Selenite Meaning

Lovely selenite has a fairly long history as a cleansing, healing and protective crystal but it was also once used to make windows. Selenite meaning has a lot to do with its beautiful, milky white color.


This soft stones’ ability to ease connections to higher realms is no surprise, with its light, airy appearance. Selenite stones are like wispy white clouds just waiting to lift your spirits.


Selenite crystals were appreciated by Ancient Greeks who named the transparent or translucent white gypsum crystals “selenite,” which means “moon” in Greek. The milky, pearly gypsum almost glows, making it look similar to the moon. They actually made windows out of selenite mineral rocks to let in the light so they could see more clearly, which is a part of selenite meaning.

Deposits of selenite mineral rock are located in a number of areas around the world. There are deposits on every continent. Selenite rocks are actually a type of mineral rock known as gypsum. It is extremely soft with a Mohs scale rating of 2. Selenite wands can actually be bent slightly. This natural flexibility is a part of selenite meaning.

Selenite crystals can be found in caves in Mexico. There are some enormous crystal formations of the transparent to translucent white gypsum in the Naica Mine located in Chihuahua, Mexico. Some of these gigantic selenite crystals are over 35 feet long. The cave that these enormous selenite crystals are in is called the Cave of the Crystals.

Selenite is commonly translucent or transparent, which is a part of selenite meaning. Milky white selenite crystals are also called “satin spar.” These selenite crystals have a fibrous, silky, pearly or milky look. You can almost see through them but they are not quite clear or transparent.

Different selenite colors occur when the selenite crystals form with other minerals. Green selenite occurs in southern Australia. It gets its green selenite color from copper. Desert Rose selenite is a lovely peachy-brown or golden selenite color due to the inclusion of sand. It forms in Morocco. Selenite crystals might also contain druse, iron, silver or sulfur. They can be blue, golden, green, grey or various shades of peachy-brown.


Selenite crystal meaning is all about illumination, balance, harmony and peace. It has earned the moniker of “stone of reconciliation.” This well-earned moniker is at the very heart of selenite meaning. Selenite properties inherent in selenite meaning help people reconcile their differences by facilitating honest yet considerate communication. Selenite meaning encompasses the light of understanding or “seeing” the perspective of others and respecting that perspective.

These transparent or translucent white gypsum selenite mineral rocks are quite powerful. However, selenite powers are as gentle as the light brush of an Angel’s wing, which is one of the selenite properties at the very heart of selenite meaning. Selenite mineral rocks instill a sense of peace, like gazing up at the white, wispy clouds in the sky. A feeling of calm understanding, in keeping with selenite meaning, is instilled in anyone who uses selenite crystals.

Peace, harmony and respect in all relationships is at the very heart of selenite meaning. Selenite benefits personal relationships between partners or loved ones, relationships within the community and working relationships. This lovely transparent or milky white selenite is all about understanding, working things out, getting along and respect for others rights and opinions, in keeping with selenite meaning.



Selenite mineral rock encourages spiritual healing by opening your mind to let you see your true self, in keeping with selenite meaning. Selenite stone facilitates access to memories and gifts that you may have had in a past life. This realization will help you understand your higher purpose in this life and help you avoid making the same mistakes you may have made in a past incarnation. Your true self and spiritual perspective may be revealed to you as higher realms are revealed.

Selenite healing properties will provide you with selenite powers of harmony, balance and protection from negativity, in keeping with selenite meaning. This balance and protection will help steady you during your journey toward enlightenment. Golden selenite is an especially healing type of selenite crystal. It has all of the selenite properties at the heart of selenite meaning.

Selenite benefits include establishing connections with Guardian Angels, facilitating communication in keeping with selenite meaning. This is not at all surprising due to its strong connection to the Angelic Realm. Open your heart and mind to your Guardian Angel during prayer or meditation with a selenite wand, fishtail or angel wing selenite. Maintain a quiet mind and “listen” carefully for a response. Communication, as supported by selenite meaning, may be forthcoming.

Selenite mineral rock provides fire energy in Feng Shui. It should be used sparingly in the same way as red crystals like carnelian or scarlet red garnet gemstones. In Feng Shui, selenite gemstones are not to be placed in the eastern or southeastern end of a room or home. It is a high-energy stone that should be placed in the south area of a home or room.


Physical healing properties of selenite clear away negative energy, in keeping with selenite meaning, which can help clear the minds of those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Its healing vibrations facilitate proper alignment of the spine and may help reduce the severity of epilepsy and seizures.

Selenite healing properties facilitate the absorption of vitamins and minerals through proper digestion. Calcium is more readily absorbed in the presence of this transparent or translucent white gypsum. Selenite mineral rock improves physical health by facilitating harmonious balance in body and mind, in keeping with selenite meaning.

Selenite healing properties can also help alleviate problems in the areas of sex and fertility. Selenite mineral rock vibrations tend to increase the sex drive, encourage fertility and protect the mother from complications. All selenite benefits included in selenite meaning.

How to use selenite:

  • Use a selenite wand to locate energy flow blockages and remove them. Squeeze the selenite wand gently in your hand and slowly run it over the body just an inch or 2 away. After you use the wand a few times, you will begin to pick up on subtle differences in how the selenite wand feels in your hand. It will feel different where there is an energy blockage. Healers often use them in this way. Hold the wand over the area where the energy is different to help pull negative energy out and restore a healthy energy flow.
  • Wear a selenite gemstone necklace and earrings to keep the healing, balancing vibrations near you during the day.
  • Place a chunk of selenite mineral rock or a selenite wand on your nightstand and close to where you spend most of your time.


