Third eye chakra healing with crystals

Third Eye Chakra Healing With Crystals

Confusion, loss of perspective and loss of self-control are all symptoms of a clogged or improperly working Third Eye chakra. Your work, relationships and even your health suffer when this chakra is unhealthy. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to remedy the situation with chakra healing crystals.


Your Third Eye or 6th chakra is located right between your eye brows. It is, in fact, also referred to as the brow chakra. Your awareness, perceptions and consciousness are controlled through this chakra. The way in which you perceive yourself, others and situations are affected by it. When it is not healthy, clear and functioning properly, you may feel confused all of the time because your brain is unable to grasp what is really going on. It’s almost like trying to function without glasses when you have poor vision. You can’t get around very well because you can’t quite see your surroundings. Physical problems like an inability to see clearly, headaches and earaches often plague people with unhealthy brow chakras. More serious physical ailments like brain hemorrhage, brain tumors, seizures, neurological problems and strokes have been connected to an unhealthy Third Eye.


Use brow chakra crystals to clear out the positive ions that have accumulated within the chakra. They “clog” up the chakra so it can’t pull in the negative ions that you need. Brow chakra crystals accomplish this by vibrating or resonating with the chakra at just the right rate to clear it out, balance it and get it working again. There are several ways to use these gemstones:

  • Lie down, place a Third Eye healing crystal directly on your brow chakra and quiet your mind. Do this for 15 minutes once or twice each day until your chakra is cleared and functioning the way it should. After you’re feeling better, do this every other day or so to keep the chakra cleared and working properly. If you prefer to sit up, simply hold the crystal on the Third Eye with your hand.
  • Wear earrings made with brow chakra crystals. This will keep the gemstones close enough to the Third Eye for the vibrations to continue the healing throughout the day.
  • Take a brow chakra crystal elixir or essence. It will send the crystal vibrations coursing through your body, healing the Third Eye from within.

Cleanse your Third Eye chakra healing crystals regularly to keep them vibrating at optimum levels. They get clogged with positive ions and negative energies as they clear and balance your chakra.


Brow chakra crystals are commonly purple or indigo blue. These crystals resonate or vibrate at a rate that opens, clears and activates the Third Eye. When you choose your Third Eye healing crystals, go with the gemstones that naturally appeal to you the most. If you are drawn to a particular stone, it is probably the best crystal for you. Even though your perceptions will be “off” due to an unhealthy brow chakra, you will most likely know intuitively which crystals you need.

  • Amethyst, especially purple-blue amethyst, is an excellent brow chakra healing crystal. It gets the chakra open, clears out the positive ions and balances it quickly. Amethyst earrings are fairly easy to find and are usually inexpensive. You won’t need to spend a fortune to keep these lovely, healing vibrations working for you all day.
  • Labradorite is a beautiful, iridescent or “labradorescent” crystal that is very powerful. You will feel its healing powers as soon as you place it on your brow chakra. It is an energizing stone that will put a bit of pep in your step. You can place a labradorite worry stone or tumble stone under your pillow to reap the benefits of its healing powers while you sleep.
  • Lapis lazuli is a lovely blue or marbled blue gemstone that heals and balances the brow chakra. It often contains gold flecks of pyrite. This is an excellent healing crystal for the Third Eye as it helps quiet the mind, imparts inner peace and reduces negative thoughts.
  • Sodalite is a beautiful stone that is very beneficial to the Third Eye chakra. It is actually a mineral rock which contains high levels of salt. Sodalite is usually deep blue and white, although its color varies. It is often confused with lapis lazuli and works in much the same way. Sodalite will help you think more clearly and logically while it imparts a sense of inner peace.

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