Labradorite Meaning

Labradorite is a fascinating stone to behold, with all of its flashy iridescence and color variations. It does not have a long history of appreciation as a semi-precious gemstone but it does have a fairly long history in legend.


According to legend, labradorite has been valued for its power as well as its beauty for centuries. The heart of labradorite meaning is based almost entirely in the stone’s beautiful iridescence.


Labradorite is a fairly recent addition to the semi-precious gemstone world. It wasn’t discovered until 1770. Moravian missionaries first found this iridescent mineral rock on the Isle of Paul in Labrador, Canada. Labradorite gemstones were used extensively as a semi-precious gemstone during the 1700’s and 1800’s in Europe. The missionaries who discovered the iridescent mineral rock took it to England and France. Semi-precious gems were made from the labradorite rocks and used in bracelets, brooches, necklaces and pins.

There are centuries-old Inuit tribe legends that reference labradorite rock and are at the heart of labradorite meaning. According to legend, the “Mighty Being” hit the iridescent mineral rock with his fist to initiate travel into the sky. Labradorite was called “firestone” and “fire rock” by the native people. It was also used by Boethuk people in Labrador and Newfoundland prior to 1770. Labradorite stones were believed to contain elements of the Northern Lights which were the source of the iridescent labradorite color. This belief is at the core of labradorite meaning.

Since 1770, additional labradorite rock deposits have been discovered in Australia, Finland, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Russia and the United States. Labradorite stone is mined in these areas, as well as Canada, to this day. The level of iridescence found in labradorite gemstones prompted the creation of the term “labradorescence” in an attempt to describe it accurately.

Gray and black labradorite stones reveal a wide array of labradorite colors when observed from different angles, due to their labradorescence. This coloration is at the heart of labradorite meaning. Blue labradorite, gray-green labradorite and pale green labradorite are but a few of the many hues contained in labradorite gemstones. Labradorite stone can also be copper-red, gold, pale champagne and various shades of blue-green. Golden labradorite, the labradorite gemstones that are pale champagne and gold, is rare. Spectrolite is a type of labradorite that displays the whole color spectrum in each labradorite gemstone.

Labradorite rock has been mined in Finland since the 1940’s. It was discovered there by accident during World War II. Finns, who were quarrying rocks to create traps intended to keep out Russian tanks, discovered labradorite mineral rocks in areas that were blown up while they were quarrying.


Labradorite meaning is deeply rooted in the labradorite stone’s use as a “Stone of Magic.” This iridescent mineral rock has been greatly valued by diviners, healers and shamans throughout the ages. The vivid labradorescence revealed beneath the gray or black labradorite surface represents deeper, hidden realms beneath the everyday world. These “seen” and “unseen” elements define the root of labradorite meaning.

This stone’s ability to encourage self-awareness of inner spirit, psychic ability and intuition is tied to the root of labradorite meaning. These abilities are hidden beneath what is seen in the everyday world like the labradorescence is hidden beneath the gray-green labradorite or black labradorite exterior.

Labradorite meaning is strongly connected to its reputation as the top protector stone in the mineral kingdom. Labradorite rock provides protection by creating a shield within the aura, similar to the labradorescence within the shield of the dull, labradorite rock exterior. The natural energies within the aura are strengthened by labradorite stone. Labradorite power is especially beneficial for exploring various consciousness levels and enhancing visions, both future and past, in keeping with labradorite meaning.

The magical power of labradorite, as spelled out in the root of labradorite meaning, brings natural intuitive abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance to light. Abilities in the realms of prophecy, past-life recognition and psychic reading can be discovered or enhanced by labradorite, in keeping with labradorite meaning. The ability to increase the amount of serendipity and synchronicity in life, commonly known as coincidence control, is also enhanced with labradorite.

Labradorite meaning is connected to its classification as a winter season semi-precious jewel. Labradorite color and labradorescence is especially brilliant during the winter. It is believed to have been connected to Atlantis. People with ties to Atlantis from a previous life are said to experience enhanced sensory perceptions from labradorite gemstones. Special awareness, clairvoyance and ingenuity are awakened by wearing labradorite gemstone jewelry, a labradorite benefit that supports labradorite meaning.



Labradorite healing properties in the spiritual realm are firmly rooted in labradorite meaning. The protective powers of labradorite stone protect the aura by creating an energy barrier. This barrier holds personal energy in and provides protection from people who would drain or tap into that personal energy. Because of this protective barrier, elemental forces are enhanced but kept in balance.

Labradorite benefits bring alignment of the etheric and physical bodies to facilitate access to the spiritual purpose within, as supported by labradorite meaning. Consciousness is raised while labradorite powers keep spiritual energy well-grounded within the body.

As reflected in the root of labradorite meaning, this iridescent mineral rock is referred to as the “temple of stars.” It is believed to impart light and highly evolved energy from inhabitants of other planets to the human soul.

Labradorite stone benefits enhance perseverance and strength. These labradorite properties assist in spiritual healing and staying spiritually strong in the face of adversity, in keeping with labradorite stone meaning.

Healing properties of labradorite are connected to its classification as a stone of transformation, as supported by labradorite meaning. Spectrolite gemstones are especially helpful in preparation of the soul and body for passing.

Connection with the Divine is enhanced by labradorite powers which supports labradorite meaning. Communication with spirit guides is also facilitated by labradorite gemstones.

