Topaz Meaning

Topaz can be found is so many colors that it is beyond the scope of this article to cover all of them. It is, and always has been, a highly regarded stone, symbolizing wealth, health and happiness in all of its manifestations.

The stones on the yellow/gold/red side of the spectrum symbolize the power of the sun to warm, heal and bring life forth. Blue Topaz draws its vibration from the sky and the cosmos, bringing a renewed sense of vitality and the confidence to express oneself clearly and authentically.


Humans have had a long and enduring love affair with this very special stone. It was connected with Ra, the Sun god in Egyptian culture while Hindus believed in its power to protect their homes from the destructive power of fire. Romans and Greeks bestowed upon Topaz the attributes of strength and the ability to protect one from injury. In Europe Topaz became strongly associated with Apollo, another solar entity. Topaz is mentioned several times in the Bible, associated with the apostle Matthew.

Its healing properties are well documented in ancient lore and include a belief that Topaz was able to cure inflammation, used to stop nose bleeds. Worn as ring on the finger to protect against poison, death and accident. In the middle ages it was used to break spells, promote favor with rulers such as kings and emperors and to enhance wisdom.

The uses to which this versatile stone has been put over the years range from supporting mental health to curing eye diseases. African Bushmen have long used Topaz as an aid in connecting to the world of Spirit and it features heavily in Shamanic rituals in many cultures.


Topaz has associations with love and is believed to be a bringer of good fortune, especially when used in rituals relating to romance and the attraction of a soul mate of life partner. Topaz may be called upon to uncover deception and lies, and as it is also believed to increase its power in line with the cycles of the moon it can be used from the time of the crescent to the full moon to assist in the detection of fraud in both money and love. It can be called upon to clear one’s own energy field of any lies or manipulative behaviors that have led to feelings of low self-worth or self-criticism. It has the power to clear away illusion, and in this respect it is strongly associated with the influences of the moon.

Yellow or clear topaz is thought to be especially effective for lifting one’s mood and invigorating a jaded, lethargic metabolism. The vibration of Topaz in these colors is thought to be beneficial in combatting tiredness and in countering the negative impact of damaging thought patterns. It can help to fight depression and enhance personal well-being, especially when placed over the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras.

It has been called the “gourmet stone” because of its perceived ability to enliven the taste buds. Some wine tasters use Topaz use it before undertaking blind tasting, and some also believe that sucking on a Topaz stone before eating will aid digestion and enhance appreciation of food and drink.



Topaz is often used to increase connection with the higher realms and tas an aid to spiritual growth and development. It has a strong connection to the Divine through its associations with various heavenly bodies and the yellow or clear varieties of Topaz are thought to be particularly potent divination stones. Wear one the paler versions of Topaz if you are engaged in crystal ball or tarot readings, either for yourself or others. The more fiery shades of Topaz can be usefully employed if you are working on achieving a balance between body and spirit as they are especially grounding in vibration and energy. The enhancement of the effect of Spiritual journeys, such as past life experience therapy or astral plane travel can be achieved if you incorporate both the clear and the red varieties of Topaz into your ritual or exercise.

Blue Topaz has many spiritual benefits such as clearing and cleansing the psychic centers of the third Eye and Crown. Perform a mind, body spirit balance by holding a clear and a blue Topaz in the right hand and a red or deep pink Topaz in the left hand. Call upon your own Spirit guides and guardian Angels to assist you in attaining balance and harmony between your material life and your Spiritual needs. Very often we become stressed and diverted from our true Spiritual path through the pressing needs we have to fulfil in the material world. By trusting the process, and having faith in the Divine plan, you automatically let go of the burden of worry over your financial or material requirements. This helps to clear the way for the Angels to deliver everything that you require in order to maintain your sense of security. You are then free to focus calmly on nourishing your spirit. You should also hold an awareness of the need for service at this time. The best way to fulfil your own Spiritual needs is to serve others in their quest for both physical and Spiritual health. This course of action will certainly be for the highest good of all, and thus cannot fail.

Topaz is an excellent stone to utilize in all kinds of Spiritual exercises and can help to boost your faith, calm your fears, dissolve negative thoughts, alleviate anxieties and allow deep connections to the higher realms. It has the reputation of being able to instigate a deep and abiding trust in the benevolent forces of the universe. It is also very helpful in helping you to see and recognize the signs and messages sent to you daily from the Divine realms.


