Sodalite Meaning

Sodalite is not your typical gemstone. It is not even classified as a rock. Sodalite is actually a beautiful, deep blue mineral that is carved into statues, pyramids and obelisks.

Even though it lacks the hardness of rock gemstones, sodalite is also used to make lovely jewelry. Just don’t try to cut glass with your sodalite ring. There are other uses for sodalite mineral stones, too, all of which are based in sodalite meaning.



Sodalite is quite young in gemstone years. The deep blue mineral gemstone was not discovered until 1806, when it was found in Greenland. Even after the discovery of sodalite mineral stones, sodalite did not really gain an appreciation as an ornamental gemstone until 1891. Large sodalite stone deposits were found at this time in Ontario, Canada. Other sodalite mineral stone deposits have since been found in Brazil, India, Namibia, Russia and in Montana in the United States.

Sodalite mineral stones are not always deep blue. Sodalite color can also be gray, purple, orange or yellow or may have no color at all. The deep blue mineral gemstones have an orange fluorescence. Sodalite gemstones may also have a violet tint and commonly have white veining, almost like marbling, or white splotches. The white veining and splotches are calcite.

This deep blue mineral gemstone’s name is all about its composition. Sodalite meaning in Greek is salt stone. The Greek word for salt is soda and stone is lithos. Sodalite was so named due to the fact that it contains a great deal of salt. This high level of salt in the composition of sodalite is what makes it a mineral, not a rock. Sodalite gemstones are also sold occasionally as alomite, blue stone or ditroite.

Deep blue sodalite is often mistaken for lapis lazuli, which occasionally contains sodalite. However, lapis lazuli is a true mineral rock that has a higher density than sodalite. Azurite, dumortierite and lazulite are also sometimes confused with sodalite.

Another mineral gemstone that is a type of sodalite is called hackmanite. This variety of sodalite mineral stone is pink or violet-pink. Pink sodalite or hackmanite is quite rare and has an unusual sensitivity to sunlight known as tenebrescence or reversible photochromism. When hackmanite is exposed to the sunlight, its color changes. When it is taken out of the sunlight, the color goes back to what it was before being exposed to the light. Pink sodalite or hackmanite is even younger than sodalite. It was discovered in Quebec, Canada in 1991.


Sodalite meaning is all about logic, truth and inner peace. Sodalite properties are deeply connected to the heart, which is also a big part of sodalite meaning. This connection with the heart imparts a calming effect that makes it easier to attain inner peace. The calming effect facilitates logical thinking, which ties into sodalite meaning.

As a stone of truth, sodalite mineral stones improve communications. Disagreements and arguments are easier to work through with the use of sodalite. This is an important sodalite power that is at the root of sodalite meaning. It helps reduce negativity and enhance positivity, assisting in working through disagreements by putting a more positive light on the issue. Sodalite gemstones bring about a “glass half full” perspective to any situation, as indicated by sodalite meaning.

Sodalite stone is classified as an enhancer filter crystal, which has a great deal to do with sodalite gemstone uses and sodalite meaning. Such enhancer filter crystals have internal crystal lattices that have perfect cubic symmetry along with an internal harmony. Because of this internal structure, sodalite stone benefits have a positive effect on feelings and energies that bolster positive improvements in thoughts and actions. This sodalite gemstone structure is at the heart of sodalite meaning.

The earth power filter contained in every sodalite mineral stone filters out negative energy, which supports sodalite meaning. Minimizing the negative facilitates a more positive view of others. Sodalite properties help reveal the brighter side of an issue or person, enhancing the ability to give someone the benefit of the doubt, so to speak.

Sodalite gemstones are also known as “poet’s stones.” The natural negativity-filtering, communication-enhancing sodalite properties are very beneficial to writers, in keeping with sodalite meaning. Sodalite mineral stones encourage a positive thought process and enhanced communication, both of which are vital to writers.




Spiritual healing is enhanced by sodalite mineral stones due to their ability to reduce personal negativity and provide protection from external negative influences, as supported by sodalite meaning. With this reduction in overall negativity, sodalite powers improve spiritual perceptions.

Improved interpretations of spiritual messages, due to sodalite benefits, allow one to gain a better understanding of how to utilize the information for spiritual healing. Truth and inner peace are more easily attained, in keeping with sodalite meaning.

Intuitive abilities are enhanced by sodalite gemstones, in keeping with sodalite meaning, which improves one’s ability to interpret spiritual messages. The development of clairvoyant abilities is highly supported by sodalite properties.

The subconscious mind is more easily accessed with the use of sodalite, in keeping with sodalite meaning. Sodalite benefits within the area of the throat chakra encourage truthfulness while working within the subconscious. This greater access to the subconscious facilitates a better understanding of one’s own spirituality.

Sodalite healing properties make spiritual healing a more comfortable experience by easing open the door to the subconscious mind gently. Just throwing open the door can be overwhelming. Getting overwhelmed at the start will inhibit spiritual healing. Sodalite benefits will make the spiritual healing process much more enjoyable, making it easier to find truth and inner peace in keeping with sodalite meaning.

Sodalite mineral stone supplies water energy in Feng Shui. Water energy maintains balance and energy flow that effects one’s career and life path in general. Place sodalite mineral stone in the northern area of a room or home. It will encourage forward momentum that facilitates progress toward desired goals.

How to use sodalite:

  • Use a sodalite mala or prayer beads.
  • Hold a sodalite mineral stone.
  • Wear sodalite gemstone jewelry.


