Tanzanite Meaning

This exquisite purple or blue zoisite is a highly sought-after semi-precious gemstone. It is a beautiful blue-violet crystal with impressive tanzanite stone benefits. Tanzanite gemstones do not have an Ancient history or a long, storied past that has shaped tanzanite meaning.


They did not reveal themselves at all until the mid-20th century. Tanzanite gemstones rocketed to the top of the treasured gemstone list immediately after they were discovered. At various times throughout its brief history, purple-blue tanzanite rivaled the “Top 3” most popular gemstones.


The blue-violet crystals were discovered by a Masai tribesman in Merelani, Northern Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967. Blue tanzanite was believed to be a gift from the gods. The gemstones were discovered by a group of Masai cattle herders, which is a big part of tanzanite meaning. These tanzanite rocks were noticed before but they appeared to be nothing more than brown rocks. It wasn’t until after they were burned during a brush fire that they revealed their blue-violet crystal tanzanite color. The brush fire was caused by a lightning strike, which is deeply engrained in tanzanite meaning.

The cattle herders shared their story of the blue-violet crystals with an area fortune hunter. Manuel d’Souza, the fortune hunter, wasted no time registering four mining claims on the lovely blue tanzanite deposits. At the time, he believed he had registered mining claims on a newly discovered sapphire deposit, since the blue zoisite crystals were such a deep sapphire blue. Little did he know that he had actually laid claim to a brand new gemstone that would take the world by storm. Word of Mr. d’Souza’s new find spread and 90 additional claims were registered, all located within 20 square miles. They weren’t even sure at this point what the beautiful purple-blue tanzanite rocks were. They just knew the blue-violet crystals had to be precious and valuable. No doubt, some of these investors were feeling the amazing tanzanite properties at the heart of tanzanite meaning.

Tiffany & Company may have picked up on the impressive tanzanite benefits at the heart of tanzanite meaning, too. They jumped on this new discovery of tanzanite stone, making arrangements with those who had registered claims to become their main distributor. This was an extremely profitable move as the lovely blue zoisite exploded onto the jewelry and gemstone market with a vengeance. Everybody was immediately enthralled by this brand new blue-violet crystal that rivaled blue sapphires.


The exquisite purple-blue tanzanite color is at the root of tanzanite meaning. It is a cool blue or purple gemstone that sooths and calms. These are tanzanite properties at the root of tanzanite stone meaning. Tanzanite gemstone colors vary, from deep sapphire blue tanzanite to violet or purple-blue tanzanite. This color variation can be influenced with heat, as evidenced by its origins, and is deeply connected to tanzanite meaning. Like the lightning that started the brush fire which was instrumental in their discovery, these purple gemstones awaken psychic powers and illuminate deeper, more profound thoughts. These tanzanite benefits are at the heart of tanzanite meaning.

The calming, soothing vibrations of this gorgeous blue to purple gemstone provide an easy awakening, in keeping with tanzanite meaning and tanzanite color. The blue zoisite crystals gently open the pathway between the heart and mind, revealing certain truths. Tanzanite meaning is connected to its ability to help you become a kind, compassionate and enlightened person. Tanzanite crystals pave a path to enlightenment, in keeping with tanzanite meaning and the blue zoisite crystal’s origins.

Tanzanite rock can be blue, brown, purple or yellow in its natural state. The most valuable tanzanite gemstones are deep, true blue with just a touch of purple around the edges. These are the tanzanite colors linked to the illuminated, truthful thinking at the heart of tanzanite meaning. Tanzanite stones that are more brown or yellow, and sometimes those that are a little more purple than they should be, are “treated” with heat, much like that flash of lightening that started the brush fire. This heat treatment does not harm the tanzanite crystals or change their structure. Even the heat treated crystals have tanzanite benefits in keeping with tanzanite meaning. The heat just helps them achieve the true blue to purple-blue tanzanite color that is at the heart of tanzanite meaning.



