Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology to Find Something Lost

We live in a fascinating world, a world that is sometimes full of mysteries and intrigue. The prospect of finding answers to your many questions can give you a sense of excitement and dread all at the same time. How can you find answers to your many questions if you don’t know what they are? How can you seek solutions if you don’t have any clue as to where to start?

Horary Astrology: The Way To Seek Answers To Locate Items & Find Answers

A Horary astrologer would consider these two questions as the beginning of a point that could change your life. If you’re willing to make an effort, a Horary astrological reading can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. It could also be one of the scariest because it will force you to question things you may have never thought of or even realized. At first, it may seem like an adventure or a test, but in time, it could grow into something much deeper and more meaningful for you. 

In this article, we will go in-depth about the relationship between Horary Astrology or Question Astrology and how you can utilize this practice as a tool to help you with the big questions in your life. 

Horary Astrology is a very ancient form of astrology, which has been practiced for centuries, and it can be used to find lost objects or even help people make better decisions. The term horary astrology comes from an ancient branch of horoscope astrology which deals with questions that focus on either the present or future. Horary Astrology also deals with the questions that revolve around choices, decisions, and risks that an individual may take in their daily life.

These questions are specific and are focused on a specific time. The word ‘horary’ comes from the Latin word ‘hora,’ which means time. This is because horary astrology is based on the idea of time and how events that take place during certain times can give us more insight into them.

Primarily, you will utilize horary astrology to answer future-oriented questions, especially concerning item location. You can not use Horary Astrology to ask questions in relation to past events. This type of astrology is based on the time at which the question is asked and understood. Astrologers will not use a natal chart to determine your answer but will instead cast a chart based on the question asked during that time.

Horary Astrology is different from other branches of astrology and forms of divination because the process results in concrete answers to a specific question. Alternatively, other forms of astrology, such as psychic readings, palmistry, and Vedic astrology, offer answers that are more varied and not limited by time. The answers you get from this astrology branch will help you make important decisions and plans for your future.

Many people are always curious about their future, what they should do and how they can better their lives. The process will work for those seeking quick as well as specific answers to any questions that are lingering in their minds. Horary Astrology, in a way, works to remove the doubt that can cloud a person’s thoughts and help them arrive at a relevant solution promptly.

History of Horary Astrology

Astrologers have come quite a long way and have modernized a bit to be more relevant or relatable. Horary astrologers have tended to deviate from the norm by upholding antiquated practices. The restoration and publication of a beautifully bound edition of an original copy of William Lilly’s Christian Astrology, which was first published in 1647 in the early 1980s, helped spur a resurgence in horary astrology. This book has largely evolved into a horary astrologer’s bible. Lilly’s judgments are based only on the visible planets because he was born before Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered.

Apart from the absence of the outer planets, traditional Horary Astrology is characterized by a large number of specific rules, which early astrologers had to memorize. Additionally, the 12 signs of the zodiac were divided into numerous categories, which made things a bit more complicated to interpret.

Horary Astrology is based on the idea that certain events can give us insight into our future and how we should approach them. In order to use Horary Astrology effectively, you will need to be able to answer questions about the past, present, or future. You must also be willing to put forth a lot of effort towards your research and interpretation of the horary chart you are analyzing.

Although Horary Astrology can be somewhat complicated or intimidating, it can provide quick responses that are precise and relevant to your question. Additionally, creating a Horary Chart is a rather simple process since it is unnecessary to know any personal details about the asker’s zodiac, place, or time of birth. A Horary Chart will be created around the time and location of the question when it is asked by an individual.

How Horary Astrology Works

As previously mentioned, Horary Astrology can be used in a practical way to locate missing items or objects. It is important, however, to take the practice seriously. If a Horary Chart is cast with no conviction or captivated interest, then the resulting chart will lack clarity.

When you are sincere and committed to finding an answer to your desired question, then you will receive the best results for your Horary Chart. Before you begin the process to cast a Horary Chart, you will have gone through the typical searching and step retracing to locate your missing item.

Once it is established that the item is indeed lost, you must utilize the desperation and anxiety you feel over the lost item to cast a strong Horary Chart that will indicate the item’s location.

After the Horary Chart has been cast for your object, you will begin to interpret the symbolism of the planetary position and contacts present within the chart. It is important to not focus on every detail of contradiction in your chart but instead on any repeated themes that will guide you to discovering what was lost.

Pay close attention to your intuition, as it will assist you in following the correct path to your lost item.

Asking the Right Questions

Typically the most important part of Horary Astrology is centered around the question and how it is asked by the particular individual. Here is a list of rules that you must follow when participating in Horary Astrology.

First, you may not ask a question pertaining to the past or in relation to past events.

Second, if you already know an answer to a question or a particular situation, then you can not ask about it in Horary Astrology.

Third, do not ask a question beginning with ‘should’; instead, phrase your question-begging with ‘will’ (will I or will they).

Also, you should not ask any questions pertaining to life-or-death scenarios or situations.

The next rule requires you not to ask questions that require a yes or no answer.

A Horary chart needs an interpretation that can not be based on a yes or no answer.

Another rule to follow is never to ask or inquire about third parties when utilizing Horary Astrology.

Your focus should be on yourself in this instance and not on others.