Any disorder connected with the digestive system will be helped by Topaz crystals. These include emotionally rooted problems such as anorexia as well as physical allergies or intolerances. Topazes within the golden spectrum of colors will help to recharge the physical body and can be used to combat feelings of stress and exhaustion. These colors are supportive of tissue regeneration and are especially beneficial in convalescence. They are believed to improve blood circulation and alleviate the discomfort of cold hands and feet. The sunny versions of Topaz are thought to be beneficial in supporting the liver, gall bladder and endocrine system.

Blue Topaz has long been believed to be beneficial to the eyes and can help in the treatment of eye infections, blurred vision and skin eruptions on the eyelids. Purple Topaz is believed by some to beneficial in the treatment of mental illness. Use in conjunction with Imperial or gold Topaz for the treatment of depression and melancholia. Blue Topaz is supportive of the ears, throat and skull as well as the eyes. It can be helpful when treating migraines, tensions in the jaw area sore throats, speech impediments and fear associated with speaking about feelings or speaking in public.

Clear Topaz can be very helpful to those recovering from injuries and to anyone who has issue with the organs of the lungs and large intestines. It has been employed as a supportive aid for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, pneumonia and flu.


The energy and vibration of Topaz teaches us forgiveness which is a very potent tool to use when working on the emotional body. Topaz helps us to align with our true selves and the beauty of our souls, bringing joy, love and abundance into our lives. Topaz can bring great comfort to those battling with feelings of self-doubt, anger or bitterness. It helps to build confidence and to release feelings of fear or doubt. It also helps us to realize our own abilities, our achievements and the value of our contributions to the world.

Wearing a small blue Topaz on a chain or carrying one in your pocket will remind you to maintain a sense of balance in your dealings with difficult people. Blue topaz is also very useful if you need some inspiration for a creative project, or if you are having difficulty trusting your own instincts. Clear Topaz can help those who wish to manifest a clear intent or vision.

Because Human relationships are often complex, many disturbances in our emotional bodies are caused by misunderstandings and a false perception of the meaning or intent of others. Topaz can prove to be an invaluable aid if you allow yourself to draw upon its energies whilst maintaining a detached, calm, compassionate attitude to any potential areas of conflict with others. If you are feeling rejected or betrayed due to the actions of others take a few minutes to reconnect with your own intuition and your own soul’s deep knowing. Place purple Topaz on your crown and/or blue Topaz on your brow. Silently ask the universe to show you exactly what is going on in any given situation. Trust the answer you receive and act accordingly.


Meditating with Topaz will bring mind body and spirit into alignment with the benevolent forces of the Universe. Place a single stone, or a collection of stones of different colors where you can comfortable see them from your relaxed meditative position and allow your gaze to drift slightly out of focus. Breathe deeply and comfortably. Allow thoughts to enter your mind, but leave them alone. Set an intention to be completely open to any messages you receive, and also to feelings of lightness and peace. Topaz is a wonderful stone for enhancing these intentions and also for concentrating healing vibrations to areas of discomfort or disease. If you are seeking enlightenment, focus on the golden/pink rays. It is especially helpful to use pink topaz alongside the deeper yellow or golden shades when undertaking meditations of this kind. The beauty of the crystals allows the mind to fall into a state of appreciation and acceptance of what is important only in the moment. In this way you will find that you become far more receptive to ideas and messages from both your own unconscious mind and the collective consciousness of the universe. Use Topaz stones frequently in your meditations and see how your quest for peace and enlightenment becomes easier and more productive as time goes by.


Topaz is one of the natural birthstones of those born between November 22 and December 21.


The signs of the zodiac taking Topaz as their stone are Sagittarius and Scorpio.


Topaz occurs in many colors and is therefore a very versatile stone for using with the chakras. Use blue Topaz when working on the upper chakras of the Crown, the Third Eye and the Throat. Pink and pale purple Topaz can be beneficial if you wish to clear the Heart chakra, while the golden and darker yellows specimens can be used for healing and balancing the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras. The fiery red versions of Topaz are marvelous grounding tools and are very useful for reviving for the Base or Root chakra.

Connecting with the healing properties of Archangels and Angels is eased by emplying the vibrations of the different shades of Topaz. Call upon Archangels Michael and Raziel if you are focusing on the powers of the mind and intellect. They work on the blue ray and will bring their prodigious energies to aid the solving of intellectual problems. Golden Topaz amplifies the energies of Ariel and Jophiel and will enhance your appreciation of the beauty to be found in everything you encounter.

Chakra necklaces and bracelets are very popular at the moment and are a lovely way to ensure that you are wearing the appropriate colored stones to correspond with each chakra. A piece of jewelry that uses Topaz in each of its color manifestations is a special piece indeed.

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