How To Use Crystal Grids

Crystal grids utilize vibrations from multiple types of crystals by enhancing and focusing their energies toward a particular goal. Grid kits are created by experts with in-depth knowledge about crystals and the geometric patterns that work best for an intended purpose.


As you gain experience with crystals and grid patterns, you may want to experiment with different crystals to fine-tune your grid.


Basic crystal grids consist of a Focus Stone at the center, Way Stones that surround the Focus Stone, Desire Stones that surround the Way Stones and the Path.

  • Focus Stones absorb, focus and amplify the Universal Life Force energy that it sends out to the other crystals.
  • Way Stones receive energy from the Focus Stone and tweak it with their own vibrations and color energy before sending it on to the Desire Stones.
  • Desire Stones “fine tune” the crystal energy on the grid.

The Path is a geometric design that is laid out on a surface. The lines in the Path or geometric design guide the energy as it flows from the Focus Stone through the Way Stones to the Desire Stones.

A crystal grid can be further enhanced with a visual aid. For example, a crystal grid devoted to peace and contentment could be enhanced with a picture of a peaceful sunset beneath the grid. Any picture that inspires the desired goal in your mind will help. Paths can be quite basic or intricate, depending on their purpose.


Select a crystal grid kit that is designed for a specific purpose. They are available on-line.

  • A Long Life grid may include a rhodonite crystal Focus Stone, amazonite Way Stones, amethyst Desire Stones and the grid Path sheet.
  • A Neutralize Anger grid might contain a citrine Focus Stone, atlantisite Way Stones, chrysocolla Desire Stones and the Path sheet.
  • A Broken Heart healing grid could come with a malachite Focus Stone, denim lapis lazuli Way Stones and rose quartz Desire Stones along with a Path sheet.
  • A Lovers Grid is a slightly more complicated crystal grid. It may come with a quantum Quattro silica center Focus Stone, rose quartzgarnet, emerald, starry jasper, magnetite and carnelian crystals along with an intricate Path grid.

You can also buy the grid Path sheet and crystals separately. This can save you money if you already have some or all of necessary gemstones. Some crystal grid patterns are even available for free.

  • A grid Path card for a crystal grid to learn to forgive can be bought for a few dollars. This will save you money if you already have a pink calcite crystal for the Focus Stone, five turquoise stones for Way Stones and six chrysoprase crystals and selenite crystals for the Desire Stones.
  • A grid Path card to help you speak your truth can be used with a clear quartz Focus Stone, blue lace agate Way Stones and sodalite Desire Stones.


Clearing, cleansing or recharging your crystals is the first thing you must do as soon as they arrive. This clears away any energies they may have absorbed before you got them. They have been mined, sorted, washed, tumbled and packaged, which means they were handled by many different people on their way to you. Clear all of that away to give them a nice, clean, fresh start with you. This can be done in a variety of ways, although burying them in brown rice for 24 hours is the safest. Some crystals should not be cleared in water, salt or saltwater.


Make sure you are well grounded before you begin to set up your crystal grid. There are a few ways to accomplish this. Walk barefoot outdoors if you can. This is a great way to make a strong earth connection. If you can’t go outdoors barefoot, sit in a chair with your bare feet on the floor. Quiet your mind and imagine your energy flowing down through your feet into the ground below. Holding a black gemstone like black tourmaline or black obsidian facilitates grounding.


Smudge the room with incense or sage to clear away old energy. Think about the grid’s purpose while you set it up. If you are setting up a grid to help neutralize anger, for example, get yourself into a calm state of mind before you begin. Maintain this state of mind while setting it up so the crystals absorb this desired energy from you. The grid kits and Path cards come with detailed instructions on where to place the crystals.

Crystal grids fill the room with their energy. It is best to set up the grid in a room where you tend to spend most of your time. This way, you get more exposure to the crystal vibrations.

You can also place a crystal grid right on your body. These are great for clearing and balancing your chakras or healing in situations where direct contact with the healing crystal is beneficial. Crystals for body grids must be chosen according to the crystal’s healing properties and which area it benefits. When you do your first body grid, leave it in place for no more than 10 minutes. The length of time can be gradually increased to 20 minutes. Always drink a full glass of water immediately after you finish with the body grid.

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