It is a lovely stone to meditate with and to place in the home or workplace where it can be seen regularly and act as a reminder to focus thoughts upon the good and positive in life. Negative thought patterns are very often simply a product of habit and many people do not even realize that they have slipped into negative thinking and unhelpful attitudes or use of language. Simply looking at the beauty of a Kunzite stone can halt this negativity and begin to heal unhappiness or discontent that has arisen through unfounded worry or anxiety.

Kunzite can form a bridge between an individual’s self and their soul as well as helping to connect humans with the divine by fostering vibrations of unconditional love and deep peace.



Kunzite has the reputation of being a very spiritual stone that initiates the flow of love through the heart center and then enables the individual to express that love externally to the world. It is also a protective stone, shielding the aura from unwanted energies, thought and vibrations. It is often used by healers who work with unwanted entities in the etheric body and may also help to remove obstacles from your path, especially of you feel “stuck” or at a loss as to how to progress on your spiritual journey. It is also believed to encourage people to express themselves constructively and to verbalize their feelings in a positive way. It is especially useful if you are working through problems or issues that have their root in your childhood or in a past life experience, and can be usefully employed to unblock memories and release the fears associated with them. Many people believe that Kunzite will help the transition between life and death and also the transmutation of painful or damaging memories and thought patterns.

Spiritually, the stone Kunzite quickly helps to bring about a connection with the higher realms and reinforce the power of prayer. It can be beneficial to those who are wavering in their faith and helps to reduce uncertainty or feelings of fear associated with disappointment or betrayal.

Lilac Kunzite is believed to be a celestial doorway and may help to open the heart chakra to infinite love from the realm of spirit. Green Kunzite will help to ground feelings of love and healing and is especially useful for those engages in environmental projects to heal the earth. When placed on the brow, or Third Eye chakra, green Kunzite can increase one’s psychic abilities and provide insight and wisdom along with self-awareness and self-love. Yellow Kunzite can be usefully employed in chakra balances and alignment as it has strong associations with the Solar Plexus chakra and the emotions held therein. By clearing and cleansing the Solar Plexus working with Kunzite can allow the other chakras to come back into their own power thus facilitating the healthy flow of energy throughout the chakra system.


The green varieties of Kunzite can be used to treat irregularities of the thymus gland and may be beneficial in balancing hormones, particularly in females. Kunzite is thought be beneficial to all of the organs within the chest cavity, including the heart and lungs. It may help to boost circulation, alleviate asthma and regulate both blood pressure and heart rate.

It is also considered to be a useful tool when treating conditions affecting the nerves, such as neuralgia. It can help in the treatment of joint pain, epilepsy and the auto immune system. Many say that Kunzite will aid the body to recover from the effects of emotional stress and help those suffering from depression or psychiatric disorders.


The main benefit of Kunzite in treating emotional issues is thought to be its ability to break through barriers that may have been erected by the unconscious mind as a form of protection from emotional pain. Those who have closed themselves off from love and from others can benefit greatly from the gentle power of Pink Kunzite to open up the heart and throat chakras and allow for the safe expression of feelings. It can dissipate fear and anxiety by inspiring us to live in the present moment, letting go of sabotaging thoughts about the past or unfounded anxieties about the future. For anyone who has had a difficult childhood, particularly those who perhaps missed out on childhood through taking on responsibilities beyond their years, Kunzite can help to restore lost trust and innocence.

When it comes to treating severe emotional distress, such as that caused by PTSD or extreme phobias, Kunzite is one of the best crystals to use. Its high vibrational frequency means that it acts very quickly, bringing a welcome sense of calm and relief from acute anxiety. It is prized for its properties of fostering confidence and receptivity to the opportunities and gifts offered by life or the divine.

For anyone who struggles with intimacy Kunzite can be a great comfort and may bring a surge of confidence and trust that enables the sufferer to connect joyfully with others.


Using Kunzite in meditation will help to open the heart to profound experiences from the realms of spirit and the divine. The Archangels associated with the pink and lilac forms of Kunzite are Chamuel, Angel of Love, and Zadkiel, Archangel of Transmutation. The best way to harness the energies of Kunzite during meditation is to hold or wear one piece of crystal and to place another stone where you can focus your gaze on it comfortably. If you have difficulty reaching the calm state of mind that meditation requires try listening to a guided meditation. There are many of these to be found on the internet for free, including meditations with various angels.

Kunzite will help to connect our heart to your mind and is also conducive to a deep and grounded meditative state. When your heart and mind are in accord all will go smoothly in your life. Gazing at the beauty of the Kunzite crystal will prompt you to think loving thoughts, dispelling dis-harmony and dissatisfaction.

As you meditate, call quietly upon both Angels and tell them your worries. Ask them to bring you the tools you need to transmute negativity into positivity in all areas of your life and in your dealings with others. Ask that you receive loving thoughts, words and actions from others and from the spiritual realms. Quietly take your awareness into any areas of your body that may be causing you discomfort and ask that the pain and problem be transmuted into health and vitality. Be open to any messages you receive regarding self-healing and be sure to follow up on them. Breathe deeply and take in vibrations of gratitude and love. You may like to close your session with a ritual around your crystals and it will be beneficial to wear or carry some Kunzite with you for the rest of the day.


Pink Kunzite is one of the natural birthstones of those born in mid-autumn (October 22 – November 20).

Pale violet Kunzite is one of the natural birthstones of those born at the time when the year is new, just after the winter solstice (December 21 – January 19). Violet-based crystals bring you intuition, magic, dreams, and imagination.


Leo, Taurus and Scorpio


The pink and lilac hues of Kunzite are aligned with the heart and the crown chakras respectively. Kunzite crystals of these colors will help you to balance and heal these chakras, bringing a sense of peace and deep joy as your heart and your mind come together harmoniously.

The heart chakra governs our relationship not only with the world but with ourselves also. Working on this chakra can help to resolve emotional pain associated with unrequited love and with a lack of self-love. Cleansing and healing the heart chakra opens you up to endless possibilities of love from your environment, the divine, pets and animals as well as other human beings. The heart chakra determines what we choose to embrace and what to resist. Balancing this center will bring many benefits, emotional, mental and physical. Kunzite is known to promote creativity and imagination, leading to a greater sense of satisfaction with yourself and with your world. Pink crystal energy s often used to dissolve blockages and to aid in clearly seeing own needs and emotions.

The lilac hues of Kunzite align it with the crown chakra and with Angel Zadkiel, who will help you to transmute anything that is no longer serving you. Cleansing the crown chakra will provide you with fresh knowledge about your own behaviors and needs so that you can make more healthful choices in your lifestyle as well as in your relationship to the world. The crown chakra is our direct line to spirit, to the source and the expanded universe. When the crown is in perfect balance we are able to see things as they truly are, unobscured by false fears or assumptions. We are much more resilient and can deal with setbacks productively, knowing that they are temporary and illusory. The violet rays of crystals of this color open us up to the universal life force of creativity, imagination, magic and dreams.

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