Peridot Meaning

Peridot is an ancient gemstone that adorned medieval churches and was treasured by Napolean and Cleopatra. The healing properties of peridot and unusual peridot color have made this green mineral rock highly sought after.

It is, however, more affordable than emeralds, making it even easier to take advantage of its beauty and many benefits.


Peridot has been considered an important green mineral rock for over 3500 years. Because this olive-green gemstone is not considered as valuable as emeralds, it is also called “the poor man’s emerald.” Peridot gemstones are always olive green but they can be a little more yellow-olive green or brown-olive green.

Ancient Romans enjoyed admiring the peridot color by candle light or in the warm glow of a campfire. Historians believe that some, if not all, of Cleopatra’s emeralds were peridot gemstones. The Crusaders brought green peridot to Europe where it was commonly used in medieval church decorations. It is believed by some that peridot gemstones were used to adorn the breastplates of Jewish high priests. The popularity of green peridot blossomed briefly during the Baroque era. Napolean gave peridot gemstones to Josephine as a symbol of his love and admiration for her.

Peridot has been mined on Zabargad or St. John Island located in the Red Sea since it became popular in 1500 BC. Zabargad is a volcanic island which is the type of area peridot is commonly found. Peridot rock is formed deep in the earth’s mantle which has a great deal to do with peridot meaning. The crystals are created in magma that originates in the upper mantle. The green mineral rocks are brought to the earth’s surface by shifts in tectonic plates or volcanic eruptions.

High quality peridot stones are mined in Burma, Pakistan and Vietnam today. Peridot deposits are also located in Australia, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Tanzania as well as in Arizona and Hawaii in the United States. The most prolific producer of peridot is currently China. Peridot is a type of olivine which has been found on the moon, Mars and in meteors that have fallen to earth. The planet Saturn is symbolized by peridot.


The origin of the name of this green gemstone is Arabic. The Arabic word “faridat” meaning “gem” evolved into peridot. Peridot is a type of chrysolite, which is Greek for “goldstone.” The gem peridot meaning “pitdah” in Hebrew can be found mentioned in the Bible. Peridot stones occasionally wash up on the beaches in Hawaii where they are thought to be the tears of Pele. This supports peridot meaning in that Pele is the goddess of the elements.

In ancient times, peridot meaning was based on how peridot is created. Peridot meaning was based on the belief that it was a gift from Mother Nature. Peridot rock is formed deep in the Earth and brought up by earthquakes and volcanos. This “gift” from Mother Nature was thought to be in honor of a yearly renewal of the Earth. Peridot meaning for national leaders who wore peridot gemstones in more recent times symbolized fairness and a wise, gentle demeanor.

Throughout history, peridot meaning has been linked to dispelling negative elements in life while providing strength. Peridot crystal meaning is dispeller and strengthener. Peridot meaning is also linked to education. Peridot meaning is the “Study Stone” due to peridot power based in its Olive Ray of Influence. Peridot color makes it the best gemstone for students of all ages but is especially helpful to more mature students. Peridot enhances learning by providing the strength needed to persevere during the learning process. Peridot gemstones enhance the mind’s receptiveness due to peridot color, making it easier to understand new ideas and meanings. The ability to ignore distractions and focus on studies is one of the many peridot crystal benefits, in keeping with peridot meaning.

Peridot meaning is slightly different for each variation in peridot color.

  • True olive peridot meaning is connected to awakening, change, an improved ability to listen, receptiveness and the ability to find meaning, independence and regeneration, a bolstered sense of self-worth and an improved ability to deal positively with despondency.
  • Dark olive peridot meaning is more strongly connected to learning. Dark olive is the color of the “Study Stone.” A renewal of harmony and truth in one’s life is one of dark olive peridot’s benefits. Dark olive peridot can provide an excellent start to vision quests and long searches. It opens the mind to new insights, understanding and wisdom. Steady improvement due to a slow, methodical but determined pace is facilitated by dark olive peridot, in support of peridot stone meaning. It also fosters a deeper commitment to a life’s calling. Dark olive peridot meaning supports improved self-development, better grades, enhanced capabilities, improved learning and greater intelligence. It fosters learning and problem-solving abilities while supporting success in school and dispelling ignorance, in keeping with peridot meaning.
  • Pale olive peridot meaning encompasses all of the other elements taken to a higher level. Serious quests for enlightenment, deeper wisdom and a better understanding of the universe are enhanced with pale olive peridot. Activities involving more focused concentration for absolute accuracy can be facilitated with pale olive peridot, in keeping with peridot crystal meaning. Long-term efforts can be more easily accomplished with pale olive peridot gemstones. Pale olive peridot color crystals enhance concentration, determination and diligence, facilitate discipline and endurance, assist with motivation and encourage perseverance while bolstering resistance to distractions.Protection and cleansing are linked into peridot stone meaning. Peridot gemstones improve one’s focus on steering clear of individuals that are a bad influence. Increased independence and assertiveness, in keeping with peridot meaning, make it easier to find one’s own path.



    Peridot properties assist with spiritual healing by helping to eliminate feelings of despair and emotional isolation. Peridot’s ego-balancing energies, as supported by peridot meaning, assist in spiritual healing by making one more open to spirituality. Clearing the mind of negative energies leaves one free to embrace spirituality. The protective powers of peridot stones support this in keeping with peridot meaning. Peridot protects against psychic attack, making it especially useful when the mind is calm and open to receive spiritual guidance.

