Rhodochrosite Meaning

Rhodochrosite is a gorgeous, deep raspberry-pink or rose-red crystal that is also called the Stone of the Compassionate Heart. It is the quintessential gemstone of love and compassion. Rhodochrosite brings true joy to one’s life, heals old wounds and makes it possible to love oneself and others unconditionally.


Rhodochrosite, known as Rosa del Inca or Inca Rose, was found in pre-Colombian silver mines back in the 13th century. At that time, the area was known as Tahuantinsuyo and was located within the Inca Empire. Viracocha or Inca Ripac, an Incan ruler during that time, took credit for discovering the lovely crystals within the mine. Incans believed the beautiful deep pink-red deposits were actually the crystalized blood of their ancient rulers. As the Incan Empire declined, they abandoned the mines, which remained untouched for about seven hundred years. During this time, rhodochrosite stalactites and stalagmites formed in the mine and grew to be enormous.

That same rhodochrosite deposit began to be mined again in 1937 by a German geologist by the name of Franz Mansfield. He had about 10,000 pounds of rhodochrosite extracted for use in jewelry.

According to legend, there is a deep cave underneath the Andes Mountains where a huge, heart-shaped rhodochrosite boulder is located. This boulder is thought to be the heart of Mother Earth. The locals believe the boulder, or Mother Earth’s heart, beats only once every two hundred years. They keep the boulder well protected.

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral that often forms with thin creamy white, pale pink, tan or brown stripes. The white or pink stripes are usually crystalline manganocalcite formations, although occasionally they are layers of chalcedony. Deep brown stripes are layers of a zinc-rich material known as capilliite.


Rhodochrosite meaning is all about love. Love of oneself, love of others, spiritual love, love of Mother Earth and universal love are all at the heart of rhodochrosite meaning. This deep pink to red gemstone resonates with the heart to promote love of oneself. It helps heal old wounds so that you can love yourself again and feel worthy of the love of others. This beautiful deep pink stone is perfect for finding new love, renewing old love and making a new loved one feel confident in his or her place in the relationship. It is the perfect gemstone to give to a new member of the family when they are brought in through adoption or the remarriage of their parents.

The vibrations of this mineral rock can help one find or reunite with a lost loved one. Whether you were separated through circumstances brought about by a career change, you just got too busy and lost touch or simply grew apart, rhodochrosite can help bring you back together. If you want to reunite with a lost loved one, put a rhodochrosite crystal by their photograph, put your hands on either side of the crystal and think about the last time you saw them. Quietly, say their name three times and ask them to contact you. Rhodochrosite can also help you reunite with a lost pet. Set a rhodochrosite gemstone in the place where your pet used to enjoy spending time and imagine that he or she has returned.



Rhodochrosite spiritual healing is ideal for those times when you want to channel your spiritual awareness to expand your consciousness. It enhances spirituality to help you reach a higher consciousness. The red-pink crystals provide a strong connection to the Divine Feminine. They encourage a more compassionate and tolerant state of mind as well as a sense of inner peace and love.

If you have been feeling spiritually disconnected, rhodochrosite will help you reconnect and strengthen your beliefs. It gently encourages you to open your heart to universal love.

Rhodochrosite meaning in Divination states: Open your heart to the possibility of love and friendship and you may find that it was close to you or present all the time. Choose old valued friends rather than exciting new acquaintances.

The Archangels Auriel, Chamuel and Tzaphkiel and many Guardian Angels are attracted to rhodochrosite when it is worn by people who were born at certain times of the year. If you were born from June 1 to 5 or November 8 to 12, pink rhodochrosite will attract the Guardian Angels Hariel and Ariel to you. If you were born from October 14 to 18 or November 18 to 22, light orange rhodochrosite will attract the Guardian Angels Hahahel/Hahael and Mihael. If you were born between October 19 and 23, red rhodochrosite will attract the Guardian Angel Mikael to you.

Pink rhodochrosite represents the Fire element in Feng Shui. Place pink or red-pink rhodochrosite crystals in the southwest area of a home or room to enhance love and partnership within the home.

How to use rhodochrosite in spiritual healing:

  • Hold rhodochrosite prayer beads while praying or a rhodochrosite mala while reciting a mantra.
  • Wear a rhodochrosite necklace, brooch and earrings to enjoy their constant spiritual support throughout your day. You can wear rhodochrosite bracelets, but you should be cautious. It isn’t a very hard gemstone so it could be damaged by banging it against a desk or countertop.
  • Keep a rhodochrosite tumble stone or worry stone with you. If you begin to feel your self-confidence wavering, simply take a few quiet moments to hold your gemstones and strengthen yourself.
  • Place a rhodochrosite collector’s specimen, figurine, obelisk or pyramid on your desk at work or on a table near where you often rest at home.


Rhodochrosite physical healing properties are wonderful for the heart and blood circulation. It helps control your blood pressure and pulse rate. The manganese in rhodochrosite makes it excellent for improving bone growth. This beautiful pink crystal is also used to alleviate tension headaches and migraines, improve thyroid function, clear the lungs and facilitate lung function.