Blue or purple-blue tanzanite is a wonderful gemstone for those in need of spiritual healing. It resonates or vibrates at a high rate which makes for a quick but gentle connection with angelic realms, spirit guides and higher consciousness. Tanzanite gemstone energy is highly protective, an aspect in keeping with tanzanite meaning that is invaluable during spiritual healing. The shifting tanzanite colors are highly conducive to raising your level of consciousness. Multi-dimensional cellular healing and karmic healing are easier with tanzanite crystals, in keeping with tanzanite meaning.

Tanzanite meaning in Divination states:

Trust your intuition – it is guiding you in the right direction,

even though others may be blinding you with facts and figures to the contrary.

In other words, the renewed connection between heart and mind, in keeping with tanzanite meaning, allows you to think more clearly and act in accordance with what you know in your heart to be true.

Depending on the tanzanite color, wearing a tanzanite gemstone may help you establish a better connection with your Guardian Angel.

  • Dark indigo tanzanite color gemstones enhance Guardian Angel connections for those born between March 1 and 10.
  • Light indigo tanzanite color crystals enhance Guardian Angel connections for those born from March 21 to 30 and October 24 to 28.
  • Medium indigo shades of tanzanite color enhance Guardian Angel connections for those born from April 10 to 14, July 2 to 6, October 9 to 13 and December 13 to 16.
  • True blue tanzanite gemstones enhance Guardian Angel connections for people born from June 16 to 21. While light blue is better for those born between July 28 and August 1.
  • Violet tanzanite stones enhance Guardian Angel connections for those born from September 18 to 23.

Other angels are drawn to people who wear or keep various colors of tanzanite gemstones near them. Tanzanite crystals are Unifier/Dispeller stones. They unify people with angels and the spiritual realm through their illuminated minds, which supports tanzanite meaning. These beautiful blue-violet crystals also unify groups of people, i.e., family, community and co-workers, providing a calm connection in keeping with tanzanite stone meaning.

Tanzanite crystals impart dual meanings in Feng Shui, in keeping with tanzanite crystal meaning. Deep blue tanzanite color crystals provide water energy which brings calm, quiet strength and energy. It also clears bad, stale energy. Violet or purple-blue tanzanite brings Fire energy into a space or home. This tanzanite color imparts brightness, enthusiasm, illumination and warmth. The violet tanzanite rock provides Yang energy. It encourages activity, strong emotion, action and passion, promoting new ideas and increased sexual energy. Blue tanzanite color crystals should be placed in an area used for calm reflection and relaxation. The north side of a house or room is the traditional position of water energy crystals. Purple blue tanzanite crystals should be placed in the south end of a home or area that is generally a more active, vibrant location.


Physical healing properties of tanzanite include detoxification of the blood, strengthening your immune system and increasing overall vitality. It’s soothing, calming tanzanite powers encourage cell regeneration and healing of skin conditions, in keeping with tanzanite meaning. Tanzanite stone benefits the hair, supporting renewed growth of healthy hair. Tanzanite healing properties also calm and sooth side effects of medical treatments or surgery. Tanzanite may also assist in reviving someone who has been in a comatose state, perhaps due to its strong angelic connection and ability to bring about deeper thinking. It may also simply help with its calming, soothing vibrations, in keeping with tanzanite meaning.

The cooling, calming, soothing vibrations of tanzanite crystals help relieve headaches and migraines, as expected based on tanzanite meaning. You will feel the cooling, relaxing sensation on your forehead as soon as you apply the tanzanite gemstone.

Tanzanite healing properties can be very useful for people struggling with addictions, especially alcoholism. Tanzanite powers at the heart of tanzanite crystal meaning are ideal for recovering addicts.

How to Use Tanzanite:

  • Wear tanzanite earrings, a necklace that holds the gemstone high up on your chest near your throat, or a hair clip adorned with a tanzanite crystal. The tanzanite vibrations, in keeping with tanzanite stone meaning, will bathe you in healing vibrations all day.
  • Keep a tanzanite gemstone, worry stone or even a small tumble stone with you during the day. Take it out and hold it to calm and sooth yourself during very stressful times.
  • Take a Tanzanite crystal elixir to let the calming, soothing, healing vibrations course through your veins. It is especially beneficial when taken just before bed to help you drift off to sleep more easily.