    How to use peridot:

    • Wear jewelry with a sterling silver setting and peridot gemstones. This combination provides vibrations that work especially well for spiritual healing.
    • Hold a peridot stone or wear peridot jewelry to facilitate healing through a newfound spiritual awakening.
    • Use peridot mala beads for counting mantras or praying to enjoy the remarkable cleansing powers tied in with peridot meaning.

    Peridot powers are linked to the Archangel Raphael, the Archangel who is associated with healing, maintaining balance in all areas and unity.

    Peridot meaning in Feng Shui is Wood Energy. Place a peridot statue or polished stone in a southeast or east area of a room or home to promote health, family, abundance and prosperity.


    The healing powers of peridot extend to physical health in keeping with peridot meaning. Peridot is a cleansing stone with the ability to assist with elimination of toxins from the body. Peridot healing powers work like a tonic, cleansing organs to strengthen them and support healing regeneration as indicated in peridot meaning. Peridot also reduces sleep disorders with good vibrations that relax and calm the mind for good sleep while protecting from negativity that can cause nightmares.

    Peridot is believed to assist in healing from disorders of the breast, digestive tract, heart, liver, spleen and thyroid. It is said to reduce constipation and obesity, cure ulcers and assist in the treatment of diabetes.

    How to use peridot:

    • Keep a peridot tumblestone in a pocket or wear peridot jewelry to reap the health benefits.
    • Use peridot gemstones with a more yellowish color when the healing benefits need to be focused on the adrenal system, liver or stomach or anything in the area of the solar plexus.


    Peridot stone benefits extend to emotional healing by encouraging self-focus. Peridot powers make it easier to clear or control negative feelings to reduce their impact on life, in support of peridot meaning. Anger, guilt and jealousy felt by others have much less influence. These peridot healing properties improve relationships by helping to keep one’s own negative feelings and the negative feeling of others in perspective. The healing properties of peridot assist in the healing of a damaged ego and other emotional wounds to help protect against heartache. These peridot powers make peridot stones ideal for protection during the beginning of a new romantic relationship and while attempting to work through problems in a current romantic relationship.

    Ancient Romans believed peridot healing powers assisted people struggling with depression. Peridot gemstones impart energy that stimulates body and mind. These peridot healing properties support peridot meaning. As a result of the peridot stone benefits spelled out in peridot meaning, the healing powers of peridot help to reduce stress and anxiety.

    How to use peridot:

    • Wear jewelry with a yellow gold setting and peridot gemstones to reduce stress and anxiety. Peridot gemstones with holes in the center like peridot beads work best.
    • Wear peridot jewelry or carry a peridot gemstone in a pocket to help lift depression. Even a small peridot tumblestone is powerful enough to impart peridot benefits.
    • Set a polished peridot stone nearby to hold during the day or night. The stone vibrations can help alleviate depression.
    • Adorn yourself in peridot jewelry to control negativity based on jealousy.


    Peridot powers in meditation encourage learning and understanding, in keeping with peridot meaning. Peridot color places it squarely in the realm of the Olive Ray of Influence. Gemstones within this realm open the mind to new ideas and meaning while enhancing receptiveness. Psychic gifts are enhanced with the use of peridot meditation.

    How to use peridot:

    • Utilize peridot stones for meditation connected to beginning a search for new meaning, knowledge and enlightenment.
    • Use peridot gemstones in meditation for an enhanced connection to The Divine.
    • Hold a peridot stone in your hands while meditating. Even a small peridot tumblestone will provide peridot crystal benefits.


    Peridot birthstone is the traditional birthstone for people born during August. It is the modern birthstone for people born in September and October. People born during the month of August enjoy peridot benefits more intensely than people born in other months.


    Peridot gemstones are Zodiac sign birthstones for people born under a number of Zodiac signs.

    • Peridot is one of the traditional and modern Zodiac sign birthstones for people born under the sign of Leo.
    • Peridot is one of the ancient and modern Zodiac sign birthstones for people born under the sign of Virgo.
    • Peridot is one of the ancient and modern Zodiac sign birthstones for Scorpios.
    • Peridot is one of the modern Zodiac sign birthstones for people born under the sign of Sagittarius.
    • Peridot is one of the ancient Zodiac sign birthstones for people born under the Zodiac sign Capricorn.


    Peridot properties are extremely beneficial for peridot chakra healing of the Heart Chakra. The healing properties of peridot assist with balancing all energies linked with the Heart or 4th Chakra, in keeping with peridot meaning. Peridot balances body and mind through balancing experience with thought and reality with dreams. Peridot healing properties assist with healing after the loss of any relationship, including those in the area of romance.

    How to use peridot:

    • Wear a peridot pendant or necklace that places the peridot stone at the center of the chest just above the breastbone to enjoy its healing properties for the Heart Chakra.
    • Wear a peridot pendant or necklace that places the peridot stone a little lower to feel its healing power in the Power Chakra or 3rd Chakra. This area is also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is located halfway between the navel and base of the sternum. This Chakra is all about self-esteem and personal power.

    Peridot colors in the pale green or yellowish green spectrum are ideal for peridot chakra healing of the Heart and Power Chakras. Peridot is a powerful healing stone that vibrates at a very high level. The warmth and energy will be felt even if the peridot is only a small tumblestone.

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