Elixirs made with this red-pink mineral rock are used to help clear up ear and sinus infections, relieve inflammation, improve digestion, alleviate abdominal pain, treat constipation and heal stomach ulcers. Skin disorders like shingles, dermatitis and boils can be treated with a rhodochrosite elixir.

Rhodochrosite can help alleviate physical manifestations of emotional distress. It facilitates healing from cancer, eye disease and liver congestion. It is also excellent for use in the treatment of imbalances in the nervous system. Rhodochrosite vibrations help heal the myelin sheath which covers the nerves. It has even provided relief from Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Rhodochrosite may be helpful for people who are trying to give up stimulants like caffeine. It actually reduces withdrawal symptoms.

How to use rhodochrosite for physical healing:

  • Wear rhodochrosite jewelry that holds the gemstone near the affected area.
  • Ingest 3 drops of rhodochrosite essence or elixir made by the indirect method several times a day.
  • Place a rhodochrosite crystal in distilled water in a glass jar and leave it in direct sunlight for a few days. Warm the water and use it to cleanse skin irritations.
  • Put a rhodochrosite worry stone or tumble stone on the abdomen while lying down to improve digestion.


Rhodocrosite is the perfect crystal for healing emotional wounds from childhood trauma. It is especially good for people who were subjected to sexual abuse. This lovely, pink-red mineral rock soothes and calms you while you work through the old trauma and let it go as part of the healing process. It imparts a purifying, healing energy that balances and cleanses you emotionally and instills a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Rhodocrosite is also excellent for people who are helping others through difficult times. It addresses its owner’s needs first, providing comfort and strength. The loving vibrations of rhodocrosite help you dig deep for continued compassion and empathy for your loved one throughout his or her healing process.

How to use rhodochrosite for emotional healing:

  • Wear a rhodochrosite necklace, earrings or bracelets to keep those healing vibrations within your aura throughout the day.
  • Ingest a few drops of a rhodochrosite essence or elixir to feel the soothing, loving vibrations throughout your body.
  • Carry a rhodochrosite tumble stone or worry stone in your pocket or tucked in your bra. When you begin to feel upset throughout the day, simply hold the pink mineral rock in your hand to calm yourself.
  • Keep a rhodochrosite collector’s piece, figurine, pyramid or a bowl of tumble stones near where you sit, both at home and at work.


Use rhodochrosite during meditation to expand your consciousness and allow spirit energy to come into your body. This is beneficial for finding solutions to problems, recovering lost memories or accessing past-life experiences to help you heal. It is also good for clarifying one’s purpose in life. Deep rhodochrosite meditation may help you transition into the sphere of golden ecstasy. While you’re there, you may be able to interact with your twin flame, if that’s what you are looking for.

How to do rhodochrosite meditation:

  • Hold a rhodochrosite stone or figurine in your hand and focus on it while you meditate.
  • Set or hold rhodochrosite crystals directly over the center point of each eyebrow, at your temples or at the center suture on your forehead to allow access for spirit energy.
  • Hold a piece of rhodochrosite in your left hand or over the Third Eye to clarify your purpose in this life.
  • Place a rhodochrosite figurine, obelisk or pyramid on a table at eye level and focus on it while you meditate.


Rhodochrosite is a natural birthstone for people born between October 22 and November 20. Wearing red rhodochrosite energizes people born during that time. They will find themselves feeling more passionate, loving and courageous.


Rhodochrosite is one of the modern birthstones for people born under the zodiac sign of Leo. People born under this sign celebrate their birthday between July 23 and August 22. It is also a modern birthstone for Scorpios. They celebrate their birthday between October 23 and November 21.


It should be no surprise that rhodochrosite is a heart chakra stone. Its soothing vibrations are perfect for activating and clearing this chakra. This lovely red-pink mineral rock is also a solar plexus crystal. Its ability to activate and clear both of these chakras earned it the nickname “The Inner Child Stone.” Using rhodochrosite to cleanse your chakras leaves you feeling loved and joyful, like a happy child.

How to use rhodochrosite to activate, cleanse and balance your chakras:

  • Lie down and place a piece of rhodochrosite stone over the solar plexus chakra and heart chakra, in that order. The solar plexus chakra is located just above the naval and the heart chakra is located just above the breastbone.
  • Leave the stones on the chakras for at least 10 to 15 minutes then remove them in reverse order.
  • Wear a rhodochrosite pendant that holds the stone down near the heart and solar plexus chakras to keep them active throughout the day.

Cleanse your rhodochrosite stones frequently, especially if you are using them often on your chakras or to meditate. Be careful with them, though. They are soft enough to be scratched by quartz particles contained in the dust that gets on them so don’t just wipe them off. They can be cleansed by simply holding them under running water for a few minutes. Don’t hesitate to wash them in tepid water with mild dish soap if they get dirty. Dry them with a soft, clean cloth and store them in pouches or wrapped in a soft cloth to keep them away from other crystals.

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