The emotional healing properties of tanzanite go back to the heart of tanzanite meaning. The lovely blue tanzanite color is that of truth and sincerity, as evidenced in tanzanite meaning. Tanzanite benefits include a happy energy and enhanced compassion and love for others. Tanzanite powers allow you to stop worrying to the point of distraction and mistreatment of yourself and others. Tanzanite properties reduce obsessive tendencies and instill a healthy emotional balance and a feeling of being “centered.”

Tanzanite healing properties facilitate truthful thinking and communication. You will find that you can speak your mind but communicate with intelligence and compassion. These are tanzanite benefits based in tanzanite meaning.

How to Use Tanzanite:

  • Wear tanzanite jewelry, especially earrings, hair clips and necklaces that keep the tanzanite powers up near the heart, throat and Third Eye chakras.
  • Keep a tanzanite crystal worry stone or tumble stone in a pocket, your purse or wallet or even tucked into your bra. Take the stone out to hold or rub between finger and thumb when you need an extra dose of soothing, calming tanzanite benefits in keeping with tanzanite meaning.
  • Take a tanzanite elixir. Four to six drops will calm you when you are especially stressed. When taken before bed, the soothing, calming tanzanite vibrations will help you relax and drift off to sleep more quickly.


Tanzanite properties are highly sought-after by people who wish to connect with higher realms and develop psychic gifts through tanzanite meditation. The lovely purple flame vibrations facilitate a strong higher-realm connection, in keeping with tanzanite meaning. Tanzanite powers are also extremely protective, which is important when you are delving into psychic realms. Tanzanite crystals will help keep you calm, in control and protected from psychic attack.

How to do Tanzanite Meditation:

  • Hold a tanzanite worry stone or tumble stone in your hand while you meditate.
  • Wear tanzanite earrings, necklace or hair clip while you meditate.

Always keep a grounding stone on you while you are meditating with tanzanite crystals or keep one nearby to help you ground yourself when you are done. Tanzanite gemstones are very powerful. Don’t be surprised if you make contact with your spirit guide or loved ones who have moved on. Black obsidian, black tourmaline or garnet are a few good grounding stones to have on hand.


Tanzanite crystals are traditional tanzanite birthstones for people born in December. Blue tanzanite gemstones are natural birthstones for people born between February 19 and March 19. Violet tanzanite is the natural tanzanite birthstone for those born between December 21 and January 19. Indigo tanzanite is the natural tanzanite birthstone for people born between January 20 and February 18.


Tanzanite gemstones are not connected to any particular zodiac sign but people born under the signs of Pisces or Aries find the blue-violet crystals especially soothing.


Tanzanite properties are highly attuned to the heart, throat, brow or Third Eye and crown chakras, which supports tanzanite meaning. The lovely, soothing vibrations gently open these chakras and clear away any positive ions that may be clogging up the works. These chakras will quickly respond to the lovely, blue-violet crystals and begin working at peak performance like well-oiled little energy generators.

How to do Tanzanite Chakra Balancing and Healing:

  • Lie down and place a tanzanite worry stone, tumble stone or gemstone on your heart chakra, throat chakra and Third Eye in that order. Lie still for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the tanzanite crystals in reverse order.
  • Wear a tanzanite necklace, earrings or hair clip while sitting quietly for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the jewelry afterward or also wear some strong grounding stones.

Don’t be alarmed if you see violet, blue or pink. This is quite common when these chakras are healing and beginning to work efficiently.

Be sure to ground yourself afterward to avoid feeling spacy or out-of-sorts.

Cleanse your tanzanite crystals regularly. Hold them under tepid running water for a few minutes or place them in rice for 24 hours. They can be charged in direct sunlight, 10 to 15 minutes should do it. Do not expose them to excessive heat or leave them in the sunlight for too long.

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