Sodalite benefits are utilized in physical healing in the areas of the heart, of course, in keeping with sodalite meaning. Sodalite gemstones can help control blood pressure and reduce edema.

Physical healing in the throat area is facilitated with sodalite mineral stone, as supported by sodalite meaning. Hoarseness, throat discomfort and problems involving the larynx and vocal cords may be reduced with sodalite gemstones.

The healing properties of sodalite are believed to improve balance in metabolism, reduce calcium deficiency, improve the immune system and facilitate cleansing in organs and the lymphatic system. These are all sodalite benefits that tie into sodalite meaning. Sodalite is also said to help the body fight health problems associated with radiation. Insomnia may also be reduced with the use of sodalite.

How to use sodalite:

  • Wear a sodalite gemstone pendant that positions the sodalite over the heart to help improve blood pressure.
  • Wear a sodalite mineral stone necklace that holds the sodalite close to the throat to help alleviate problems in that area, in keeping with sodalite meaning.
  • Wear sodalite earrings that hold the sodalite close to the throat and head to help reduce problems in those areas, as supported by sodalite meaning.


Sodalite healing properties enhance emotional healing to provide inner peace, as supported by sodalite meaning. Sodalite gemstones encourage a calm mental state. It is believed to reduce anxiety and tension from excess stress.

Sodalite properties encourage emotional balance and reduce panic attacks to facilitate inner peace, in keeping with sodalite meaning. People who are oversensitive or defensive can be helped by sodalite benefits. Sodalite gemstones assist with emotional healing connected to guilt and phobias. The healing properties of sodalite reduce the negative and enhance the positive, as supported by sodalite stone meaning. Self-acceptance, self-esteem and trust in one’s own judgement are enhanced by sodalite benefits.

Sodalite properties naturally filter away electromagnetic smog that can interfere with clear thinking. This is another natural sodalite benefit that ties into sodalite meaning. Electronic devices create electromagnetic pollution that some people are highly sensitive to. Sodalite mineral rock filters away this annoying electromagnetic pollution.

How to use sodalite:

  • Wear a sodalite bracelet, necklace or earrings.
  • Carry a sodalite gemstone in a pocket to hold during times of anxiety and stave off panic attacks.
  • Place a sodalite statue, pyramid or obelisk near or on the computer to eliminate electromagnetic smog.
  • Set a sodalite statue, pyramid or obelisk on the desk to reduce electromagnetic smog that may be generated by other computers or office equipment.



Sodalite stone benefits at the heart of sodalite meaning are imparted through its strong vibrations in sodalite meditation. These vibrations facilitate deeper, more introspective meditation, as supported by sodalite stone meaning. Brutal truths revealed during meditation are brought to the surface more gently with the use of sodalite mineral stone.

Sodalite meditation can help reveal latent psychic abilities, especially in the realm of clairvoyance, a sodalite benefit that ties into sodalite meaning. This extra sensory ability allows one to sense people, objects or situations that are not readily visible or discernable in the usual way. Clairvoyants have the ability to “see” these people, objects or situations in their mind’s eye no matter how far away they are. The word “clairvoyance” is based on a French word that actually means “clear seeing.”

Sodalite properties facilitate logical thinking and truthful thinking to bring inner peace, as supported by sodalite crystal meaning. This is why sodalite meditation can be so helpful.

One of the sodalite properties that are beneficial to meditation is the mineral’s ability to keep one grounded. This is an important sodalite benefit, especially when doing deeper meditation and psychic work. If one remains ungrounded for too long, serious problems can occur. These problems include dizziness, forgetfulness and an inability to focus, just to name a few. Real health problems can also result from remaining ungrounded for too long.

How to use sodalite:

  • Set aside 5 or 10 minutes for yourself with no interruptions.
  • Hold a sodalite mineral stone in one hand while meditating; or,
  • Place a sodalite stone, statue, obelisk or pyramid nearby while meditating.


A blue sodalite birthstone can be a true birthstone for people born from February 19 to March 19. The sodalite color is what can make it a true birthstone for these people. Their true birthstone is a blue stone which, of course, includes blue sodalite.


Sodalite mineral stone is the modern birthstone for people born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius. People born under this sign celebrate their birthday between November 22 and December 21. They are represented in the zodiac with the sign of the archer/centaur.


According to Hindu beliefs, sodalite gemstones are connected with Vishuddha, also commonly called the throat chakra. Creativity and self-expression emanate from the throat chakra. Truthfulness comes from the throat chakra as well. Sodalite properties at the heart of sodalite meaning are highly beneficial in sodalite chakra work in these areas. The strong vibrations will facilitate opening the throat chakra which is necessary to allow the flow of energies between all of the chakras. The use of sodalite can facilitate a healthy flow of energy and balance between the chakras, as supported by sodalite meaning.

Sodalite properties are beneficial to the Third Eye chakra as well. Sodalite will facilitate clear, logical thinking when used at the brow or Third Eye chakra. Sodalite benefits enhance logic and truth, as supported by sodalite crystal meaning, resulting in a greater sense of inner peace.

How to use sodalite:

  • Wear sodalite jewelry that places the blue mineral stone near the throat or brow. A necklace and earrings will put the sodalite near the right chakras.
  • Hold a sodalite gemstone near the brow and throat to experience sodalite benefits.
  • Use sodalite in a body grid while lying on your back. Place a sodalite gemstone on the throat and brow.

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