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Heart Chakra Healing With Crystals

Heart Chakra Healing With Crystals

The heart chakra is a very important chakra. When it is clogged, unbalanced and not functioning properly, it causes problems with how you relate to others and interrupts the flow between the upper and lower chakras. HEART CHAKRA HEALING WITH CRYSTALS If you don’t heal this chakra and keep it healthy, you may find yourself … Read more
Crystal healing for a broken heart

Crystal Healing For A Broken Heart

Healing crystals sooth and comfort you while your broken heart mends. They also help speed up the healing process. Wear them, sleep with them, hold them and meditate with them to mend your broken heart and lift your spirits. CRYSTAL HEALING FOR A BROKEN HEART Natural gemstones resonate, producing healing vibrations. They can absorb negative … Read more
Solar Plexus Chakra Healing With Crystals

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing With Crystals

The solar plexus chakra will cause low self-esteem and make you feel powerless when it is not working properly. There is no need to go through life feeling this way. Use solar plexus chakra healing crystals to clear and fine tune this chakra. You will feel the difference almost immediately. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA HEALING WITH … Read more
Crystals Healing for Love and Relationships

Crystals Healing For Love And Relationships

Surround yourself with crystals that support love and healthy relationships. You and your loved ones will feel the difference, although they might not know exactly why. The gemstones can be used to improve relationships with friends, co-workers, family members and your partner. CRYSTALS HEALING FOR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS HOW THESE SPECIAL CRYSTALS WORK All gemstones … Read more
Sacral Chakra Healing With Crystals

Sacral Chakra Healing With Crystals

Your sacral chakra can be a real wet blanket when it is not clear and functioning properly. The negative effects of an out-of-whack sacral chakra will stifle you physically and spiritually. Clear this chakra and get it working properly with sacral healing crystals. You will be amazed at the renewed pep in your step. SACRAL … Read more
Crystal Healing for Headaches

Crystal Healing For Headaches

Gemstones reduce headache pain without dangerous side effects. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are generally considered safe pain relievers but they can be harmful. Ibuprofen can cause dizziness, nausea and gastrointestinal bleeding while acetaminophen can harm your kidneys, liver and other organs. Crystals are much safer, especially for people who get headaches regularly. CRYSTAL HEALING FOR HEADACHES … Read more
Root Chakra Healing with Crystals

Root Chakra Healing With Crystals

Your root chakra could be the root of your problems. When it is unhealthy, you will suffer from a variety of emotional and physical maladies. Fortunately, a malfunctioning base chakra is easy to fix. ROOT CHAKRA HEALING WITH CRYSTALS There is no need to go through life suffering from these ill effects. Heal your root … Read more
Crystal healing for pain relief

Crystal Healing For Pain Relief

Gemstones have been used to help relieve pain since ancient times. They are often utilized in long-term pain management therapy programs to this day and are gaining popularity. CRYSTAL HEALING FOR PAIN RELIEF Meditating with crystals will reduce your discomfort but some gemstones can be used to directly target and eliminate pain at the source. … Read more

Crystal Elixirs

Crystal elixirs spread wonderful gemstone vibrations throughout your entire body. Its healing energies course through your veins from head to toe. CRYSTAL ELIXIRS The crystal essence benefits depend on which gemstone was used to make the elixir. When shopping for your elixir, select the one that suits your needs. WHAT IS A CRYSTAL ESSENCE? Crystal … Read more

What Are Chakras

Chakras are little energy stations for the physical body and the aura. When they are working properly, they absorb prana energy, or negative ions, from the universe. This energy is then utilized to keep us healthy and functioning like a well-oiled machine. WHAT ARE CHAKRAS? When chakras are clogged with positive ions, they cannot function … Read more

How To Use Crystal Grids

Crystal grids utilize vibrations from multiple types of crystals by enhancing and focusing their energies toward a particular goal. Grid kits are created by experts with in-depth knowledge about crystals and the geometric patterns that work best for an intended purpose. HOW TO USE CRYSTAL GRIDS As you gain experience with crystals and grid patterns, … Read more

Chakra Balancing With Crystals

Chakras are energy control centers located all along the length of your body. They take in good energy and release bad energy. When any of the chakras are out of balance or clogged, they stop functioning properly and cause problems with the other chakras. CHAKRA BALANCING WITH CRYSTALS Crystals facilitate the opening, cleansing and balancing … Read more
How to meditate with crystals

How To Meditate With Crystals

Crystal vibrations facilitate meditation by helping you relax into a quiet state of mind, focus on an intended goal and ground you. They also help heal you emotionally, spiritually and physically. You can use one crystal or a combination of crystals. HOW TO MEDITATE WITH CRYSTALS 1. CHOOSE YOUR CRYSTAL Trust your instincts when selecting … Read more
How to Program A Crystal or Stone

How To Program A Crystal Or Stone

Program your new crystals and stones to enhance their natural abilities and focus their energies on your desired goals. There are several tried and true ways to do this. You should use the method that feels right to you. If you are not sure which method you should use, try a different method on each … Read more
How to cleanse crystals and stones

How To Cleanse Crystals And Stones

Crystals and stones absorb negative energies from you, others and the environment. You must clear these negative energies every now and then to keep your crystals and stones functioning to their full potential. HOW TO CLEANSE CRYSTALS AND STONES. Cleanse your crystals and stones right away as soon as you get them home. They will … Read more

Moonstone Meaning

Ethereal-looking moonstones have been carved into statuettes, amulets and talismans and used in jewelry for over 2,000 years. The most common moonstone color is clear or opaque but they can be blue, peach, gray or yellow, too. MOONSTONE MEANING Rainbow moonstones have an iridescent, multi-color sheen. All moonstone colors are included in this opaque feldspar’s … Read more

Aventurine Meaning

The use of aventurine by humans began millions of years ago. It has been highly appreciated for its usefulness and beauty ever since. AVENTURINE MEANING This is a very hard, brittle stone that comes in a rainbow of colors. The heart of aventurine meaning is consistent for all aventurine colors but there are slight variations … Read more

Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise stones are one of the most ancient of gemstones. Turquoise has been used in jewelry, other adornments, statues, amulets and trinkets since before 5000 BC. TURQUOISE MEANING This blue-green mineral rock has been used consistently through time in a manner in keeping with turquoise meaning. Signifying balance, wisdom and truth, turquoise gemstones combine beauty … Read more

Sodalite Meaning

Sodalite is not your typical gemstone. It is not even classified as a rock. Sodalite is actually a beautiful, deep blue mineral that is carved into statues, pyramids and obelisks. Even though it lacks the hardness of rock gemstones, sodalite is also used to make lovely jewelry. Just don’t try to cut glass with your … Read more

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis lazuli has been appreciated for its bright blue color for over 6000 years. Depending on where it is mined, lapis lazuli can be pale to dark blue with pale white or gold marbling. LAPIS LAZULI MEANING Lapis lazuli stone benefits and lapis lazuli stone meaning remain fairly consistent, regardless of the stone’s depth of … Read more