Crystals For Aquarius

Crystals For Aquarius

Got the Aquarius blues? Looking for an easy way to get back in balance with your emotions and discover peace of mind? It’s time to tap into one of nature’s greatest gifts – Crystals for Aquarius! People have used certain crystals specifically tailored for their astrological signs for centuries.

Whether quartz or moonstone, these  ‘magical’ gemstones can help Aquarians unlock spiritual healing and personal growth – who knew?! So let us take you on a journey as we explore some of the best crystals designed for those born under the water-bearer constellation… Who knows what cosmic revelations await!?

Aquarius Birthstone (Amethyst):

Aquarius, if you’re struggling to handle your intense thought process and emotions like the rest of us, mere mortals have no chance against you – it’s time to turn toward that mysterious purple crystal known as Amethyst! This powerful stone will help clear your mind, so a little mental clarity can still be found when emotions start overflowing.

Plus it’ll provide spiritual protection while encouraging fearless thoughts too – just what an Aquarian needs for inner peace in these unpredictable times. Well look at you now – unleashin’ wisdom and displaying emotional balance with graceful ease…You’ve got this one all figured out thanks to everyone’s favorite magical mineral: Amethyst!

Are you an Aquarius looking to spark creativity and control your emotions? Look no further than the captivating Amethyst crystal! Whether it’s keeping one close by your side, wearing a piece of jewelry crafted from it, or decorating around the house with them. This dazzling gem will provide many benefits daily as you discover more about yourself!

Aquarius Sun Sign:

For those born under the Aquarius Sun Sign, a crystal can be your magical key to unlocking that passion and creativity. Channel your heightened intuition through crystals into productive expressions – understanding yourself better each time you do!

Crystals for Aquarius help tap deeper into our wisdom so we know how to make our independent thinking even more potent than before.

If you’re an Aquarius, you know your star sign has unique mysteries and energies. Try utilizing some stellar crystals for Aquarius to help bring out the most of yours! Quartz, Moonstone, and Amethyst can grant special attributes to maximize those distinct aquarian vibes.

And if that weren’t enough already– Sodalite? Yup! Turquoise too!! Now it’s time for a crystal party – gather this cosmic crew together today to embrace all those glorious gem-like gifts awaiting YOU as an amazing Aquarius sun sign!!!

Aquarius Moon Sign:

If you’re an Aquarius, don’t be surprised if your intuition is out-of-this-world and creativity off the charts! Because of their supercharged mental powers, these zodiac heroes are natural for crystal healing. Just grab a quartz (or amethyst or moonstone…you get it) to unlock oodles of inner power so they can manifest true greatness–and all with minimal effort required!

Crystals for Aquarius:

Are you an Aquarius looking for a little boost? Crystals for Aquarius are the perfect pick-me-up to draw on those powerful spiritual vibes this sign is known for! These crystals can help boost your unique gifts, from quartz and moonstone to jade.

Using them as a healing tool will promote mental clarity and emotional balance and even increase self-awareness – furthermore, reawakening personal boundaries that may have been long forgotten about! Rose Quartz helps with letting go of past relationship pain, so love doesn’t seem like such an impossibility anymore. So if it’s time to put some crystal-powered pep back into your step give yourself the gift of aqua crystallization today!


Amethyst is the perfect partner for Aquarians, helping them dive deep into their emotions and recognize that love-hate relationship between themselves and stress. With this crystal in tow, it’ll be easier to make wise decisions (which most of us know isn’t a strong trait with water bearers).

Plus, its calming energy will help reduce irritability, so if you’re an Aquarius prone to outbursts, it might save your relationships from going south! So what are ya waiting for – get yourself some amethyst today!


Aren’t crystals for Aquarius just the coolest? Aquarians, you’ll be thrilled to know that Selenite is your crystal spirit animal! Not only will it help open and activate those oh-so-spiritual third eye chakras, but its cleansing energy can wave away any pesky negativity in an effort for greater clarity.

The result: complete emotional balance plus peace of mind (which we could all use now and then). It’s even been known to bring understanding between friends – perfect if group projects have got you down. So here’s hoping this special gem helps fill the air with harmony among all your peers!


As an Aquarian, you can tap into the magical power of Azurite and open up to new possibilities! This fantastic stone helps clear negative vibes so that your inner self can express itself. Plus, it brings clarity and a sense of freedom while encouraging spiritual growth – allowing you to dive deep beneath the surface and access long-forgotten emotions. With its help, all signs point towards emotional balance…Now’s your time for great heights; start on this mystical journey with Azurite today!

Red Jasper:

Struggling with keeping your emotions in check as an Aquarius? Red Jasper is just the crystal for you! Not only will it help keep negativity at bay, but this powerful stone encourages understanding and courage that’ll have you soaring to new heights. The ultimate motivator – successfully achieving goals while still staying grounded… So don’t wait any longer– start building those emotional muscles today!

Rainbow Moonstone:

For those born under the sign of Aquarius, this sparkly rainbow moonstone is your guide to emotional balance! With its magical powers resulting in mental clarity and clear thinking, you’ll soon recognize patterns within yourself that will lead you toward unlocking your true desires.

What are you waiting for? Grab one now, and let it show you the way!


Which crystals should Aquarius wear?

Aquarius, it’s time to bring some sparkle into your life! Are you ready? Then pick up a quartz crystal – not just because they look fancy but also for their clarity-inducing and problem-solving powers. To make sure all of that Aquarian energy is balanced, why not try moonstone too?

This magical stone will help soothe worries like the wave of an ocean tide! And if two crystals aren’t enough for ya…pick up citrine for its beneficial vibes or amethyst as a calming companion, amber to boost insightfulness, and blue lace agate to find inner peace. The fun never ends when accessing the healing properties of these unique gems – grab yourself one today!

Which stone is lucky for Aquarius?

Aquarius, get your luck on with Quartz! Not only will it help you neutralize any negative energy to make room for positivity, but it’s also the perfect choice to let loose and discover new creative inspiration.

Plus, this crystal is like a mental clarity juicer – guaranteed* to give refocus that cloudy head of yours. *Results may vary from person-to-person

Which stone should Aquarius not wear?

Aquarius, take a deep breath – it’s time to decline the invitation of Red Agate, Carnelian, and Ruby stones. They might leave you emotionally in knots! Instead, head over for an extra balance with Amethyst, Aquamarine & Clear Quartz, or try your luck at Citrine for some positive vibes!

You can also count on Moonstones to unlock new pathways and level up harmony within yourself. These four crystals for Aquarius will be surefire picks for any Scorpio needing an emotional reset button. So don’t settle: find what works best from this special list just made specifically with them in mind!

What is Aquarius’s unlucky stone?

Aquarians, watch out! Onyx is your least favorite stone to have and should be treated cautiously. Ancient traditions believe that onyx absorbs all the negative energy around you.

Still, if a traditional birthstone matches yours, Scorpions are in luck – this crystal has been known for aiding spiritual growth and inner reflection. However, Aquarius still needs to remain vigilant- so don’t let those bad vibes sneak up on you!


Aquarius, you are rich in complexity – just like your birthstone Amethyst! With its unique color and presence, that’s a cut above the rest. No surprise there as it perfectly embodies your energy, strong determination, and creativity.

If crystals for Aquarius captivate you, pull out all the stops with selenite, azurite red jasper, or rainbow moonstone for an ensemble to truly reflect who YOU ARE! Just remember what works for one person might not work for another so begin YOUR crystal collection journey now!

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