The emotional healing properties of selenite are based in selenite crystal meaning. Selenite mineral rock has the ability to dispel negative energies and negative thoughts, in accordance with selenite meaning. The transparent or translucent white gypsum encourages positive thinking and a more positive outlook on life, helping to lift ones mood and spirits with an eye to happy future.

Selenite healing properties facilitate healthy relationships through honesty, truth and communication from the heart, in keeping with selenite meaning. It helps establish and maintain healthy, easy-going relationships with loved ones and partners. Green selenite crystals are especially helpful for smoothing things over in relationships that have been damaged by disagreements.

Just as salt water is soothing for a mouth irritation, selenite mineral rock is soothing for upset emotions. In keeping with selenite meaning, this transparent or translucent white gypsum sooths and calms irritations and provides emotional balance.

How to use selenite:

  • Place a selenite mineral rock, either a wand, figurine or even just a chunk of selenite, in each of the four corners of your home. This placement dispels negativity and provides protection from outside negative forces, in keeping with selenite meaning.
  • Wear a selenite gemstone bead necklace or earrings. A selenite gemstone bracelet can help as well; however, selenite mineral rock is very soft and easily damaged. It can be scratched with a fingernail so be careful not to hit your selenite gemstone jewelry on anything.
  • Carry a selenite worry stone with you. If you begin to feel overwhelmed with negativity, take a quiet moment or two and rub your selenite mineral rock between finger and thumb. Just be careful not to scratch it.


Selenite properties are not always conducive to relaxing meditation. Selenite mineral rock has a high vibration rate which often excites the mind, rather than relaxing it for quiet meditation. If you find that you are able to reach a quiet, meditative state with a selenite wand or a fishtail or angel wing selenite, there are a couple ways to meditate with it. Selenite meditation can help establish a connection with the Angelic Kingdom or turn negative energy into positive energy, in keeping with selenite meaning.

Try doing a selenite meditation in one of the following ways:

How to do selenite meditation:

1. Projection Meditation:

  • Place a selenite crystal directly on your Third Eye or brow chakra.
  • Clear and quiet your mind to enter a meditative state.
  • Project your message, intent or goal as clearly and positively as possible. For example, visualize getting healthy, resolving a disagreement or send healing, loving energy to a loved one.

2. Higher-realm Connection Meditation:

  • Hold your selenite wand or selenite crystal at eye level or place it on an altar or table at eye level. A fishtail or angel wing selenite mineral rock is ideal for this.
  • Gaze into the selenite until it appears to change color or shape. At that moment, you have established a connection to your spirit guide. Remain calm and pay attention so that you may learn something new.

3. Stress Relief Meditation:

  • Hold your selenite wand or selenite crystal in front of your heart.
  • Quiet your mind to reach a meditative sate.
  • Sit quietly and meditate while the selenite powers wash your stress away.


In spite of its beauty and the selenite powers at the heart of selenite meaning, there are no selenite birthstones.


Selenite stone is the zodiac stone for those born under the zodiac sign Taurus. People born under this sign celebrate their birthday between April 20 and May 20. All of the selenite benefits included in selenite meaning are enjoyed by people born under this sign even more than those born under other signs.


Selenite chakra work should be done carefully. The transparent or translucent white gypsum has a very strong connection with higher realms and the Angelic kingdom, a selenite power at the root of selenite meaning. Its vibrations resonate with the heart chakra, Third Eye or brow chakra and the crown chakra. Green selenite crystals are especially good for the heart chakra.

Selenite wands and selenite crystals of any selenite color resonate with the soul star chakra. This chakra is located almost 1 foot above the top of your head. In order to safely use selenite crystals in this way, you must be aware of the soul star chakra and your lower star of the earth chakra, which is located just under 1 foot below the souls of your feet.

Selenite mineral rocks and selenite wands are wonderful for activating the higher chakras but you must exercise caution.

How to do selenite chakra:

  • Cleanse, align and balance your chakras first with gemstones that activate and cleanse each chakra.
  • Remove these chakra crystals and firmly ground yourself. Use a dark grounding stone like black tourmaline, black obsidian or hematite to make sure you are well grounded.
  • Establish a strong Mother Earth connection by visualizing fine, silver roots gently wrapping around your ankles then driving deep into the earth until you actually feel energy come back up.
  • Visualize your earth chakra opening, like turning a dial counter-clockwise.
  • Place your selenite wand or selenite crystal a few inches above your head. If you are sitting, you may place a flat selenite worry stone right on your head. Do not be alarmed if you “see” a golden color in your mind. It is not uncommon to see colors associated with the various chakras when they are activated or healing.
  • Remove the selenite crystal after you finish, wait a few minutes then visualize the silver roots gently loosening and falling away from your feet.

If you feel spacy or as if you are “travelling” unintentionally hours after completing your selenite chakra session, you are ungrounded. Wear grounding-stone jewelry or go outdoors and stand barefoot on the grass or soil to ground yourself.

Cleanse your selenite mineral rock every few days to enjoy all of the selenite benefits supported by selenite meaning. Do not rinse it in water or saltwater. Either cleanse it by smudging it with sage or submerge it in brown rice for 24 hours. This translucent white gypsum is quite soft and can dissolve in water. A soft, clean make-up brush can be used to gently brush away any dust that might accumulate on your selenite gemstone.

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