Lastly, it is important to consider the time frame when constructing your question. Think about asking a question that will be around three months into the future from the time you ask the question. This is a typical practice because Horary charts typically last for three months and should only be for one question at a time. When you feel a burgeoning question arises from within, write it down and note the time and location to cast your own Horary chart about your question.

Interpreting Horary Charts

In order to read or interpret a Horary Chart, you will need to first determine if the question is fit enough to be answered using the appropriate rules. Next, you will need to locate and interpret any planetary signification, including the moon, the ruler of the ascendant, and the relevant house ruling planet.


You can next add in any aspects to uncover additional information, such as the degrees at which significators are in relation to planets in the chart. Lastly, use your intuition to summarize using your best judgment, discernment, and experience on the matter. Like anything new, interpreting Horary charts may seem daunting or intimidating, but with practice, you will be able to pick out the elements relevant to your question and answer them immediately.

Moon’s Aspect

When asking a question through Horary Astrology, the moon’s position and its planetary aspects are crucial and act as significators in answering your question. Significators associate the question asked with certain planets and their positions to receive an answer through the interpretation of a Horary Chart. It is also vitally important to know the horoscope ruler of the sign in the first house cusp of the individual asking the question.


The planetary rulers of the houses that are asking the question take precedence in the analysis of the astrology reading. In comparison to other branches of astrology, planetary aspects of the house cusps are given more weight in Horary Astrology. Also, the lunar nodes, planetary antiscia (reflections around the solstice and equinox points), fixed stars, and Arabic parts are essentials in horary astrology.

To cast a Horary Chart, you must initially consider the date, time, and place where you are located the moment that you think of or ask your question. Now the outcome of your Horary chart will depend upon a few specific rules that should be considered when setting up your chart.

Ascendant and Descendants

One of the first rules involving casting your Horary Chart prefers that the ascendant and the descendent be in between 3 and 27 degrees. Anything less than 3 degrees is unfavorable and denotes that the cosmos have not provided enough information to be useful in your question. Now anything above 27 degrees denotes that your question has come too late and an answer has already been given for your question or situation. Ultimately the timing is off, and it is too soon to provide an answer.

Another factor to consider when interpreting your Horary Chart is if the results are within 15 degrees of Libra and 15 degrees of Scorpio. This is an unfavorable sign meaning that the chart created is too temperamental and unpredictable to interpret. Lastly, the depiction of the moon in your Horary Chart will hold vital information on the outcome of your question.

The Moon Signifier

The moon will represent the overall energy of the situation and act as another sginifier in answering your question. If the moon is not applied to any planet, the chart is considered void, meaning your quest for an answer will not bear any results. This could be because the situation has ended, and a result is already in place. It can also mean that perhaps the wrong question is being asked, and you should ask it again in a different manner.

Here is a quick example of how you can use the information found in a Horary Chart to arrive at your answer. A horary chart is typically read by first allocating the subject of the question to a specific house in the chart. For example, if you were to ask about the location of your lost pet, then the subject would be represented by the sixth house.

The sixth house is one that oversees animals that are smaller than a goat. Now we can determine the particular sign that is associated with the house cusp of the sixth house. In this example, this would point us to the zodiac sign of Libra, which is ruled by Venus.

Now that we know the ruler, Venus will be the signifier for our question about the lost per. According to Venus’ state in the horoscope, we are able to determine the pet’s general well-being. Additionally, Venus’ placement will give clues to your pet’s location.

How Horary Astrology Can Benefit You

There are many benefits associated with Horary astrology and the casting of a Horary Chart to find the answers you have been searching for. One of the best features of this practice is the aspect of not having to be physically present to receive an answer to your question. For example, if you were to utilize palmistry to ask a question, you need to be physically present so the palmist can read your palms.

Also, a traditional astrologer would need your birth details to formulate a chart to help you answer your individual question. On the other hand, Horary Astrology can be used by yourself or others to get precise answers rather quickly. For example, a friend could cast a Horary Chart on an issue that has been troubling you. Your friend could use the chart to interpret an answer to the problem you have been facing and assist you with getting your life back on track. They would not need your birth chart or any other personal details except to know your specific question about a problem or situation at hand.

The beauty of Horary Astrology resides in the multitude of ways to utilize its practice. Whether you use your Horary Chart to simply find your lost keys or ask if you will marry a specific person, you will discover quick and precise answers to your distinct questions.


Horary Astrology is a complex branch that focuses on the future and questions pertaining to the future. This type of astrology can be useful for many different kinds of people ranging from those who want to know what their career path will be in the future, how they will fare financially, or if they should move somewhere else.

Horary astrologers are experts at interpreting horary charts because they understand their symbolism and patterns. An astrologer uses this knowledge to interpret the timing and location of where an object or person is located within a horary chart. Although there are many different types of astrology, Horary Astrology is one of the most popular forms because it has been around for quite some time and has been used by people for many generations.

This form of astrology works so well because it focuses on relationships between planets and other celestial objects within a Horary Chart as opposed to other types of astrology, which focus on more abstract concepts such as fate and destiny.

One of the most important aspects of Horary Astrology is that it focuses on asking questions based on a specific time period. Once you have asked your question, you will be given a specific answer. It is important to note that the answers are not always definitive, and they do depend on the time and place in which they were cast. An astrologer will interpret the information from your Horary Chart when answering your questions ranging from lost items to important and pivotal life decisions.

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