Larimar Meaning

Larimar is often referred to as the Dolphin Stone, the Atlantis Stone or Blue Pectolite. It occurs in varying hues of soft blue, turquoise and creamy white, sometimes combining all three into one exquisite stone with remarkable patterns reminiscent of the Caribbean seas.

Some say that it carries the healing power of dolphins and the ancient wisdoms of the lost city of Atlantis to bring harmony to both body and soul.

It occurs as needle-like crystals which are fused together to form a solid mass and is found within cavities of basaltic lava. Thus it seems to carry elements of both water and earth in its composition.


In 1974 pieces of a beautiful pale blue gemstone were found by two men on the seashore in the Dominican Republic. The men were Norman Rilling, a member of the US Peace Corps, and Miguel Mendez, a Dominican. Mendez coined the name for this rare gemstone by combining the Spanish word for sea “mar” with the first part of his daughter Larissa’s name.

However, not surprisingly, long before Larimar’s “discovery” by the two men, the local inhabitants of the region, and their ancestors had been making use of the stone in a variety of ways. Island legends refer to the proliferation of stones on the beach which, one day, seemed to dry up for no reason. Locals explored the stream which fed into the sea and followed it to its source in the rocks where they found large quantities of the blue stone still existing in the very place where they were first formed. In order to mine the stone it is necessary to dig deep into the volcanic laval deposits where the gem was formed.

It seems to have been used in the making of talismans and amulets by indigenous peoples, and was prized for its perceived ability to open the veil between our world d and the world of the ancestors or spirits.


Larimar is a rare crystal in that it is found only in one place in the Dominican Republic, and also because it combines the elements of both fire and water in its make-up. It is one of the few stones able to balance the polarities of these two elements, making it both versatile and powerful. It can help to cool fiery tempers and also to calm agitation and disperse fearful thoughts. It is a good stone to use when seeking relief from stress and is especially helpful in releasing unwanted attachments, emotional ties, and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve the highest good. It is also a stone of clear communication, owing to its affinity with the throat chakra. It is a crystal that is often made into jewelry making it easy to have with you at all times. Use it to promote a sense of deep relaxation, especially if you are near water, whether sitting in the bath or beside the ocean,



Spiritually, Larimar is connected to goddess energies, especially those of the sea. In this respect it can be seen as a “feminine” stone and it confers many benefits on women, both emotionally and physically. It is not, however, a crystal that is confined exclusively to females as its gentle, nurturing, conventionally feminine attributes are equally beneficial to both sexes.

Larimar can be used to great effect in Spiritual practice if you are desirous on making a connection with any of the female deities or angelic beings. Those who engage in moon magic find Larimar to be an aid in their energy work with the moon, and also in establishing a connection with nature. It helps women to call upon their inner goddess and fully manifest their spiritual power and it helps men to connect more fully with their intuitive and receptive natures.

Larimar can be useful in spiritual cleansing rituals, especially those designed to remove negative thoughts, energies, entities or beings from one’s immediate vicinity. The connection of Larimar to Gaia, or Mother Earth, makes it a useful crystal to employ when healing the environment and cleaning up rivers or landscapes.


Larimar is a wonderful crystal to use during and after pregnancy as its soothing, nurturing qualities provide support for new mothers and infants alike. It can help with post-natal issues such as depression or fatigue and brings comfort to new parents who may be feeling the pressure of caring for a new born.

Larimar can help with any throat conditions, from sore throats to more serious conditions such as thyroid imbalances. It will help to dissolve blockages in the head, neck, throat and chest areas and can also be placed on constricted arteries or joints to bring balance and soothe pain. Reflexologists find Larimar to be a useful aid when working on the feet to diagnose specific areas of the body that may need support or attention.

Because of its dual nature of fire and water, Larimar is often useful as an antidote to excessive heat in the physical body, this can apply to menopausal hot flashes, infections, fevers and inflammation. Any stress-related or stress-aggravated condition will benefit from the cooling, soothing vibrations emitted by this stone.


Soothing and nurturing in its energetic vibration, Larimar provides much need comfort in times of emotional upheaval. If you are interested in working on your own self-development, Larimar can provide you with the support you need to uncover and face self-sabotaging behavoirs, especially those tending towards self-pity or martyrdom. It is helpful when exploring feelings of guilt, and encourages total honesty with the self, leading to a send of peace and truthfulness. It will also lend support if you then decide to make recompense for any actions that may have led to an authentic feeling of responsibility for harm done to others.

It aids in breaking down emotional barriers that may have been built around the heart, and helps to clear even deep-seated emotional defense patterns, this in turn leads to a more joyful, contented experience of life.

