Crown Chakra Healing with Crystals

Crown Chakra Healing With Crystals

An unhealthy crown chakra will make you seem obtuse. It can cause trouble at home and in your career. There is much more to the crown chakra than that, though. Clear and heal this chakra and you will be amazed by what you’ve been missing. Using crystals to heal the crown chakra could change your world.


Your crown chakra or 7th chakra is located just above the top or crown of your head. There are lower and higher crown chakra levels. The lower crown chakra controls your intelligence, how easily you grasp what is going on in your world, what people are saying, how things work and how you think. Physical coordination and balance are affected by this chakra. You may develop skin or musculoskeletal health problems when this chakra is clogged and unhealthy. As it heals, you will begin to experience thoughts that are much deeper than usual and feel more coordinated and balanced, both physically and emotionally. Your spirituality and “higher self” are controlled by the higher crown chakra. As this level heals, opens and begins to function properly, you will begin to experience higher consciousness, become more self-aware and see others more clearly. You may become more enlightened spiritually. You could even connect with The Divine and develop a deeper understanding of higher love and commitment to something greater than yourself.


Your crown chakra works by pulling in negative ions to energize you physically, emotionally and spiritually. They also feed the aura, keeping it healthy and intact. Chakras get clogged with positive ions from time to time, becoming unhealthy, out of balance and unable to function efficiently. Heal your crown chakra with gemstones that clear positive ions from the chakra, balance it and get it working naturally with their soothing vibrations. Use healing crystals in one or all of the following ways:

  • Do a chakra meditation with a crown chakra healing crystal. Place a flat crystal right on the top of your head while meditating, if you prefer to sit upright, or set it just above your head if you prefer to lie down. A 15-minute session once or twice each day should heal this chakra within a few days. After it is healed and working properly, do a chakra meditation with the healing crystal every other day or so.
  • Wear earrings or hair clips adorned with crown chakra crystals to enjoy the healing vibrations all day.
  • Place a crown chakra healing crystal beneath your pillow while you sleep at night.
  • Take a crown chakra elixir to send the healing vibrations coursing through your veins and right to the chakra.

When you are focusing on the crown chakra through the use of crystals and meditation, the chakra usually closes naturally within a few hours after you finish meditating but sometimes it remains open. You may begin to feel a bit spacey and out-of-sorts. This just means that you are still connected to a higher realm or you may be doing a bit of unintentional “psychic traveling.” Have a grounding gemstone on hand so that you can easily ground yourself when you need to.

Clear your crown chakra healing crystals often to keep them working properly. They will get clogged, too, with the positive ions they clear from your chakras and any negativity they absorb from you and the atmosphere around you.


Crown or 7th chakra healing gemstones are usually violet or white. These crystals vibrate, or resonate, at a rate that clears and stimulates the crown chakra. When you choose your crown chakra gemstones, select the crystal, or crystals, that you are naturally drawn to. Most people know intuitively which crystals they need.

  • Amethyst crystals are wonderful crown chakra healing gemstones. Pale violet or light purple amethyst gemstones are ideal for the lower crown chakra. White or pale lavender-white amethyst crystals are excellent for healing the higher crown chakra.
  • Clear quartz crystals are excellent crown chakra healing gemstones. They quickly clear and balance the lower and higher crown chakra. As you continue to work with this crystal, it will reach right through all seven chakras with healing, energizing Divine light.
  • Moonstone is a lovely crown chakra healing gemstone. Its healing vibrations work in both the lower and higher crown chakra and, like clear quartz, will help heal and balance your other chakras, too.
  • Black tourmaline is a very effective grounding stone. Hold a black tourmaline crystal in one hand and quiet your mind for a few minutes to ground yourself and balance your physical body with your ethereal body.

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