How to use labradorite:

  • Wear labradorite earrings to improve the ability to hear messages from spirit guides.
  • Wear a labradorite pendant to remain centered while maintaining awareness of the many layers of reality, in keeping with labradorite stone meaning.
  • Use a labradorite mala or prayer beads to enhance connections with other worlds and maintain focus on self-empowerment rather than a desire to have control over others.
  • Place a labradorite gemstone in a breast pocket or in a bra.

Labradorite stones should be placed high up on the body for best results.

Labradorite powers in Divination are in keeping with labradorite meaning. In Divination, labradorite means: You may have to temporarily make the best of a less-than-ideal situation, but soon will be able to do things your way.

Labradorite benefits extend to the angelic realm by enhancing the connection to a guardian angel, in keeping with labradorite meaning. People born between June 16 and 21 will be better connected to Caliel when they wear blue labradorite gemstones. Those born from July 28 to August 1 will find their connection to Haaiah enhanced by light blue labradorite.

Labradorite imparts water energy in Feng Shui. Water energy labradorite meaning is all about rebirth, regeneration and the cycle of life. Blue labradorite placed in the north of a room or home will enhance calm reflection and prayer. It is especially supportive in the areas of life path and career, providing balanced energy throughout life.


Physical healing properties of labradorite involve the brain, eyes and lungs as well as the digestive system and regulation of metabolism, in keeping with labradorite meaning. Labradorite powers are believed to reduce respiratory problems, especially from colds and bronchitis, lower blood pressure and alleviate cold sensitivity. Labradorite benefits reduce anxiety and stress while stimulating mental acuity. Menstrual symptoms can be calmed with labradorite and it may provide pain relief. Labradorite gemstones can be beneficial in radionic analysis, in keeping with labradorite meaning. Gout and rheumatism are believed to be alleviated as a result of labradorite healing properties.

Golden labradorite healing properties are believed to help heal the liver, gall bladder and adrenal glands as well as the spleen and stomach.

How to use labradorite:

  • Wear labradorite jewelry.
  • Put a labradorite gemstone in a pocket to keep it close to the body.
  • Reiki practitioners can wear labradorite rings to enhance the flow of energy.


Labradorite stone benefits extend to emotional healing by calming an overactive mind and energizing the imagination. New, exciting ideas can be brought to mind along with a sense of change and adventure. Feelings of being emotionally drained from daunting daily repetition and responsibility fall away.

Labradorite properties lift one’s mood, reducing insecurities and fears while encouraging self-empowerment and independence, in keeping with labradorite meaning. Faith and trust in oneself as well as the universe are enhanced with the use of labradorite.

Lost memories can be brought to light to facilitate emotional healing with a contemplative and introspective state of mind. An increase in intuitive wisdom and intellectual clarity will assist with getting beyond illusion to find the true root of a problem. All of this serves to bring about a sense of peace and is strongly tied to labradorite meaning.


Labradorite powers in meditation are deeply tied to the root of labradorite meaning. Perceived limitations from the past and previous thoughts about the future are more easily transcended, opening oneself to an infinite number of new, exciting possibilities. Confidence in oneself with an unwavering faith in the knowledge that the all-encompassing pure light will always be there.

How to use labradorite:

  • Hold a labradorite gemstone in one hand during meditation.
  • Wear labradorite jewelry.
  • Use golden labradorite for a clear, powerful connection with the upper realms of the archangels.
  • Rest a string of golden labradorite beads on top of the head and through the hair to heal tears in the aura.
  • Use spectrolite gemstones in labradorite meditation for inter- and multi-dimensional travelling.


Labradorite gemstones are not traditional birthstones; however, they are natural birthstones. People born between February 19 and March 19 claim blue labradorite birthstones. Blue labradorite gemstones help people born during this time to be more patient and respectful of others.


Labradorite gemstones are the modern birthstones of people born under the zodiac sign Leo. These people celebrate their birthdays between July 23 and August 22. They are represented in the zodiac by a lion.


Labradorite powers are very beneficial in labradorite chakra. It is an extremely spiritual iridescent mineral rock that works to increase the connections between the physical and ethereal, in keeping with labradorite meaning. Spiritual growth is enhanced and strengthened by the use of labradorite. It is especially useful in the upper chakras including the throat chakra, Third Eye chakra and crown chakra.

Contact between oneself and the Divine through the crown chakra and soul star chakra is facilitated by labradorite properties, as supported by labradorite crystal meaning. Labradorite energy vibrations are highly attuned to these upper chakras. They can also facilitate connections with spirit guides.

Labradorite properties benefit the throat chakra, facilitating psychic communication. These abilities will be strengthened with the use of labradorite chakra. Multiple uses for these abilities can be realized, in keeping with labradorite meaning.

Golden labradorite properties are beneficial for the solar plexus chakra. It facilitates expansion within the mental body for greater wisdom.

How to use labradorite:

  • Wear labradorite earrings to experience labradorite benefits in the Third Eye and crown chakras. Pale blue labradorite will impart balance, flexibility and relaxation.
  • Wear golden labradorite earrings for greater healing and development energy at the Third Eye chakra, which supports labradorite crystal meaning.
  • Wear a labradorite necklace to keep the iridescent mineral rock near the throat chakra. Dark blue labradorite gemstones are especially beneficial in this area.
  • Place golden labradorite at the solar plexus chakra.
  • Place golden labradorite directly on the Third Eye chakra.
  • Use Spectrolite to enhance work with one’s “Rainbow Body” for greater higher realm awareness, in keeping with labradorite meaning.

Labradorite gemstones can be simply held in the right place or placed on the chakra in a body layout.

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