Emotionally, Larimar can be used when undertaking rituals or seeking answers related to the finding of one’s soulmate and facilitates the healing of the heart from past-life traumas or childhood traumas of an emotional nature.


Larimar is a good companion to keep by you if you engage in meditations that involve either dolphins or the lost city of Atlantis. Its vibrations are particularly suited to helping you to achieve a meditative and calm state and to raising your consciousness. It can help to dissolve boundaries between this world and the world of spirit allowing you to see your true path in life more clearly.

If you keep a piece of Larimar near you when meditating you will find that it helps to slow your breathing more quickly than usual, allowing you to enter a deep meditation with comparative ease. Larimar has a natural affinity with the chakras in the throat and the brow, as well as the spiritual connection through the crown chakra, and this makes communication, both in the physical and the spiritual realms easier and more authentic.

In meditation it often best to simply open your mind to possibilities rather than actively seeking answers to specific questions. Place a piece of Larimar on your throat, and another on your brow or Third Eye and use an affirmation like “I receive the information I need right now”. Focus on your breathing and let go of all expectations as you relax. Allow the crystals to act as “conductors” for any messages that may come to you. In this way you can enhance the effectiveness of your meditation, and also deepen your enjoyment of the exercise. Larimar facilitates communication with the angelic realms so it is good time to request information from your guardian angel or spirit guide.


Larimar is the birthstone for those born between 20th March and 19th April


Larimar is the crystal for the Zodiac sign of Aries.


As mentioned above, Larimar can be of great benefit to the Throat Chakra. Verbal communication amongst humans is unbelievably complex, although on the surface it appears to be fairly straightforward. Most of us tell “white lies” on average three or four times a day and we accept that sometimes telling the truth can be hurtful, unnecessary and counter-productive. However, many of us also avoid telling the truth to ourselves, even when to do so would eventually mean that we are stronger, healthier and happier. Larimar can help with this discrimination and aid us to communicate in a productive and beneficial way with ourselves and with others.

When the Throat Chakra is blocked, sometimes through trauma, or other events which leave us “speechless”, this has a knock on effect on all of our chakras which then have to work harder to take up the slack. Eventually, this will lead to ill health of some sort. The Throat Chakra is effectively the pressure valve of the body, allowing the energy of the other chakras to flow and to be released if necessary.

Use Larimar to perform a chakra balance on yourself by incorporating it into a relaxation or meditation session. Lie on your back and allow all of your limbs to relax into a comfortable position. Place a piece of Larimar crystal either directly onto your throat, or on the floor in line with your throat. After taking one or two deep cleansing breaths take your awareness into your base chakra and breathe in, visualise the disk of the chakra spinning, or, if you prefer, the petals of a red flower opening. On this in breath, see positive, clean energy entering the disk or flower. Hold it for a second or two, then exhale gently, seeing the dust or negative vibrations being pushed out of this energy center and disappearing as a fine gray mist.

Breathe energy up from the base to the Sacral Chakra and this time visualise on orange flower with petals opening and closing. Repeat the exercise of inhaling clean energy and exhaling unwanted stagnant energies which dissipate harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Repeat the process for each of the Chakras as you work your way up your center. Yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra, Spring Green or Rose Pink for the Heart Chakra, Pale blue for the Throat. When you reach the Throat Chakra, see the energy coming into your body as an ocean wave crashing upon the shore. The dynamic force of the wave washes away all negative self-talk or feelings of self-condemnation. Repeat the visualisation several times, calling upon the supportive qualities of Larimar to help you to clear out all lies from your Throat Chakra. See all of the negative energies being washed up on the beach as detritus that you no longer need.

Take another deep cleansing breath and guide the energy into your Brow Chakra, this time the disk or flower is of a deep indigo colour. Finally, take it all the way up to the Crown Chakra. For some people this Chakra is always a pure crystal white, for others it may be a rich royal blue. Visualise the flower petals opening, or the disk spinning and dispersing all of the stagnant energies and unwanted thoughts, vibrations, habits and actions that you may have inadvertently picked up through your dealings with others.

To complete the Chakra cleanse, see all seven colours cascading down from your crown over your entire body in a beautiful shower of color and light. Rest for as long as you like before closing down the Chakras, Do this by seeing each one, starting at the Crown and moving down, as a flower closing its petals into a tight bud.

This Chakra cleanse, or balance, can be performed whenever you wish, and of course you choose to focus more on one of the other Chakras if you feel that they are in some way blocked or out or balance. It can be nice to purchase or collect seven crystals or stones, each with a color that corresponds to the seven Chakras and use all of them in a regular cleansing exercise.

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